27 is not clean

Life is like a battlefield, doing things like fighting. Smart people can always change the battlefield situation, choose a favorable opportunity and be good at resolving contradictions. Li Qingtan is such a person.
From the south of Shanxi to the southwest of Shaanxi, it is not as far away as I thought. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, we came to Fengxiang County, Baoji City and found a very ordinary hotel to stay in.
"Are we waiting for him?" I asked Li Qingtan
"This array is far more dangerous than the one in Shanxi," she said. "According to my calculation, three groups of people are missing. There are many fugitives among them. Let’s go to the array. There is no advantage, and the man who can finally break the array must be seriously injured and dying after getting the Wuling Blackstone. At that time, he dared not go elsewhere and will definitely return to Fengxiang to recuperate."
"Then let’s go directly to him then?" Stone look at her "but Fengxiang is so big, can you find it?"
Li Qingtan smiled confidently. "We won’t go looking for him, and his disciples and family will come looking for us. We just need to wait patiently."
"Is it as simple as you say?" Stone is not very trusting.
"I didn’t say it was simple." She looked at me. "The real test for us is not to break the array, but whether we can do well what he entrusted."
"I also had a divination. This incident seems to be very dangerous," I said simply. "But I am much better at this way than drilling holes in the mountains."
"Cong soldiers will choose a battlefield that is beneficial to them." She smiled. "Fengxiang is an ancient city. I have been here several times and I know it better than you. Let’s go out for dinner first. It’s my treat. We’ll talk about it when we get back."
We went to a small restaurant outside. Li Qingtan said that this is a good thing. The mutton bread in soup is very authentic. After eating it, the stone still feels insufficient. He bought some pieces of Guo Kui and two pounds of beef from the outside stall and said that he would take it back as a midnight snack.
I used to eat Shaanxi pasta in Beijing, but the difference in taste is not a little bit compared with here. It seems that if you want to taste authentic, you have to find the source.
That night, we were mainly talking nonsense, and the main stone was especially good at this Li Qingtan. However, most of the words were not the role of the audience. This small county was a thousand-year-old county called Yongzhou in ancient times, which was the base of Qin’s founding. It was said that Qin Mugong’s daughter Princess Nong Yu was good at melody and flute, and then a Huashan hermit who was good at playing flute was introduced. They met with each other and became partners. They took a phoenix flight together and left a beautiful name for this place.
I could see that Li Qingtan was very practical on the surface, and she was not easily dragged to bed in the middle of the night, so I called her to my room.
"Qing Tan, did you say that the girl has arrived?" I asked
She gave me a look. "She won’t join in the fun with us. She will go directly to the array."
"She’s afraid of you, isn’t she?" I smiled.
"Maybe," she paused. "I’m afraid you didn’t ask me to come to your room to ask her something, did you?"
"Well," I asked her to sit. "The green sandalwood array will be broken in two days. Although we don’t join in the fun, it’s unrealistic to do nothing. I know there are some things you can’t say in front of the stone. It’s just the two of us now. Tell me about your plan."
She smiled, "You are very tired after all this travel, and those words will come later. Since you ask me, I must have guessed 90% in my heart and I must be very sure, so I am relieved."
"I don’t want to do things like you, and I don’t want to drag on." I paused. "It’s okay for us to wait for that person to break the array, but it’s probably difficult to get out safely. We must send a protector to help him so that Wuling Blackstone can come to Fengxiang safely."
"That’s what I mean," she said. "If we don’t send a protector in the past, it will be the girl I mentioned. She also has a protector, and she is very powerful. I’m afraid I can’t protect her by myself. If you let her join hands with my protector, you will be sure of this."
I smiled. "No wonder you asked me about protecting the law that day, and then you thought about it?"
She smiled shyly. "To be exact, I feel more at ease after seeing your female protector."
"Well," I nodded. "Well, let’s do it. Let’s take a rest tonight. I guess that man won’t join the battle until noon, and then he will send a protector. He should come."
"If we go too early, our protection of the law means that he will take the blame for the disaster," she said. "I want to let them go later in the day, which is just right."
"Listen to you." I thought about it. "Are you surrounded by a female protector? Can I see it? "
Li Qingtan smiled, pinched her fingers with her right hand and meditated a few words. Then an ancient girl with long hair in Tsing Yi appeared around her and gave me a gift.
I nodded slightly as soon as I fuels.
The girl’s smile slowly disappeared.
"We have been in love with our sisters for more than ten years," Li Qingtan said. "She was robbed by a female monk in the Tang Dynasty in her previous life, and she is somewhat similar to the girl around you. I think they will definitely get along with each other in appreciate each other."
"Well, I think it’s also" I smile ".Will you come or shall I?"
"Of course, you come, I’ll protect you, and I’ll protect you," she said. "Only in this way can the Wuling Blackstone come back with that person. You already have three Blackstones, and they have been looking for each other."
"Well, I understand." I’ll look at her. "Since it’s settled, let’s go to bed early. I think you can stay with me tonight and I’ll sleep in your room."
She hesitated. "Do you mind if the room next to mine is not very clean?"
"No matter who lives today, you should clean it conveniently." I watched her. "I’ll do it."
I took her room card backpack and came to her room. She didn’t follow me back to get her big travel bag. She trusted me and knew that I wouldn’t touch her things casually. This room is very general, just like the configuration in an ordinary hotel in the county. It seems that everything is like a cottage when you look closely.
I opened the center and took off my clothes. I went to the bathroom to take a shower. There were two showers, one big and one small, which were bad and the other small. I could barely make do with it for a long time. The water was cold all the time. I frowned and simply turned the faucet to the cold water side. Sure enough, the water was hot.
Just half washed, the water gradually cooled down, and finally turned into cold water, and then it began to be cold and hot. I sighed and hastily washed a few towels to dry myself. Fortunately, I live here. It would be really unfair to let her live alone as a girl.
When I came out of the shower, I went to bed, wiped my hair and watched it from time to time. When we went out for dinner, a couple lived next door. If there was no movement in their house by twelve o’clock, I guess I could sleep well tonight.
I was just wondering, unconsciously, my consciousness began to get confused, and a strong sense of tiredness flooded in. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, so I was thought to care how they slept first and then talk about their skills.
I fell asleep with a wink of sleep.
I don’t know how long it took for a high-heeled shoe to sound. It’s not normal to walk. It’s like a woman walking around in a building. It’s very crisp.
As soon as I opened my eyes, I listened with bated breath. Yes, it was either a dream or the sound of the building was abnormal, because the room was covered with inferior carpets and there was a bed root. It was impossible to turn people around. It was a strange thing to spend the night in the building to scare people.
I smiled faintly, turned over and went back to sleep, thinking that you can just wander around. Let’s stay out of the way and don’t mess with me. The high heels turned for a while and slowly disappeared. Then a woman came next door and cried. It was not normal to cry, like an animal barking. It was a strange sound. Hearing this sound in the dead of night would make people’s hair stand on end.
I sat up with a frown and vigilance, and listened carefully to the movement next door. The woman cried near and far, and the little boy in her room was strange and tactfully silent.
"Old four next door what’s the matter? Is the woman possessed by evil spirits? " I asked in my heart
"Master, she bumped into a ghost, and the man was foaming at the mouth." Old Four said, "Do you want to help them?"
"You do it!"
"Well," he’s a little bit difficult. "Master, they’re not dressed, and that woman just had a month in the bedroom. I’m afraid she’ll touch her."
"What a coincidence?" I was stunned. "What’s the fear of the demons?"
"That’s the trouble. The ghost came to suck some vitality while they were having sex. As a result, as soon as she touched the girl, she came to the moon, and as a result, she couldn’t leave. Now she is trapped in the girl, and if she comes out, she will never be able to survive. If the girl doesn’t last until dawn, the master Xiao Si is not afraid that we still have big things to do. If Xiao Si touches the girl’s menstrual blood, she will be afraid for a short time."
"You don’t say I’m white about this." I thought about it. "I’ll tell you what. I’ll go to their door. You save the little boy first and open the door for me. I’ll do the rest."
"Master, if she is not clean, will it be bad if you touch her?" Old four worried, "I think it’s better to let the stone come. He’s not afraid of this."
"He’s not afraid, but he won’t save anyone?" I got up and dressed. "Besides, if it surprises him, the girl can’t say for sure. Don’t go back and do something else. I know exactly what I say!"
"Well, I’ll open the door for you!" Old four finished and walked first.
I packed my clothes and put on slippers to go to the next door, but as soon as I opened the door, I suddenly tightened my heart and quickly closed the door again. At the same time, a woman’s voice came outside, "Master, I have come to ask you to have mercy and save my sister."
There is another chapter around ten o’clock.
2. Exquisite spirit.
I didn’t say anything. I built an iron wall symbol at the tactic door. The root outside is not an ordinary ghost, but a demon spirit. When she saw that I was going to save people, she came to join in the fun. Although she didn’t want to do anything to me, the girl next door would certainly not live if she went out like this.
I thought for a moment, "Don’t Tanqi?"
"Brother, I am here." She showed her figure.
"What is the origin of this demon outside?" I looked at her.
Tang Qi looked at the door. "It was a demon. The ghost next door was a prostitute. Later, this demon controlled and absorbed many people’s essence. After a long time, she herself became a puppet of the demon after the death of Yuanyang."
The spirit demon is a kind of lewd demon that sucks the essence of men and women. This kind of demon often comes in and out of restaurants, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of it that I control my puppets to continuously absorb the essence of strangers.
This is equivalent to a pimp in the devil, and it is really pitiful that the ghost was a prostitute before her death and still could not rest in peace.
"This demon shouldn’t be here at ordinary times," Tang Qi went on to say, "I must have seen the demons tied down today and couldn’t help being in the sky."
"Well," I nodded. "The spirit demon is not difficult to deal with. The key is that the girl next door will lose her life if she delays any more, but if I get out of this door, the spirit demon will cause some unnecessary trouble even if it can’t threaten me."
"If the girl can’t be saved, I’m afraid this hotel will be even more restless after she turns into a bloody demon," Tang Qi said. "In this way, my brother will be a demon and I will deal with you. Don’t leave the house and let Lao Si bring the boy here, and then you command him to save his girlfriend himself."
"Can he do it?" I frown.
"That unimportant key is brother, how do you command?" Tang Qi paused. "If you presume to save people and put aside the evil spirit, don’t say that the girl is naked. Although you saved her life, they will be afraid that they will not let it go with you when they wake up. After all, they are laymen, and laymen look at their eyes instead of their roots."
"I’m white." I looked at her. "How are you hurt? Are you sure about dealing with the demon?"
She smiled. "Brother, don’t worry. Didn’t I say that being injured can help me recover my magical powers?"
"I have something important for you to do at night, and now this kind of thing forces you to do it. This is a kind of interference." I paused. "It’s safer for me to do it myself."
"It’s my brother, not Tang Qi." She looked at me. "It’s urgent. Don’t hesitate, okay?"