Feng Ruoying was anxious when he heard that it would be destroyed. "Is that true? Can’t my face get better? But I had an allergic rash before, and I took the medicine and returned it. "

Lu Xiaoning said, "It wasn’t that serious before, was it? Look in the mirror yourself. Some places are blistered and it’s easy to leave scars. What do you think, Dr. Yan?"
Doctor Yan stroked the goatee beard and mused, "If you get blisters, you may leave scars."
Mrs. Feng is also worried. "What should I do? The daughter’s appearance is the most important thing. What should we do if it is destroyed? "
"Lu Xiaoning, if I am ruined, I will never end with you." Feng Ruoying is not calm.
How can she get married if this appearance is ruined?
Lu Xiaoning smile "don’t be in such a hurry to my head buckle shit basin who let feng adults didn’t give you the detailed rules? I gave it, but I didn’t make the rules, which prevented you from throwing away the mask. I still have the same whitening mask made in the same batch here. Let’s try whether my mask caused your allergies or something else. "
Lu Xiaoning said and took out a bottle of mask from his sleeve pocket.
"If I don’t try, my face has been destroyed like this. Do you still want to completely destroy me?" Feng ruoying excited way
"Miss Feng, if you don’t try it, we can’t be sure whether it is because of Jirentang mask that you have allergic symptoms." Your official language is cold and hard
Before coming, Wang Shi of Zhao told him to take out the style of your honour, say what he should say, ask what he should ask, and ask the reason.
Zo In Sung Shi Shiran said, "If you refuse to try to say that you are guilty, then we have to suspect that this is a play you directed and performed."
"Zhao Gong, it’s not right for you to talk like this. Our family’s shadow directed and played at the expense of ruining her appearance. What does she want? We Feng told you that Anping Bofu and Lujia resented each other, and my master and master Lu were colleagues, "said Mrs. Feng unhappily.
Hiding outside and eavesdropping on Cui Yanyan’s smile, Lu Xiaoning will see if you die this time.
"It is precisely because Lord Feng and my father are colleagues that it is necessary to find out that Lord Feng asked my father that the mask was not enough for me to sell in my own shop, so he sent it to your home first, but my father was so sorry that he ended up in such a place?" Lu xiaoning road
"Even my drugstore still wants to go. Miss Feng refuses to try. Then let’s go to the yamen and let the government master talk." Zo In Sung said
"You are forcing yourself," Mrs. Feng said angrily.
"Mrs. Feng, I advise you to let Miss Feng have a try, or you will go to the government. The Feng family will be famous in Jinling City. Don’t you have any evidence in the hands of the two owners of Zhenjirentang?" Huangfushaoxuan leisurely way
"Miss Feng, I advise you to tell the truth about your face. You know it in your heart, and we all know it in your heart. The only thing you don’t know in this hall is your mother. Are you really going to make everyone lose face?" Any suspection.i less xuanyin eyes glanced at Feng Ruoying.
Feng Ruoying’s heart thumped. Is it because Qiaoxing didn’t come back that they controlled him? Qiaoxing confessed?
Didn’t Cui Yanyan say that Wang Shi Zhao would be on her side?
Cui Yanyan is stamping her feet outside. What happened to Brother Shao Xuan? How to help Lu Xiaoning? Isn’t this tearing down Yun Ni Taiwan? Or did Brother Shao Xuan not know that it was actually Yun Ni’s idea? Look refreshing and you will get to [vertex network O]
Chapter 419 Fail miserably
Huangfu Shaoxuan’s words made the Feng family hesitate.
Are you lying to them or are they really scared?
"Didn’t your servant girl swear when she went to Jirentang to make trouble? What if there is no ghost in my heart to do a test? "
"Is there something wrong with the mask? Isn’t it clear if you try it? How simple things are still so slow. "
Along with it, several guests were impatient with each other.
When Mrs. Feng looked at her daughter, her heart was full of bad feelings. Maybe it was a guilty conscience that Yinger refused to try, so she couldn’t let Yinger try.
"Although my master is a doctor with a low official position, our shadow is at least a good family. What do you think of our shadow when you say try?" Mrs Feng block way
Lu Xiaoning sneered and laughed. "If you don’t try, please ask Miss Feng to answer some questions. When did you put on the mask?"
"Last night, last night, then I got up early and my face became like this."
"Oh, did you apply the mask yourself or did your maid apply it for you?"
"servant girl"
"Which servant girl?"
Feng ruoying hesitated to say "it’s a spring peach"
"Can Chuntao be in this hall?"
A servant girl came to kneel and said, "The handmaiden is here."
"Are you helping your lady to apply the mask?"
Miss Chuntao looked weakly and replied "Yes".
Lu Xiaoning grinned at the corner of her mouth and said, "I want to ask Chuntao a few questions now and Miss Feng can’t always allow it, right?" If you don’t even promise this, let’s talk to the government. "
Mrs. Feng said with a dark face, "Go ahead."
Feng Ruoying nervously twisted his fingers. What does Lu Xiaoning want to ask? Don’t let the peach slip.
Lu Xiaoning let Chuntao turn his back on everyone.
"Spring peach, let me ask you, where did you apply the mask for your lady? What’s the order? "
Chuntao thought for a moment and said, "From the left cheek, then the right cheek and then the forehead."
"How long does it take for your young lady to wash her face after applying the mask?"
Chuntao just wants to turn her head to see Miss.
"Don’t turn back and answer quickly" Your honour drinks majestically.
"Two quarters of an hour," stammered Miss Chuntao. It took two quarters of an hour to wash her face when she put on a mask the day before yesterday. That said that it was written that the young lady specially told her to watch it.
"Is it really two quarters of an hour?"
"It’s really two quarters of an hour to talk back to miss."