"Qiong Hua Gong Suyun?" Gu Shifeng was curious. "Father, what do you want to know about her?"

Gu Huai-shan can’t stop talking about it. "You can tell Tai Sun Dian that it’s convenient for him to ask Suyun. Father wants to meet her."
Gu Shifeng was amazed. "Father, did you see that Suyun girl? Do you still want your son to hook you up? No, no,no. Mom will kill her if she knows. "
Gu Huaishan gave him an explosive chestnut tiger face. "What nonsense? It’s not what you think. "
He just wanted to ask if Suyun’s nine-turn silver needle technique really came from Mr. Fufeng. I also want to ask Suyun if she would like to come to the Imperial Hospital. It’s unforgivable to be a maid-in-waiting in Qionghua Palace with peerless medical skills. Cloud is willing to ask the emperor to answer even if he offends Tian Yan. Suyun can even control the nine-turn silver needle technique, and maybe he can achieve a lot by practicing the nine-needle technique.
Gu Shifeng looked at his father suspiciously, clutching his forehead in pain. "What else could that be?"
"Don’t ask about secrets." Gu Huaishan shook his head gloomily. He was bent on prospering Zhou medical skills and trying to discover and train talents. He was so far-sighted in public and private that he died in vain. How did he become an old man who didn’t respect evil thoughts in the mouth of Ten Winds? Is this little boy really his son?
"Ask me if you know. Don’t be so tough and hit me." Gu Shifeng rubbed his forehead with injustice and said that his father had great strength.
Gu Huaishan glared at him. That’s your little problem.
Gu Shifeng felt his father’s threat and his eyes were busy changing the subject. "What did your father tell you about Lu Xiaoning’s yiguang? Have you talked to Lu Xiaoning? "
Gu Huaishan said, "Of course, it’s a good idea to find her. Now is not the time for the nine-needle competition. Everything should be in the nine-needle competition. My father asked her to put it aside first and then discuss the matter after the nine-needle competition. If she really wants such a yiguang, let’s help her with her family."
Gu Shifeng laughed. "I knew my father would promise this."
"Father should be able to decide by the middle of the month who will finally participate in the Nine Needles Competition?"
"Yes, time flies. After the last assessment before the Mid-Autumn Festival, even my father and you Xue Bobo have to take part in the training together. Not surprisingly, Yang Chen Huangfuyunlan and Lu Xiaoning are three people." Gu Huaishan sighed.
In fact, from the first moment, he knew that it was these three people who won in the end, and letting Liu Jizheng and others into the selection list was just to give them a chance to experience and learn. It was a good thing that Liu Jizheng and others made rapid progress this time.
"I’m really looking forward to it. It’s the first time that I have a chance to witness the grand occasion of the Nine Needles Competition." Of course, Gu Shifang is more looking forward to Lu Xiaoning’s performance
Liu Xiaoning drive people in the value room "you can go? I can’t leave for too long and Gu Bobo will even come back. "
Huangfu Shaoye said gloomily, "I just sat for a while and you kicked me out."
"Let’s go, there are too many people here." Lu Xiaoning really can’t sit still.
As the nine-needle contest approaches, her bet with him is getting more and more attention. How many pairs of eyes are staring at them? It is better to be as careful as possible.
"That … the day after tomorrow night I take you to a place" HuangFuShaoYe way.
"Where to?" Lu Xiaoning was somewhat wary. He said that he would take her to a place and ended up in the imperial tomb. The day after tomorrow, he gave him a birthday present the day before his weak crown ceremony and the day before her birthday. She had already prepared it, so I wonder if he knew that her birthday was the same as his.
"You’ll know when the time comes." HuangFuShaoYe has a sly eye.
Lu Xiaoning turned supercilious look and said so again.
"Don’t worry, this time I’m not taking you to the imperial tomb. I want you to accompany me for a birthday." Huangfu Shaoye said.
It’s really hard for Lu Xiaoning to refuse the excuse that the longevity is big.
"If you don’t promise me, I won’t go." Huangfu Shaoye cheated again.
"Come on, I promise you, just go." Lu Xiaoning is also him. In the eyes of outsiders, he is a cold emperor and great grandson. His unsmiling words are awesome. If people know that he is so stubborn, they will be surprised.
Chapter 425 Nonsense
Huangfu Shaoye and Gu Shifeng left the Imperial Hospital and Gu Shifeng said, "Shaoye, my father asked you to help him ask Miss Suyun if he could arrange a meeting?"
Huangfushaoye one leng
Gu Shifeng said quickly, "Don’t get me wrong. My father is looking for Miss Suyun on business."
It’s not good for him to think wrongly, but it involves his father’s reputation all his life.
Huangfu Shaoye naturally knows what Gu’s adult is looking for Suyun. Gu’s adult is still in the dark until now. It was Suyun who saved the emperor’s life by giving him an injection. So far, no more than six people are known, including Huang Xianfei, Gao Gonggong, Huang Gugu, Jiang Mammy and him.
The queen was suspicious and ran to Qionghua Temple to make a scene, but she dared not talk nonsense without evidence.
Gu’s adult wanted to see Suyun, even if he had fallen in love, so he wanted to ask Suyun to learn from her and then encourage Suyun to become a doctor.
"It’s a piece of cake. I’ll ask Suyun if I have a chance, but if people don’t want to, I can’t help but tie them up." It is impossible for Huangfu Shaoye to temporarily perfuse Suyun and promise to see the truth of the emperor, such as Gu’s adult. Gu’s adult naturally knows why.