[Complete Marvel Comics World-Film and Television World]

Some [parallel universe]
Disaster-ridden new york City
The top floor of Stark Building
A large group of people are discussing something urgent.
"What is the problem that we need to solve most?"
This is an officer asked.
For this kind of problem, Tony Stark just wanted to say something when he heard a series of explosions and howls from outside.
This made him look inside, too, showing thick nai.
Pulled the curtain beside him and looked at the towering building.
There are dozens of big green guys roaring and fighting passionately.
Heavy vehicles, buildings made of reinforced concrete, or the ground …
Everything is like a large toy in the other hand being destroyed at high speed.
Seeing this scene, Tony Stark sighed heartily.
after that
He can choose to close the curtains.
Accord with that fact that Schrodinger didn’t happen if you can’t see it.
A steady batch!
of course
It’s not that he doesn’t want to take care of it, but that he is really willing but unable to do so.
Root canal won’t work.
It’s hard!
Even after the US government killed and injured hundreds of thousands of soldiers and nearly ten million civilians.
Now you can also play dead and let those great gods play their magical powers freely.
Originally, it was only dozens of "Hulk Infected People".
Although it’s hard to end the situation, it’s not that you can’t save one after the appearance of a great power.
But soon,
[Bruce Banner] The laboratory equipment was violently exploded due to a military mistake!
Like a nuclear explosion, the green light directly broke through the sky like a Tianzhu!
So that neighboring countries can see clearly.
And then the gamma-ray storm caused by the rupture of the light beam made hundreds of thousands of civilians around the globe appear hulking to varying degrees …
After this situation,
It’s hard for things to get tense!
Especially [Zun Mage-Gu Yi] and [Wan Ciwang] and [Professor] … The forefront of resistance has been washed by gamma-ray storms, and even more so after the phenomenon of "hulking" has appeared one after another …
After each passionate fight, the blood left by each [Hulk Infected Person] will cause secondary pollution to the environment and cause various degrees of collateral problems …
under the circumstances
According to artificial intelligence calculation
In about ten years or so,
In addition to the Hulk Infected, there will probably be all kinds of secondary polluted mutant creatures left on the whole planet surface to continue living.
In front of life and death
Scientists and politicians all over the world are thinking about several problems.
Like self-protection?
Do you want to escape to another planet?
Not really.
Can you think of a way to make those guys more or less rational when they transform?
The general situation is very difficult.
Hundreds of thousands of guys who tear down buildings are as simple as building blocks and scatter the ball around.
Go crazy every now and then.
Just thinking about it is a catastrophe!
At the beginning, when the gamma-ray storm spread wildly, even the fish in the deep sea, all kinds of wild animals on land, were hulking in different degrees.
It’s nearly a kilometer long, and it’s full of strong green light. It’s hard to eat a nuclear bomb from a distance. It’s a little scratched, and then it will recover in a blink of an eye, and it will bring its own crazy reinforcement reaction on the spot. Are you afraid of the super whale?
Others are not sure, but after the United States paid half the cost of the total fleet loss, it still has nothing to do with each other
I’m really scared, just like a dog with a broken back …
What Iron Man doesn’t know is to draw the curtains.
Shortly after he drew the curtain.
The clear sky outside suddenly changed.
Huge wormhole
With waves of ripples, a clear half appeared directly.
Then one aircraft after another also flew out from it.
Behind them is a very large space battleship.
That’s the [Thanos] main ship!
And that metal deck
Wearing battle armor [Thanos], with a double-edged sword in one hand and a Marvel comic in the other, several of his own genera looked extremely excited and said.
"I didn’t expect such an ordinary planet surface to have a plural [limited gem] …"
"But [Asgard] and [venerable mage] are troublesome after all. We need to solve the problem as soon as possible and retreat …"