Moreover, it is Zhang Yiping’s own choice and his choice to rush to the front

This is a real battle, not a game bomb. Just because he is a passer-by, it will hurt, bleed and die.
But he doesn’t choose!
His hands are a group of migrant workers who have just learned to shoot guns. If this veteran doesn’t take the lead and fight hard, he can’t get it by those rookies.
If this war is not won, all the efforts will be wasted.
And men, if you want people to admire you and be your younger brother, you must have two for others to see.
In fact, Zhang Yiping’s brave and fearless performance today also greatly boosted morale and became the god of war in the eyes of soldiers. He led the troops all the way without any stagnation, which caught the British off guard.
Zhang Liuhe shouted, "Colonel, you are rushing too fast and it is dangerous!"
Zhang Yiping waved and said, "Don’t say this yet. Hurry up and slow down. I won’t wait for you!"
Follow-up soldiers have climbed over the wall. Fat cat and Lin Sanwu are two people, one is fat and the other is tall. When they look at each other and bump forward together, they collapse the wall and kick a few feet to become a gate. They make a gesture to Zhang Yiping, please.
Stupid people naturally have clever ideas. Zhang Yiping had to praise them and say, "You two are good brains!"
Before two people giggle Zhang Liuhe scold a way "still leng? Do you want the group seat to go to the front to help you? "
The soldiers of the guard company held Zhang Yiping into the reservoir area.
After entering the fence, there is a circle of bungalows around a huge factory building, which is the main warehouse for stacking weapons, ammunition and military supplies
At last, the British army has retreated into the main warehouse to fight a desperate battle. China soldiers dare not launch a fierce attack because of the weapons and ammunition in the warehouse.
Before Zhang Yiping left, Zhang Chang stopped him and said, "There are many bombs in the regiment. Don’t go too close."
Zhang Yiping stopped and asked, "How many English ghosts are there?"
Zhang Chang said, "About a hundred people are very difficult."
Zhang Yiping knows what Zhang Chang finds difficult, because he misses the weapons inside so much that he doesn’t want to damage them. If the fighting is too fierce, it is very likely that the arsenal will explode and nothing will be obtained.
And it is precisely because of this that the British inside insist on not letting Zhang Chang get the boat.
Zhang Yiping said, "We don’t have time to waste with them to evacuate all our people and warn the British to give them one minute to surrender or set fire to it."
Zhang Chang’s face was extremely reluctant to say, "There are so many good things in the group seat that it will be burned in vain? Is this a pity? " …,
Zhang Yiping’s attack on this place was largely directed at these weapons and equipment, but since he couldn’t get it, he had to reluctantly give up what he wanted.
A man should sometimes be able to take it up and put it away. Although this batch of arms is very tempting to Zhang Yiping, he will not hesitate to let it go when he should.
"It’s a pity that it’s also British, but it’s a pity that we haven’t got anything yet, so it’s not our own. What’s the pity? There is no place to do it here. Anyway, there are many warehouses and factories in France, "Zhang Yiping said."
Soldiers gradually withdrew from the main warehouse. Zhang Yiping rolled up a paper tube and shouted in English, "Listen, the British inside will give you one minute to surrender or you will set fire to it …"
After shouting, Zhang Yiping saw that there was no movement inside, so he said to Zhang Chang, "Get ready to set fire."
Zhang Chang hesitated. "Really set fire? Our regiment is to scare an Englishman, and it is no joke that the ammunition in this fire explodes. "
Zhang Yi said, "Is it still fake? Barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes. Even in the British warehouse, am I afraid? I want to see how calm the British can be. "
Zhang Chang forgot for a moment what kind of person Zhang Yiping was. He was a man who dared to break into dozens of British military camps with a bayonet. He is also a man who dare to challenge two heavy machine guns with one rifle.
Zhang Chang was very reluctant to give up, but since Zhang Yiping said so, he would listen even if he didn’t want to give up, so he suggested, "Why don’t you try shelling him? We have seized several small steel cannons and several shells that we don’t know why? "
Small steel guns, that is, mortars, were used by the British when they attacked just now, which caused some casualties to the soldiers who attacked China.
How can an army petty officer in Zhang Yiping not mortar? So he cried, "Tell someone to get it here and let me show you a gun."
The soldier carried a mortar and several bombs. When Zhang Yiping saw this mortar, it was a little different from the mortar he was familiar with, but the principle was the same. Zhang Yiping fiddled with it and he knew it.
After the bang, a mortar shell landed on the roof of the warehouse and blew up a large tile on the roof.
The explosion also startled Zhang Chang, who was still reluctant to give up the arms inside.
Then Zhang Yiping hit again. This time, the roof went through and fell into the house before it exploded. At that time, smoke filled the warehouse, and the British soldiers screamed and coughed inside.
The smoke also startled Zhang Yiping. He had no idea how many bombs were in this arsenal. If there was a huge explosion, it would be no joke. He was so close that he might be implicated.
Zhang Yiping was trying to get people to retreat outside the fence when a white shirt shook from side to side from the door of the warehouse.
The British surrendered!
Zhang Chang secretly breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "Do you want to scare an Englishman? You really want to take this arsenal in your heart, don’t you? "
Zhang Yiping said, "Come out to mix depends on who is malicious! I’ve put this warehouse at risk. If the British don’t surrender, I’ll really blow it up. So what if the weapons blow up? There’s no place where we went to do it again. "
One by one, the British raised their guns and came out, then put them in the field in front of the warehouse and lined up in rows.
Zhang Yiping approached and saw that in front of the team was an English officer with a school rank, so he asked in English, "Name? Rank? " …,
The British * * officer’s face is a little haggard, and there are still some unwashed gum in his eyes. It is estimated that he was awakened by Zhang Yiping’s attack early in the morning and didn’t come to brush his teeth and wash his face.
"Donald, head of the British Imperial Army Academy!" Donald raised his head proudly when he answered.
Zhang Liuhe scolded, "Why are you so proud when you have become a prisoner and captured his grandmother?"
Zhang Yiping smiled at him in Chinese and said to Zhang Liuhe, "At this stage, the Royal British Army does have something to be proud of, but it will soon be time for them to cry."
"Yes, if we all become sharpshooters, we will definitely beat the shit out of them," said Zhang Liuhe.
Zhang Liuhe realized that they had just entered the gunner level after training for about five days, and they were able to defeat many British troops with the same number and stronger equipment than them. Wouldn’t it be even worse if they were allowed to reach the intermediate gunner, senior gunner or sharpshooter level? Don’t beat the shit out of the British.
It is not known whether a force composed of the Ministry or the vast majority of sharpshooters will be as effective as Zhang Yiping, because there is no such precedent before.
However, Zhang Yiping can definitely be like this. If the troops go to the army, it will definitely be very remarkable. If the troops fight with the same number of troops from Britain, France, Germany and other powers in this period, it will definitely take over.
Donald raised his head even higher after listening to Zhang Yiping’s speech. He was blunt and unfamiliar with Chinese. He said, "The British Empire will always be the greatest empire, and we are not your captives or surrenders. Because you are from China and the allied forces, we just avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. We have to lay down our weapons temporarily to protect this arsenal, not surrender! Because we are friendly. "
When Zhang Yiping heard that this guy still knows Chinese, he angrily said, "His mother knows Chinese. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Don’t you think it’s a little extravagant for a leader like me to translate for you?"
Then Zhang Yiping sneered, "Are we still friendly? How come we don’t even know this? Are you temporarily releasing weapons to protect this arsenal? Do you think you still have a chance to pick up weapons again? Do you think we will be polite to you and return it to you intact when we control this arsenal? "
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Donald said, "There are two thousand of you at most, and this warehouse has enough weapons to arm twenty thousand people. Please take away the weapons you need, and don’t destroy them. These weapons belong to the treaty team. China is also a member of the treaty, and you, sir! You should be a standard soldier and I believe you will make the right choice. "
"This gentleman, you are very brave in battle, very skillful in tactics and accurate in marksmanship. I have never seen such an excellent soldier as you, but you have found the wrong enemy. You should fight the Germans on the battlefield because you are also a soldier of the Allies."
It’s true that a Chinese man and China is a member of the Allies should do so, but Zhang Yiping is not a Chinese man in this period, and even he wouldn’t do it.
The China administration supported the Allies in the war, and sent a large number of workers to sacrifice a large number of people. They were the victors in the First World War, but in the end they were not treated as victors. Instead, they became victims. After the war, the Paris Peace Conference was betrayed by the Allies. Britain, the United States, France and other countries gave the benefits of Germany’s occupation of Shandong Peninsula to Japan, including the pre-war occupation of JIAOZHOU Bay in Shandong by Germany. All the railways, minerals and submarine cables were owned by Japan.
Knowing this history, Zhang Yiping hopes that Britain, France and the United States will be defeated by the Allies in World War I.
So these weapons have to be destroyed, if not destroyed.
"We are friendly forces and should not kill each other!" Donald added
Zhang Yiping reached out and touched Donald’s head and said to himself, "No fever. Why is this foreign ghost talking nonsense?"
Donald looked Zhang Yiping in the eye and said very seriously and sincerely, "This gentleman, please consider my words carefully."
China people caught us and told us that we were friends. Did it ever occur to them that they were friends?
The British didn’t say so, and Zhang Yiping wanted to let him go, which caused Zhang Yiping’s heart to get angry.
Zhang Yiping looked at Donald and sneered, "I’m not going to destroy the materials in these warehouses as a member of the Allies, but you’re so annoying. It’s just that you don’t have a left face and a right face. I can’t find a reason not to burn it!"
Donald shouted, "Ah! Please don’t do this, and your government won’t agree with you to do so. "
Zhang Yiping said, "I’m sorry that the China government itself is in constant trouble. The mountain is high and the emperor is far away. They can’t control me, and my words and actions represent my personal position and the China government."
At this time, Cheng Siliang led migrant workers to queue up to enter the warehouse to receive weapons, helmets and other materials.
Donald finally showed his fox tail threatening tone and said, "China people, this is France. Don’t be too naive. Do you think this place can be a warlord like China?"
"Don’t be ridiculous. Even if you arm your 140,000 labor department in China, it won’t be because our troops from Britain, France, the United States and other countries add up to at least 5 million. You’d better lay down your weapons now and go to the South China University of Technology camp to stay. Maybe there is a way out or there is a dead end!"
Zhang Yiping said to Zhang Liu, "You see that the British are all like this. First, if you pull the cage, it will be a threat. If you threaten it, you may become angry from embarrassment! “…,
Zhang Liuhe asked, "Then we should brew him?"
"Of course, teach him a lesson and dig a hole to bury them!"
Donald heard the horse screaming, "China people, don’t you dare!"
Zhang Yiping shouted, "Lin Sanwu gave him a butt!"