It can be seen that this puppet can withstand this level of attack.

It’s no surprise that the defense of Vulcan armor can reach this level, but the bottom of my heart is still very happy. When I was thinking about trying Vulcan armor attack power, he suddenly felt something strange outside.
Hurriedly left Vulcan armor a flash into the jade tablet at the same time Yu Yilie slowly opened his eyes.
"Knock, knock, knock" again.
Yu Yilie couldn’t help but get up and quickly put on the silver armor and then open Shimen.
A big silver friar!
"Who is this brother?"
"Oh, I heard that there’s a new member in our team. I’ve come to see it. My name is Sun Kai, the captain of the ninth team, and I’m in the middle of Tsukiji," explained the burly Brother Yinjia.
"It turned out to be Sun Captain Yu Yilie’s practice. dzogchen Xiu had just reported to the residence and had not come to say hello to the captain. I hope you will forgive me." Yu Yilie’s smell speech was not surprised and hurriedly replied.
"I’m not in such a hurry to find you, but I just want to call everyone to tell me that since I joined my team, I’m one of our own, so come with me!" The burly friar said brightly and patted Yu Yilie on the shoulder at the same time. He came with himself.
After walking for about half a column of incense, Yu Yilie followed him to a relatively large stone house, and when he entered, he had eyes staring at himself.
Although there is no malice, just curiosity, Yu Yilie still feels uncomfortable.
There are a total of seven men and one woman, four building periods and four practicing exercises. dzogchen is dressed in silver armor.
"Eldest brother, this is new? It looks quite young. "One of the brothers in the basement period with his hands around his chest said with a light smile.
"Yes, this is the new member, Yu Yilie. After dzogchen’s training, we are brothers. Come to Yu Brothers. Don’t be stiff. I’ll introduce you. This is the early stage of Hou Chen’s foundation and this is the early stage of Wu Yan’s foundation." Sun Kai introduced him one by one before he went to the crowd.
After all the people got to know each other, Yu Yilie waited with them for Sun Kai to say.
Sun Kai, who is familiar with everyone, said slowly, "This time, we are told to go to the northern face area of Yaomoyu to pick up the fruit that is about to mature there, and you should start in about three days to get ready."
"Another day spirit fruit mature? Doesn’t that mean that Sanzong will refine a batch of Zhujidan again? " Hou Chen slightly surprised said
"It’s true that our third regiment and other teams should all receive it in the next period. Fortunately, we should be more relaxed and careful this time. There should be no problem. You know, his two main ingredients are not so easy to get!" Sun kaisong breathed a sigh of relief and explained
"I seem to remember that there are a large number of social demon monkeys in the northern facial area, and the second order is not rare. Where is the boss? You said it so easily. Those demon monkeys can break our armor faster than a pair of claws. I am afraid that it will take some effort to take away the heavenly spirit and maybe even lose one or two brothers!" Hou Chen thought for a moment some dignified openings said
Smell speech all can’t help but be silent. The word area alone means that the danger is greatly increased. Not only will there be a large number of second-order monster beasts, but even the fifth-order monster beast figure may appear at any time!
Once, they only took the peripheral area to explore the approximate distribution of the monster beast, but they met a monster beast comparable to the fourth order, hiding in a huge lake and seeing a brother eaten, but there was nothing they could do about it.
The fear of losing manpower this time is far more than just one or two.
Sun Kaiwen sighed and looked at Hou Chen and said, "This time, I managed to win it. Do you want to go around the mutated blood dumpling territory? Or go to the underground cave to meet the pangolin who goes crazy at the sight of human beings? "
"Well, the boss, let’s forget it. Let’s discuss a strategy and try to minimize casualties. It is best for all departments to return." Hou Chen hurriedly gave a hand and suggested making a strategy.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-five Sneak into the demon demon demon
Three days later, a group of ten people led by Sun Kai finally sneaked into the edge of the demon domain after spending less than half a day.
To Yu Yilie’s surprise, it was peaceful all the way without touching a few monster attacks.
Of course, this is also more cautious with their walking routes. He naturally doesn’t know his direction. All kinds of monster beasts gather together to occupy a piece of area. If they break in by mistake, they will soon fall into a large group of monster beasts siege.
And with Sun Kai leading them, they can naturally go deep into the demon realm as quickly as possible. Although they have not been here, his team has been here to do it. Naturally, it lies in this map.
I don’t know how many years the trees in the tall and dense forest have been growing for forty or fifty feet in Takaso, and the forest is growing with clumps of shrubs, which will fall into the forest and cover most of the sunshine.
Yu Yilie, an ancient tree folded by ten people, followed them carefully and looked around and continued to advance.
Lu Yu’s first-order monster beast was not long-sighted, but it was quickly solved by them.
And the eye goes further and enters the range of growing spiritual fruit. If you want to take the mature spiritual fruit and bring it back, they will be successfully completed
However, it should be noted that it is the territory of the second-order monster beast Muling monkey, but it is not easy for them to take away the celestial fruit.
This monster’s social life tree is extremely fast than the action, and a vague shadow can often be seen. If someone runs away when he is injured, it will soon lead to a large group of monkeys.
According to the obtained map data, the number of this group of wooden monkeys is about 100, and Wang Da, a middle monkey, is equivalent to a monk in the late period of Tsukiji, while the number of wooden monkeys in the second order is more than 20.
This thing, even a pair of claws of the first order, is sharper than a multiplier. If you get hit, you will bleed profusely.
Not to mention there are more than 20 people in the second order, and their whole team adds up to only five monks in the construction period. If they are surrounded, the consequences can be imagined.
At this time, Sun Kai carefully motioned for everyone to follow up and let everyone converge and slow down.
Now that we have entered the living area of Muling monkeys, it is naturally best to take away the fruit of Tianling without disturbing them.
But that’s obviously impossible. It is this group of wooden monkeys who guard the fruit. When the eyes are mature, the monkey king will definitely send his hands to watch it all the time.