Just a moment, hundreds of different avenues communicate and collide, and the spark of wisdom is in the moment, generate.
This period of time is full of mystery, all kinds of flashes have flashed, and hundreds of powerful horses will be refined at the same time to improve together …
This is a kind of strength to improve the secret law together with physical strength. At this time, generate’s wisdom has almost reached a knowledge-like effect!
In the past, you need to constantly understand the road and constantly grasp what you have learned and experienced for several years before you can break through the doubts. At this time, they are all solved in the shortest time!
The rudiment of Yuanheng Secret Law, the writings of hundreds of millions of immortals, have been repeatedly transferred out to ponder back and forth, and a powerful force has flooded the temples.
"Going …"
As time went by, I don’t know how long it took. The seemingly poor articles were directly studied by the gods again and again, and the preliminary and complicated articles were directly streamlined a little.
Then, after the initial perfection, the secret law was raised to the top of the hall, and there was a faint sound of the secret law being recited.
The divine words of the innate avenue are mysterious and unpredictable, and these sounds are interpreted from all angles. These sounds are billions and billions, and then they are sung at the same time. It is amazing that there are so many sounds, but they are not noisy and natural.
Looking at this secret legal person, you will feel that this secret law is profound and mysterious, and you will communicate with the poor and powerful. It is absolutely the most powerful secret law in heaven and earth!
It’s a pity that at this time, more than 300 people with extraordinary wisdom and great ability have joined together in the temples. In their eyes, this secret method is not much better than the prototype of the secret method.
Besides, at this time, they wish the secret method could be perfected later. Now this opportunity is rare and tight …
If this secret method is not really perfect, then they can continue to go!
A strange idea moved the secret method and re-entered the core of Tao …
Hundreds of years have passed, and now it seems a little quiet but very lively-
The Northeast China Sea War has never really stopped, and the skirmish has never stopped.
Fierce mana fluctuations, devastating magical powers, millions of laws and sources, and the first war of robbery was unexpectedly fierce!
Far away from the battlefield, a statue has broken through the barrier of Taiyi, and the strong have been chasing and killing each other. They have never stopped exerting their magic for hundreds of years!
"This time, I want your body to come to me and seal the Excalibur!"
The Lord’s breath has gone through hundreds of years of killing, and it is even more vast. Once again, the sword will split the scorpion into the sea and said coldly
Hundreds of years of fighting have not only worn out the Excalibur embryos in their hands, but have blossomed more brilliantly.
"Hum! If you can do it, come on! "
The armadillo kicked a sigh of relief, wiped a trace of blood from the corners of his mouth, and a strong divine light sprang up in his eyes. Although he fell in the wind, his will was still unshakable.
I’m too lazy to calm down, and I’m a little confused, and my blood is knife again.
"Haha, if you are still at this level, then stay!"
The Lord laughed, a monstrous power rose into the sky, and a far more terrifying edge pointed to the front!
I’m going to break a sword …
This is the sword god’s unique style of breaking all laws with one sword!
"Although I still can’t reach this level, but …"
Never indelibly establish a link between the mind and the sword, break all will and bless the sword in your hand. "But you are not that kind of opponent!"
With a roar, the Lord cut out of the battlefield and fought fiercely for hundreds of years. He resolutely refused to cut everything!
The light is the light shining!
Everything cut by the sword light will directly fill the sword light with poverty and killing gas, and then the road ahead will remain unchanged, and the magical power will be broken, which is unstoppable.
"Break it!"
In the face of this, the warning signs in the heart of the Lord are constantly flashing, and they all show their strongest strength.
The body of the armadillo shakes, and inexplicable forces awaken from the depths of the body and pour into the fist. Then a pure and concise twisted fist wind breaks the already powerful sword light and rushes to the Lord.
"Death to the Lord!"
Yazi’s face is ferocious, and he lifts this almost acquired Lingbao fierce knife in his hand, killing and fighting in it, and then slashes it!
"Don’t give up?"
The Lord looked at the knife that filled the whole day as if it were a day, and the heart could not afford to stir.
This time the result was doomed from the moment he broke through.
"Blame yourself for not progressing fast enough!"
The peerless genius naturally makes faster progress, and the one who stepped on the road stepped up the stairs by the contemporary genius who was defeated by his own sword!
A light glass golden sword light is poor in change, but it seems to be concise as pure and thorough. In this light sword light, there is a will to cast a sharp edge.
"This is how this guy’s strength is like this after breaking through?"
In the distance, the armadillo stared at this sword tightly, and a trace of doubt flashed in my heart.
Although this sword looks good, it doesn’t seem to be much better, does it?
Kacha …
A crash sounded.
"Poof …"
Huge pieces of debris fell off the sea-it can be seen that this is a knife fragment … to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Aurora myth
I looked at the fragments of combat knives scattered in the sea, even if I just spit out a mouthful of JingXie and was hit hard, I couldn’t recuperate.
There is no strong mana fluctuation
There is no law of heaven and earth around