"Thank the glorious Lord, thank you for your kindness!"

Finally, more than 300 ghosts and gods in the whole temple bowed down and thanked each other.
Only with them can we truly understand the immeasurable value of what is contained in this sphere …
This is absolutely that they have exhausted all their years, and it is very likely that they will understand the mystery themselves, but these things are enough to have inestimable significance for their future path
This is definitely one of the important weights in their future monastic career! to be continued
Chapter one hundred and twenty A knife fragment …
Instead of letting go, he nodded with a smile and accepted the gift with a clear conscience.
He naturally knows the value of these things, which is almost reserved, and he took out his painstaking experience.
"Well, it is urgent for us to improve this secret method and get to our way."
Yuan Heng beckoned them up with the wave. "Now we have separated a wisp of Yuan Ling from the temples, and 20% of them have realized the mystery of the robbery, and others have devoted their energies to this side."
"Everything outside Aurora is hosted by you guys. This time, you will strive to put things into practice and form a convention. In the future, other Taoist friends can also follow this convention."
"Yes, we will get these things done as soon as possible and then come back to deduce the secret method."
Aurora and other people are a little sorry that this deduction of the secret law action is too important for the temples. After all, he is also a pick Jin Xian.
Not being able to participate from beginning to end is definitely a heavy loss!
Every minute of such an action is very important!
"Maybe I Aurora should try my best to relax this time?"
Aurora eyes a sharp cold light flashed in the heart instantaneous determination.
Over the years, Aurora rarely shows its own strength, and even as a member of the same temple, few people know the bottom line of his own strength.
Therefore, his body is shrouded in the temple leaders-the myth of the glorious Lord. Few people have noticed that in this far north frozen land, besides the glorious Lord, there is also a statue of the top fiend who created the strong and the wild!
You know, his aurora has broken the barrier of the median celestial fiend and surpassed nearly half of the median celestial fiend. It is really super strong!
Even in the face of bullying, I am the only one, and Zulong is almost ignored!
His aurora target has been placed in the position of Daozu!
After releasing itself, it suppressed the imposing manner.
Suddenly, the highest peak seats of the temples are filled with a mighty way, and the will of God rises and looks down on the world as eternity.
In the eyes of ordinary people, he is eternal, he is eternal glory!
"Haha, friends from all walks of life are invited!"
Yuan Heng pointed to the mountains and rivers all over the world and said that he was not at ease, holding his handle like an axe, like a sword, like a sword.
Qiang …
Breathe a sigh of relief in this handle, and then it will sound like the deepest and most original gold iron.
Suddenly, there was a strange road, and the light diffusion seemed elusive.
Yuan Heng turned out to be the ball that he had previously taken out, and it will be crushed directly and scattered into this Taoist realm.
Suddenly, hundreds of millions of sacred texts emerged in the Taoist realm. These sacred texts were combined into articles one by one, and thick and rich Tao Yun ripples emanated from them and enveloped the whole temple.
One article narrates to the best of its ability, which is actually a natural avenue, and it is the genius that can show the situation of Yuan Heng’s thoughts and articles.
This is the first heavenly fiend. If it is not innate, how can it be possible to write an article in this kind of text?
In those words created the day after tomorrow?
Don’t tell me …
"Come on!"
Throw the spiritual tire in your hand into the center of Daojing. Yuanheng drives his own avenue and takes the lead in immersing himself in it.
The gods looked at each other and saw the joy in each other’s eyes. They left their 10% spirit in the temples and then threw their own avenue into the Tao.
This is a real chance. Maybe you will have an outbreak?
Destiny Avenue!
Xuan vagina!
Kanli fire and water regulation road!
Shanshui Road!
Hundreds of avenues swim in the Taoist realm at the same time in a flash.