It is necessary to know that Nanxu’s previous measuring channel can not only sublimate the balanced avenue, but also many other source channels, among which the most intimate nature is the big tunnel.

Therefore, the fact that South Virtual can directly reach the balance road is not a underwhelming lot to be continued.
The 1.19 millionth time of robbery?
"Well, let’s talk about it after Nanxu."
Yuan Heng took a appreciative look at Nan Xu. "You and your own avenue lead communication and refine their respective corresponding deities, and then throw them next to my glorious seal to form an array to speed up the purification of those fogs."
Reaching out and pointing to the glorious seal, he left this hall and went directly to another temple with the seal that has been successfully supplemented by many powerful avenues.
"This time, I have a big event that we need to work together to complete."
Many great gods looked at the first poem in surprise, but now the temples have gathered more than 300 gods. What else is needed for so many great gods to join hands?
"Ha ha this time …"
Yuan Henglang laughed. "I came for mixed yuan!"
Yuan Heng held his hand high and revealed a knife that looked like an axe, not like an axe, not like a sword. Things were blooming with all their brilliance and principles, and the gods of the congenital avenue were spinning and shining.
Although these sacred texts are indeed innate avenues, they are somewhat weird. They seem to communicate with each other. This is unknown and powerful, but relatively speaking, these sacred texts are somewhat … incomplete!
However, although it is incomplete, this unknown magic weapon directly swept through the whole temple as soon as it appeared with terror and power. Yi Weili flashed in the river of life and directly annihilated those who didn’t suppress the black fog!
"The monarch will is …"
"the axe of heaven and earth!"
The gods looked at this strange magic handle pupil instantaneous contraction, and many people exclaimed.
"No, no, no"
Aurora calmly looked at the things in the leader’s hands. Although that horrible will seems to be able to control everything, it seems to be familiar. You can directly check with him, but Aurora just feels that something is wrong …
"The taste is right, but the shape is a little different …"
The dust will be printed with "the root of this thing is not important."
But what about those strange and incomplete inscriptions?
There shouldn’t be any genius in the axe. Yes!
As far as they know, the axe is definitely broken, and even the core HarmonyOS tire is divided with the main debris to form a treasure spirit.
"Haha, don’t guess."
Yuan Heng was in a happy mood. I didn’t expect them to compare this thing with the heavenly axe, which made his heart very satisfied. "This is a spiritual fetus formed by the will of our Ministry!"
"It will be the spiritual embryo of the Daoist Hallows forged after I stepped into the mixed yuan!"
I am very happy when I look at this spiritual tire Yuan Heng in my hand. This is definitely very suitable for the form of his Taoist Hallows.
Eternal glory stands out as "eternity", which runs through all the cores of Yuanheng’s practice road and cannot be changed or changed.
However, the outstanding feature of eternity today is that it is a kind of eternal and unchangeable, and it is not easy to be immortal. It is a very stable and vigorous model, so what it lacks is this kind of spirit.
And this is the final decision of Yuan Heng-
Cut the eternal road in your hands!
Here is a way of thinking that complements each other, just like the shade of the sun and the darkness of the sun. Only by combining the two can generate shine the most!
"So that’s it."
"Sure enough, it’s not an axe!"
"But I didn’t expect my father to be able to condense this kind of spirit."
Neon cold blinked in surprise. She traveled with her father since she was born, and she knew a lot about her father’s nature.
Neon Han knows that his father is good at everything, wisdom, will and mind, etc. Everything is so perfect.
What’s more, she knows that every step of her father’s construction is better than a solid foundation, and every realm is a natural breakthrough-although this is faster than many people …
But there is one shortcoming. No, it can’t be said to be a shortcoming.
That is-too stable!
It’s not that Yuanheng didn’t turn to the spirit, but that it was too convergent. According to Yuanheng himself, it was the golden mean!
"all right"
Yuan Hengkou stopped the gods from continuing to talk about "nowadays, many of our gods have achieved the goal of picking Jin Xian, and others are almost the same even after the estimated amount of robbery."
"So there is one thing we have to do!"
A little bit of convergence in the hands of the fetus. "You and I have already stepped into the mixed state, and we have a deep understanding of this. Therefore, at this step, some people may not know the difficulty of stepping into the mixed state."
"There are some questions about respecting Aurora."
Aurora all thoughts ask.
"Ha ha, it’s not a problem."
Yuan Heng said with a smile that Aurora is still quite a way. It is quite tacit to cooperate.
"It’s been a long time since I entered the realm of pick Jin Xian, but I just reached the mid-term peak at this time. Over the years, my avenue has been feeling like a rising tide, but I can’t repair it."
Aurora left and right hands each holding a group of aurora, which exudes different strengths and weaknesses, comparing the gap between the former self and the present self.
"Well, that’s right."
Yuan Heng glanced at it and knew it clearly. "It is necessary for you to enter the mixed yuan if you want to enter …"
Explain the aurora situation carefully, then teach its practice direction of mixed yuan Dao and analyze its passes one by one.
"Therefore, it is difficult to enter the mixed state!"
"It is more difficult to practice after the mixed state!"