"Don’t always make a hullabaloo about at home. It’s not a matter of being at home. It’s not a matter of being outside. You’d rather suffer. It’s called cowardice. I’ll tell you your son’s value and find that Feng’s adult to have a good theory. If Feng’s family dares to say Xiao Ning and correct their silver again, what should we do immediately after we return it to Feng’s family? What should we do? Is it a lawsuit in the yamen or go to the imperial palace to let Feng’s choose their own face for shame and dare to fight back?" The old man said with

Lu Xiaoning looked at her grandmother with admiration and sincerity. At this moment, her grandmother seemed to have a three-point momentum. This summary is too good. It is known that Mo Ruo’s mother and father are dignified at home and weak outside, and her grandmother scolds Feng’s words, which also makes people listen to it. Isn’t Feng’s family shameless? Still dare to say that she is wrong about them. What if Feng Jiayin is wrong? Who will you blackmail if you don’t blackmail? Can you remember without beating you hard?
Isn’t it hard for Lu Youren to call him a sweaty mother? How can he talk to Feng Da’s population? Moreover, there are many schools of rites, which are very complicated. Mothers simply don’t understand that these mothers were most afraid of things before, but they sought peace and quiet. Since Xiao Ning came back from Huai ‘an, her mother has also become strong and aggressive, all of which were brought down by Xiao Ning.
"Did you hear what I said?" When the old lady saw that her son didn’t answer, she raised her voice and shouted.
Liu Youren nai perfunctory should be "heard"
It seems that Xiao Ning can’t be lectured in front of her mother in the future. Now Xiao Ning’s words are better than his words in front of her mother
Later, he thought it was impossible to teach Xiao Ning a lesson and let Xiao Ning return the silver to the Feng family and apologize to them again.
Chapter 427 Nie yo
Things have been explained clearly. The old man said, "Let’s have dinner in Liu Ma."
Where can Lu Youren eat? Got up and said, "I still have some business to deal with, so I won’t be here to have dinner with my mother. Please leave now."
Said Liu Youren did a ceremony and left first.
When Liu Fanghua saw that her father had left, she suddenly felt that the stool was on pins and needles. When her father was away, she didn’t want to stay in Grace Cathedral for a moment, so she got up and said, "My father is even angry with his granddaughter to persuade her father."
In a hurry, I chased my father.
The old lady said bitterly, "Am I a man-eating tiger? Why do you all run so fast? "
Liu Ma smiled and comforted, "Master should be really busy."
In the eyes of Miss Yu Er, isn’t the old lady a tiger? I don’t want to stay for a moment, and I will never set foot in Grace Cathedral unless I have to
The first two young ladies are so attached to the old lady that now they are afraid of her, and it is because of her own guilty conscience.
"Let’s eat us regardless of them."
The old lady waved Xiao Ning to sit next to her and took Xiao Ning’s hand. "Xiao Ning, today’s incident has wronged you, but don’t take it to heart. Your father likes to be a good man and die hard. He would rather wronged his own people than offend outsiders. It’s not intentional of you."
Lu Xiaoning’s silent grandmother was right in part. In fact, the real crux between her and her father is that her mother left her property, and her father will keep targeting her as long as she doesn’t hand it over.
Lu Xiaoning bit his lip and looked up. "Grandmother and granddaughter have two things to tell her."
The dignified color of Lu Xiaoning’s eyes made the old lady’s heart sink. She inquired about it in many ways and couldn’t find out what was wrong with Renhe Xiaoning. Is Xiaoning trying to tell her now?
"You said grandma was listening," the old lady said in a soft tone as far as possible.
Lu Xiaoning looked at the room to serve the girls.
The old lady knows that "you all leave first"
Liu Ma blessed a ceremony and motioned for everyone to retreat and go toward outside walk.
"Liu Ma, you stay. I want to say something. You also listen to Du Ruo. You go out and watch it." Liu Xiaoning stopped Liu Ma.
Liu Ma turned back again, and Du Ruo was the last one to go out and take the door.
Lu Xiaoning said, "Don’t worry about your grandmother and granddaughter."
The old lady was dazed and her face sank. "You don’t care if you say that grandma has never seen anything bad."
Lu Xiaoning hesitated for a moment, saying, "Grandmother’s second sister is going to the Qin Palace."
"What? Didn’t your second sister’s marriage fall through? Has the emperor’s will changed again? " The old lady looked dumbfounded.
Liu Ma also asked in surprise, "Yes, can the imperial edict change? Miss, what the hell is going on? "
Lu Xiaoning said, "The marriage really fell through, and I don’t know if my second sister persuaded my father, and I don’t know what my father thought. He actually invited Zhang, the most famous matchmaker in Jinling City, to intercede with Qin Wangfu, saying that my second sister didn’t want to be a concubine, but Qin Wangfu actually agreed."
The old lady’s face turned from incredible to sad gradually.
"Nie yo is really nie yo is your father crazy? Give your daughter to others to be a concubine … "The old lady is already sad and doesn’t know what to say.
Although she was disappointed by what Fanghua had done, she was disappointed again. Fanghua was also her granddaughter. She was still thinking of finding an honest and reliable family for Fanghua after the dust settled for Xiao Ning’s lifelong event … It is said that it is better to be a poor wife than a rich concubine. That is the lowest generation, and people will look down on her. Is it really stupid to call him a child? He’s just hurting Fanghua.
"When did this happen?" The old lady asked, suppressing her anger, that she had been kept in the dark for such a big deal.
"It’s been a while since my granddaughter wanted to tell my grandmother. First, my father took precautions against Yan’s granddaughter. Every time my father came over, my granddaughter didn’t have a chance to say that. Second, my granddaughter was thinking that my grandmother had just had a disease and was afraid that her grandmother would be angry again." Lu Xiaoning said weakly.
"So you know?" The old lady asked again
"It was my father who told my granddaughter that he had found a buyer, and the other party was willing to pay 402,000 yuan for two pavements in the East City, 302,000 yuan for printing money and 102,000 yuan left. He wanted to make a dowry for his second sister, and not only that, but his father also wanted to give her ten hectares of fertile land."
This is not even Liu Ma calm "ten hectares? Another village? This is one million taels of silver. "
The first lady Jishi has an excellent eye, and the land is solid and fertile, fertile and beautiful. Ten years ago, she spent forty taels of silver per mu, but now she has doubled it. Not only the master, but she is distressed that the second lady is more than one million taels at first hand, or the first lady left the property to the big lady. This is too much.
The old lady asked nervously, "Is that shop sold?"
"This is the second thing that my granddaughter wants to tell her grandmother. My mother was sick all the year round. She was afraid that she would die one day and Lou’s family would treat her badly. All the shops in the house except this house were frozen and could not be traded. When I was sixteen, I could inherit it. I could dispose of these industries. Whether to sell or give them away," Lu Xiaoning said.
The old lady was startled again. "Is this the case?"
Lu Xiaoning nodded. "Father always knew that his father had given the house deed to Lou."
The old lady breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It’s a good thing your mother left a hand. Otherwise, these industries would have been surnamed Lou or Liang, and she would have lost them all."
"It’s unfilial to accuse my daughter of kindness and selfishness just because her daughter didn’t promise her father’s dissatisfaction with her daughter."
The old lady primly said, "Don’t listen to your father. He’s crazy. You can’t promise ordinary people to marry a woman. It’s already very decent to have tens of thousands of silver as his dowry. Your father will make millions at first hand, even if your second sister marries to be a princess, it won’t be so much. What’s more, she is a famous concubine. My grandmother will never promise this."
"Granddaughter doesn’t promise not because her father gave me too much, even if my father asked me to give one or two silvers to her second sister, granddaughter wouldn’t promise." Lu Xiaoning’s eyes filled with a cold chill.
"Grandma, did you and my mother really die of illness?"
The old lady gasped. "Is there any other reason?"
Chapter 42 Tell the whole story