Hua Lian Taoist saw that Mrs. Meng was also puzzled and could not help but explain

"I also saw this kind of Jane Shao in the Sutra Pavilion in the door. Only then did I know that the ghost was born in the lunar year and the lunar month, and the baby died. Of course, this is not the condition of forming the ghost department. There used to be a murderous man. I got the ghost to catch some pregnant women and create conditions to force pregnant women to give birth to their babies at the extremely cloudy moment, but none of them succeeded. The worst thing about the ghost is that it can walk freely in parallel without consuming spiritual power, and it can give people a fatal blow at any time. The result is that there are not many magic weapons and spells that can attack this day. If there is something wrong with the ghost, it will escape into the void. Therefore, if there is no effective defense magic weapon, most monks will exhaust the ghost on this day, and the ghost will dry up and die without attacking. Plus, the ghost has a certain intelligence and it will suck JingXie when it comes into contact with the body. It is very powerful and very unexpected to talk about discoloration, but we have encountered it. "
"Isn’t there a specific way to deal with it?" Debye face some ugly way
"People don’t worry that since the magic mantra of glaring at the ocean’s six characters just now can scare the ghost out of the sky, it is said that its ability is not yet mature, so we should first protect ourselves, and we can’t help it if the ghost breaks or doesn’t defend it. Moreover, the ghost is not as difficult to deal with as we imagined, so it is very easy to trap it in the array or if everyone has something to hold on to the magic weapon for a while." Miao Zen master was a little frustrated when he saw everyone.
In fact, Yang Xiu and others will not be confused because they hear that the ghost is terrible, but their faces are somewhat dignified
Hearing the wonderful Zen master’s words, Debye said
"That you who have to carry high-order flag array? I’d better take it out and deploy it first. Besides, I have a low-order maze array to deal with ghosts, even if I don’t care! "
"Of course, we don’t know much about the law, but we bought a set of high-order law and arranged it outside the abode of fairies and immortals without bringing it." Mrs. Meng Tantan hand way
"I’ve brought a set of high-order array’ Heaven’s Absolute Array’, which is quite powerful, so I’ll arrange it."
Yang Xiu saw that others looked like Mrs. Meng, knowing that most of them didn’t have high-order law, so he took the initiative to take it out first. Anyway, otherwise, it would not be beautiful to wait until the last time I heard that everyone didn’t have it.
Tianshi man looked happy and said, "Then please Yang Daoyou."
Yang Xiu will no longer delay the casting of spells by all people to block the sight of the ghost king, and then he will take out the celestial array and arrange the array around the people according to the law.
Finally, the mouth-to-mouth method was used to make the flag disappear in the swamp.
Just then, the ghost has recovered from the magic mantra of glaring at Lohan, and the ghost king also spouted flames from his mouth and attacked everyone with a sickle.
When they saw the ghost king and the ghost in the sky, they attacked immediately after the arrangement of the law was completed.
Protect yourself first, and then go backwards quickly. From time to time, there are some magic attacks outside the array to lure them into the array.
Ghost king, they didn’t see Yang Xiu disposal. At this moment, they didn’t get suspicious and followed.
However, the ghost can be worn out, so there is no rule. Instead, it goes directly into the virtual attack to Yang Xiu and others from the front through the law.
Yang Xiu saw a ghost king walking into the law, but he didn’t know whether he should move the sky or not.
Although everyone seems to be in a hurry, they all secretly pay attention to the surrounding movements. As soon as Yang Xiucai hesitated, the wonderful Zen master quickly said, "Act quickly. The ghost should be controlled by the ghost king. If you want to solve the ghost king, the ghost will be solved."
Yang Xiu smell speech will no longer hesitate to move his mouth and spit a word "up". The ghost king felt that the surrounding area suddenly changed and lost all traces, and it was also lost in a strange place.
Chapter 12 is in jeopardy
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Seeing the ghost king, he was trapped in the celestial array. Yang Xiu immediately stopped being polite and said lightly, "Gan Kun sealed the four elephants and strangled them!" Moved array wind, fire, thunder, at the same time to the prince of the devils.
The array method is an attack method to adapt to the change of heaven and earth by introducing the force of heaven and earth.
Because it is difficult and time-consuming to arrange the array at ordinary times, monks have to carry it with them, and it is convenient to arrange the array. Although the power of the array flag is not as good as that of the "ultimate fantasy", it is also very human.
If you want to break the array, if you don’t understand the array and are not proficient in the array, you will have to rely on your strength to break the array.
And now the ghost king is this way.
Looking around, I don’t know the wind, fire, thunder and ghost king, but also feel the power contained in it and dare not connect hard.
See it roar again and again, and suddenly there is a thick black gas rolling around its body, and it is caught in the black gas with a miscellaneous number of ghosts crying and screaming.
Law, wind, fire and thunder are blocked by black gas for a while and cannot pose a threat to the body of the Ghost King.
The law ghost king is waving his sickle at the law shield at the moment with the intention of breaking the law
Wonderful Zen master several people face the ghost that day is somewhat dwarfed.
Lohan glared at the ghost, but it was too fast to glare at it. Lohan just stood in front of everyone, and the ghost disappeared into the virtual moment and appeared at the side of everyone. He waved two bones and claws behind him and caught them.
"It’s so elusive that you can’t figure out how to beat the old trend? Isn’t this angry arhat of yours a magic mantra? Let’s move quickly so that we can attack it at the moment when the ghost is absent. "The celestial man was in shock and took out the gathering-yin banner and wrapped it around him. This just slowed down and said to Miao.
"You and I don’t want to get angry, but Lohan only made a six-character magic mantra, and once again, we have to wait until after a wick." Miao just broke an arm and was naturally not much better at the tone of the stone man who had been wrong.
But for a moment, when the ghost saw the ghost king trapped by the law, he screamed and abandoned the wonderful Jackson several people and went straight to Yang Xiu.
Just as Yang Xiuli controlled the law to deal with the ghost king, there was a loud bang coming from behind. Yang Xiu’s figure was staggered with a dragon pattern and a dark blue robe. Suddenly, the golden yellow awn rose to form a glittering and translucent screen to repair Yang.
When Yang Xiuling flickered back, he saw a ghost emerge from the void, waving two claws at Yang Xiu and grinning.
Yang Xiu was in shock, and his mind was covered well. Both the dragon pattern and the dark blue cassock were extraordinary, and they were not broken by the ghost.
Just when I was disturbed by the ghost, my mind was in a state of chaos, and I suddenly controlled the unique array of days and stopped.
Inside, the ghost king took the opportunity to hold the handle with both hands and hold the dark scythe high above his head. At once, the momentum soared, and the blade shone with unusual and strange black light and bitterly split into the sky to form a curtain.
As a result, the light curtain "poof" was blocked for a moment and was easily penetrated into a huge hole.
The successful sneak attack on Yang Xiu by the heavenly ghost and the rescue of the ghost king from the heavenly array were nothing but flint.
Seeing the ghost king and the ghost gathering again, the atmosphere suddenly became tense.
They were all in indecision and Yang Xiu’s defense was severe.
When Master Youmiao saw that the momentum was not right, he yelled and bit the tip of his tongue, and a mouthful of bright red jingxie was sprayed on the glaring arhat.
Lohan glared at the JingXie eyes, turned his hands and feet, and suddenly came to life.
But I saw Miao Zen master’s body move and jump in the glare of Lohan’s shoulder. A flash of golden light flashed for a moment, and everyone saw that Lohan’s glare was getting smaller and smaller and then disappeared in the distance.
Master Miao ran away!
I don’t know if it’s fear of glaring at arhat or other reasons, but the ghost king and the heavenly ghost have not pursued Miao.
The wonderful Zen master suddenly fled, and the ghost king and the heavenly ghost were so powerful that they immediately caused panic among everyone. Who dared to continue to fight and threw themselves into different directions?
As soon as Yang Xiu saw the wonderful Zen master escape, he knew that he was going to suffer. Now, when he saw all the people’s practices, his face was even more gloomy and extremely ugly
Although I can’t blame them, if they were Yang Xiu, they would have escaped. In this case, they must have done the same thing as Miao Zen Master, but it is somewhat unacceptable that things are born in their own bodies.
Because Yang Xiu’s flying degree is the slowest law among all, it offends the ghost king. They certainly won’t let Yang Xiu leave so easily, even as a shield for several people.