"Don’t think about anything, you’d better put it completely, or you’ll just want to help Miss Kerr. Now you hold her hand in both hands."

Email, the best intelligence in the world, has something that she can do to invade memory, but it is also directly linked to the state of Longyou. Fortunately, his recent experience is enough, otherwise even she can’t do it.
Longyou took Chloe’s hand, and his heartbeat accelerated in a controlled way, but he has slowly adjusted it.
Email searches for Chloe’s memory through Longyou.
The first thing I saw in the reverse order form was that Longyou led Chu Er and Chloe back to the Dragon Family, and gradually regressed to Chloe’s second split personality. Chloe looked cold and had a charm, but Longyou preferred to be clingy and cute.
"Little master, Miss Kerr’s consciousness has already rebelled against us. You have to be more determined to think about it with one purpose, that is, to know that Miss Kerr once."
"I see. Go ahead."
Chloe’s memory is like rolling pictures in his mind. He didn’t even know that Xiao Ni had lived so rich after coming to China.
When they finally fell back, Miranda Kerr was hunted when they met in America. He saved her, but the picture stopped here and he didn’t know who wanted to kill her.
"How can this happen to Mei Er?"
"Little master, Miss Kerr’s second personality self-defense system is too strong. There is no way to break through that line of defense by your own spirit."
"Then what should I do? Do we just give up? " There was a promise from Mei Er, but Longyou didn’t expect the process to be so hard, but giving up now is equivalent to falling short.
"There is no way we can give up." Mei Er didn’t expect this to happen. At that time, she was full of apologies to Longyou and Chloe.
"Can’t you hold on one more time?"
"If you persist, it will not only do harm to Miss Kerr’s memory, but also have a side effect on the young master." If email wants to invade Chloe’s memory, it can take the part that was missing before, but Chloe’s second personality sealed it up.
"Well, let’s call it a day." The information obtained by Longyou now is all the things that Chloe experienced together after meeting him, which doesn’t help Chloe to have a second personality at all. Everything they did before was in vain.
Longyou let go of Kerr’s hand, and his consciousness was still awake, but what should he do to break that line of defense by himself?
"Is Chloe all right?" Longyou hugged Chloe to bed and saw that she looked slightly pale. I couldn’t help worrying.
"Miss Kerr is all right. I’m sorry. The young master made a mistake in her judgment." The email sound sounds like a miserable feeling of being punished by an adult.
"I don’t blame you for this situation. We didn’t expect it, but is there any other way?"
"Yes, but with the help of others, including Miss Kerr herself."
"You mean to tell Chloe about it, but you know she was very exclusive about it before. What if she can’t accept it?"
Chapter 13 mystery of life experience
"Miss Kerr is not a blind person. If she knows that you are her good words, she will cooperate."
"Well, I’ll try again when she wakes up." If we go on a long journey, we should restore Chloe’s memory, but if Chloe rejects it too much, he must also protect them from being hurt again.
Chloe’s sleep was particularly heavy. On the other hand, Longyou sat beside Chloe’s bed almost without sleep for fear that hypnosis would have any bad influence on her.
Despite email’s repeated assurances that Longyou explained this scientific method in too much detail, he was skeptical about hypnosis, and he was not relieved until Chloe woke up completely.
"Chloe, do you feel uncomfortable?"
"Husband? People didn’t feel uncomfortable, but how did I fall asleep last night? I don’t have any impression at all. "Chloe still remembers Longyou saying that she wanted to play a game with her. Did she fall asleep because she was too tired?
"You should be so tired that you fell asleep very quickly last night." Longyou lied now, but he didn’t blush, but he was still a little guilty when facing Chloe.
"Well, I didn’t play games with my husband. Why don’t we continue tonight?" Chloe’s high spirits made Longyou unable to refuse email, and confirmed that Chloe’s health was not serious, but she could continue what she failed to finish last night.
"Good. Chu Er will come back later."
"Does the husband like Chu Er’s sister a little more?" Miranda Kerr has always been very interested in this matter, so she will ask Chu Er Longyou if she touched her. As a result, Longyou and she are also’ innocent’, which makes her even more confused. She is always suspicious and worried that Longyou has other women besides them.
Once a woman is suspicious, she can’t stop.
"Both Chu Er and you are very important to me", but Chu Er is really the best in his life. When Chu Er is in his heart, he is full of special people, and he can’t replace Chu Er’s position in his mind. However, if this truth is told, Kerr will definitely not let him go.
"I knew my husband was the best." Longyou actually failed to dispel Chloe’s concerns and didn’t add more security to her. Women are extremely fragile animals, especially when they like men. Of course, I hope she will be his department, but it is impossible from the moment I like Longyou.
Chloe once had the idea of directly killing Chu Er after she knew it. She didn’t know what would happen naturally in her mind. She was frightened at that time. It was not until she later had a split personality that she became more and more afraid that one day her change would hurt her beloved man.
Longyou didn’t know that Miranda Kerr was the one who wanted to get back to normal most urgently, so he was hiding something, hoping that Chloe wouldn’t find out his intention, but Chu Er found out.
"Brother Xiaolong, you look a little nervous. What happened?"
It’s not so much nervousness as irritability. Email said that besides Chloe, one person is needed to help, so it seems that Chu Er is the best candidate.
"Chu Er, I have something to tell you."
"What’s the matter? Has anything serious happened? " Chu Er also felt a little nervous.
"It’s about Kerr."
"Chloe? Is there a problem with Kerr’s state again? " Chu Er is like a real sister, and she is with Chloe these days.
"No, but I have a way to get Chloe back to normal and even restore her memory, but I need your help."
"Me? What can I do? And what can you do? These things still have to be handed over to the doctor to solve? " Chu Er doesn’t believe Longyou dialect yet.
"Chu Er, you know that I have practiced Qigong. There is an achievement method that can awaken people’s deep memories in the brain, but I need more spirit to support it."
"Wait, brother Xiaolong, I’m a little confused by you. What do you need me to do?" Now that Brother Xiaolong has said this, Chu Er thinks she must support him. There is a glimmer of hope that they should give it a try.
"I need you to think about helping Chloe. I’ll take care of his affairs." Longyou felt that he could not only’ qigong’, but he was about to become a magic stick.
When will he be able to make these things public without being treated as a monster?
It doesn’t feel good to hide a secret, but he thinks Chu Er must have felt it, and he should have noticed it when he saved those people.
It’s difficult to get Chu Er to take over. Longyou needs to tell Chloe what he thinks, but as a result, Chloe accepts it more easily than Chu Er.
"Chloe, do you really agree?" Longyou is a little hard to believe.
"Well, I want to get back to normal, too. I don’t want to hurt one of you." Although she can’t remember what she was like as a second personality, she had a hunch that it was definitely not a good thing.
"Well, let’s do it together tonight." What Longyou feels so awkward talking? It’s really awkward for a man and two women to be in the same room at night.
"Are you ready, Mei Er?"
"Don’t worry, little master, I won’t fail again this time." She is the best intelligence institute in the world to pull back the previous defeat.
"Well, email, I believe you." Longyou pinned all his hopes on this treatment. Psychotherapy is much more difficult than physical therapy. It would be nice if his treatment skills could also be brought into play in this respect.
So when night falls, he doesn’t know whether he is expecting or disappointed, and it will always make or break.
When Longyou locked the door, I really wanted to ignore the dragon mother’s eyes full of hexagrams, which was like wishing I could hold Sun Lianlong’s father early in the day, and his son was great!
I learned about those lengthy processes last night, and it was easier to implement them today, and finally the day they met again.
"Will email Chu Er know what happened with Chloe?"
"Don’t worry, little master, you can see Miss Kerr’s memory. Miss Chu Er is just a spirit." Email answered and let Longyou breathe a sigh of relief because he is her host. Longyou can know that this does not mean that Chu Er can also know.
"That’s good. Then we’ll be in the spirit."
The picture finally goes forward, but Longyou never thought that Chloe’s identity would be so complicated and simple.
Before Chloe met Longyou, she suffered an assassination. That’s when the second personality became what it is now. Accurately speaking, Chloe is the second personality now. That cold Miranda Kerr is the real Miranda Kerr-the godfather of the Ku Klan in the United States.
For Longyou, a huge and powerful organization of the Ku Klan in the United States, it turned out that it was really because of provoking Miranda Kerr that it caused trouble, or it was not a small trouble.