This matter he and Shao Ye also talked about too little Ye and felt puzzled. princess royal didn’t have this idea at all, and I don’t know how they figured it out. The dispute also broke his head.

As soon as Lu Xiaoning left, Huangfu Shaoxuan became complacent, ate two lunches casually and went back to the office.
As soon as I got home, Huangfu Shaoxuan collapsed in bed, stayed for a while, and suddenly sat up and patted his forehead and said to himself gloomily, "It’s so stupid that Lu Xiaoning won’t eat well in time. You should let Zuixianlou fry some good dishes and send them to Lu Xiaoning."
Huangfu Shaoxuan should do it as soon as he thinks of it. Call someone to go to the kitchen and say that it is faster to cook a few good dishes at once.
If people rush to the kitchen.
Huangfu Shaoxuan is going to take a bath and change clothes. I’ll go to the palace with a refreshing mood later. I’m about to call Huangfu Yunni.
Huangfu Yunni looked indignant and asked, "Big Brother, why do you want to help Lu Xiaoning?"
Huangfu Shaoxuan was dazed. "You mean Feng’s family?"
Huangfuyun neon airway "don’t you know how much I hate Lu Xiaoning? You still help her. "
"Cui Yanyan told you?" Suspection.i less xuan immediately guessed Cui Yanyan.
"Don’t tell me you’re involved in this, are you?" Huangfu shaoxuan asked.
"I participated in what? That’s my idea. I just don’t want to see her so beautiful. Everyone around her is in her mask. Is this thing so good? To make everyone so eager? I just want to discredit her name because you broke my plan "Huangfuyun neon angrily.
She’s too lazy to go out these days. No matter who is talking about the mask, she is always blocked when she hears it. Besides, I heard that Chen Siyao often goes to the drugstore to help a daughter of Xiangfu go to the drugstore as a buddy all day. Isn’t that sick?
Huangfu Shaoxuan pointed to Huangfu Yun’s neon half ring and couldn’t speak. He walked back and forth in the house with his hands behind his back, gnashing his teeth and saying, "The woman almost broke my event when she saw you."
"What’s wrong with me? Don’t tell me that even you are fascinated by Lu Xiaoning. What’s good about her? Is it beautiful or stunning? " Huangfuyun neon gas rang way
"Women see women see" suspection.i less xuan fumed.
"You just know you’re jealous. I think you’ll die in a vinegar jar."
"Eldest brother, you actually scolded me by Lu Xiaoning?" Huangfuyun neon incredible geological asked.
HuangFuShaoXuan don’t beat around the bush with her and bluntly said, "Don’t bother Lu Xiaoning after I warn you. Lu Xiaoning means a lot to me. Don’t let you ruin my big event. And maybe she will become your sister-in-law. Please behave yourself."
"What? Eldest brother, did you really see her? " Huangfuyun neon looks at eldest brother like a monster.
"Did she give you medicine?" Huangfuyunyi can’t figure out how Brother can see Lu Xiaoning. Didn’t big brother hate Lu Xiaoning before?
Any suspection.i less xuan stare at her "hu said what medicine? I think she is watching her and princess royal. Now everyone is asking about the adoption of princess royal House, but no one can get the exact news. Over the years, princess royal has been invited to stay in princess royal House. One is Huangfu Shaoye, and the other is Lu Xiaoning. Huangfu Shaoye once had princess royal to raise a three-year-old princess to be closer naturally. But what about Lu Xiaoning? A little assistant minister’s daughter can be so favored by princess royal. Do you think she once treated princess royal? I tell you that Lu Xiaoning is not simple. "
"Have Liu Xiaoning ancestral home is JiGu JiGu what do you know? That’s the richest man in the big week. No one can tell clearly how many industries in Jijia have Jijia businesses in the north, Xirong and South Yunnan, and Lu Xiaoning’s mother is the only daughter of Jijia. Unfortunately, Lu Xiaoning died young, leaving her as a daughter, and Ji family can’t hold her in their hands and love her. If anyone marries Lu Xiaoning, he can get the support of Jijia, which will be a great help. "
"I’ve made up my mind to let Lu Xiaoning become the princess of Zhao Wangfu. She still lacks some qualifications, but it’s no problem to be a side princess. Won’t it relieve your crisis if I marry her? After that, you should play her mind less and provoke her less. "
Huangfu Shaoxuan warned that it’s really scary to think about it. He also plans to trace Lu Xiaoning to the end. Don’t let Cui Yanyan go. Who ever thought that the real mastermind was his sister? Fortunately, at that time, the Feng family took responsibility for Lu Xiaoning and went to the royal hospital when he was in a hurry. Otherwise, it’s strange that Lu Xiaoning, the head of Yun Ni, didn’t turn against him.
Chapter 422 Do you mind?
Huangfuyun neon is a little stupid. How do you say that this most annoying person is about to become a family? Brother is so optimistic about Lu Xiaoning? Is Lu Xiaoning so powerful?
To tell the truth, she was very angry when she heard her eldest brother praise Lu Xiaoning, but it is true that if Lu Xiaoning really becomes the eldest brother’s side princess, it will be a good thing for her. At least Lu Xiaoning has no hope of being with Chen Yanyu.
"But … eldest brother, don’t forget that Lu Xiaoning has a bet with HuangFuShaoYe." HuangFuYun neon woke up.
"I know I’ll think of some way to solve it. No matter what, don’t mess with her again. Let Cui Yanyan keep her mouth shut, too. If Lu Xiaoning finds out that you’re up to something, I won’t help you." Huangfu Shaoxuan said seriously.
Huangfuyun neon become warped mouth "eldest brother you haven’t married to somebody else’s elbow don’t know where to turn I am your sister? Kinship "
Huangfu Shaoxuan didn’t good the spirit way, "If you know that you and I are flesh and blood, tear down my platform less and make trouble for me less."
"Know" Huangfuyun neon mouth become warped higher face write injustice two characters.
Huangfu Shaoxuan went to change his clothes and then went to the palace to send food to Lu Xiaoning.
Lu Xiaoning is practicing nine stitches in the backyard. Just at the first stitch, I heard someone shouting "Lu Xiaoning, someone is looking for you"
Lu Xiaoning turned a deaf ear to this kind of sudden situation, and deliberately put the needle into it. She has long been used to her old urchin, like Master, who often makes surprise attacks, euphemistically calling it a test of her concentration.
But the opposite Huangfuyunlan is miserable. Today, she feels good and hopefully rushes for nine stitches. As a result, she is distracted by this voice, and the silver needle is a little wrong. It directly pierces the heart of a chicken, giggles and screams, and then she dies.
Huangfuyunlan angrily threw the luhua chicken to the ground and glared at Lu Xiaoning, scolding him as "pest"
Lu Xiaoning put the luhua chicken gently in the first needle and walked slowly along the feather of luhua chicken. "It seems that some people still need to temper their minds."
Then he got up and clapped his hands and left shiran.