Zo In Sung picked up the glass and sniffed it, but she felt fragrant and narrowed her eyes. She sighed with a sigh, "Be generous and unforgettable. Only Du Kang can solve your worries, but I think you two are very happy today. This should be changed … Only Du Kang can enjoy yourself."

"There is indeed one thing worth drinking. Let’s drink a glass of wine first." Gu Shifeng said with great enthusiasm.
Three people drink a toast to each other.
Zo In Sung Zaba mouth even said good wine.
Gu Shifeng is full for everyone again.
Zo In Sung asked, "What you said is worth celebrating?"
Gu Shifeng said with a smile, "I also plunged into the drug dealer list until you learned how to do business. I didn’t expect you to pay attention to the situation in the DPRK!"
Zo In Sung turned supercilious look "this is not nonsense? Drug dealers don’t talk about politics? What’s more, yesterday, the old man in my house dragged me to accompany him to drink two pots of wine on a whim, and he was still blessed with good wine by the emperor. The old man has been reluctant to drink yesterday, but he was so generous. I’m not stupid. What must have happened is a great thing. "
Huangfu Shaoye said, "Guess what is the good thing?"
Zo In Sung mused, "Jia Song is finished. The candidates for salt transportation in Huai River and Huai River are at odds, and that Yao’s adult is the assistant minister of the official department, and he won’t be able to win. First, because he doesn’t touch Qin River and Zhao River on both sides, he would rather lose both sides than let the other side win alone. So is this time, but just because Qin River and Zhao River lost this important position, they lost their two Huai River salt transportation. I guess this Yao’s adult is not so happy for my old man and you two …"
Zo In Sung and smiling at HuangFuShaoYe slow faint way "I guess Yao’s adult is a chess for you".
"Yes, Yin Cheng’s business is much better." Gu Shifeng laughed.
Zo In Sung dissatisfied. "What do you mean, my business brain is much better? My brain has always been very good. It’s your own eyes. "
Gu Shifeng gave a gift and said with a smile, "Is it my fault?"
Zo In Sung picked her eyebrows. That’s more like it.
HuangFuShaoYe wry smile way "say chess, in fact, we are all chess two Wang Shu three Wang Shu full chao wenwu chess and chess player is the emperor".
Zo In Sung said, "You mean … does the emperor know that Lord Yao is one of you?"
"The emperor mind who can guess? Anyway, the situation is getting more and more favorable for us now, "Huangfu Shaoye said.
"No matter he, let’s go well. We don’t have much time. We have to hurry."
Zo In Sung surprised way "don’t emperor body …"
"I don’t know, but my dad didn’t say anything. It’s good to know. I think everyone knows."
Huangfu Shaoye nodded. "It’s urgent, but you can’t mess with yourself."
Just like the king of Zhao and the king of Qin tearing each other apart recently, it’s really ugly.
"Yes, the more you press this button, the more calm you are. Lu Xiaoning told me today that she would set up a yiguang to treat patients who pay for medical treatment. This is a great kindness. I support Jirentang to make money and donate it, don’t you think?" Zo In Sung Road
Gu ten wind excitedly grabbed Zo In Sung arm "really? My dad has always had this idea, which is really limited by his ability. yiguang has invested a lot and can’t afford it within a time limit. If Lu Xiaoning wants to do it, I also support me to go back and talk to my dad about it or not. "
"No, if yiguang hangs Shao Ye’s name, it will greatly benefit Shao Ye’s hope." Gu Shifeng’s eyes lit up.
Previously, Huangfu Shaoye had accumulated a lot of fame and prestige because of Zhao Jiajun’s handling of several major cases, especially the theft of Chaofeng in South Yunnan, but it was not enough for everyone to see the love of Huang Tai and Sun Ren to get more support.
Zo In Sung thought and nodded, "I don’t think Xiao Ning will have an opinion."
Xiao ning is a brave man, and with less participation, his appeal is greater, attracting more people to participate in this matter, which is a win-win result.
Huangfu Shaoye took a sip of wine and mused, "There are many ways to do good deeds. This is what Xiao Ning wants to do. She has her own ideas. Don’t interfere in the front work. It’s a good thing if adults can participate. After all, Xiao Ning’s strength is still too weak."
Xiao ning can help if he is short of silver, but he won’t take that name. What kind of person has he become? He would never do such a thing.
Chapter four hundred and fourteen All karma!
Since Huangfu Shaoye doesn’t agree with Gu Shifeng and Zo In Sung, he can’t say what is a pity. Although there are many good deeds, Lu Xiaoning’s good deeds have caused a sensation. Such yiguang has never had anything to say since ancient times, which is a precedent.
Huangfu Shaoye looked at the two men with a look of regret and smiled. "It will be my birthday in a few days. Guess what gift the emperor will give me?"
This year’s birthday is different from the past, but he is holding up his reward before the emperor, and he doesn’t believe that he is waiting for this day.
And even more coincidentally, that day was also Lu Xiaoning’s birthday, but it was the same day in different years. Who said this was not a fate?
"King Feng" Gu Shifeng and Zo In Sung are different people.
"First, you broke the South Yunnan Chaofeng theft and broke the Xirong conspiracy state, but it was a justified achievement; And secondly, whether the emperor intends to set you up or check and balance the prince of Zhao and the king of Qin, he must seal you up so that you can have a status equivalent to that of the prince of Zhao and the king of Qin.
"It is this theoretical identity that you are too qualified. You have made great achievements in the official department of the Ministry of Public Affairs and punishments in the past three years. Today, Shao Qing of Dali Temple has attracted much attention. One by one, others see it in their eyes, and the emperor also keeps it in mind. Only you can break the situation and you will be a king." Zo In Sung said confidently
Huangfu Shaoye smiled and his eyes were cold and complete. "Once you seal the king, it will be a face-to-face struggle. It’s either you or me."
"It’s better than being beaten and fighting back," Zo In Sung said.
"Yes, I have to endure it for sixteen years." Huangfu Shaoye raised his glass. "My brother Hong Yu did this."
Gu Shifeng and Zo In Sung also raised their glasses and drank them off.
The road ahead is dangerous, but they don’t lack the courage to overcome difficulties. If they don’t succeed, they will die.