"I’m sorry, don’t say thank you, don’t say anything about the cause and effect of this incident. If you don’t want to tell me, don’t say that no matter what happens, I, Yan Guan and Xiaoqiang will always be the one we know. We never doubt that we can go back and help us get a bottle of Liao Tingjie!"

Jianghan’s voice is not loud, but his tone is sincere, especially when he speaks, he keeps staring at Xiaojie’s eyes!
Jacko clenched his teeth and trembled, but this time it was not because of pain.
Tears streaming down her face!
Finally, Xiaojie couldn’t help crying against the bed bar ward.
It’s nice to have one or two people who are determined to stay by your side, understand you and support your brother or friend when you are desperate and can’t make it!
Volume 5 Fei Long Tian Chapter 49 You are the chop suey!
Ten minutes before entering the operating room, Xiaojie finally spoke and told Jianghan what had happened.
Several animals know that Xiaojie has a girlfriend who is his junior high school classmate.
When I went to Xiaoqiang’s house in Fujian Province together, several people saw it.
I also saw that girl come to Jianghan several times when I was at school. Some of her impressions are quite good. She is a girl.
Because she is a three-year college, the girl has graduated from school and worked in May this year.
People who come out of small rural areas may all be white. Once rural girls are 21 or 22 years old and come out of school, the most pressing thing at home is marriage.
Before you got your diploma here, your parents forced you to get married on a blind date. When you were a child, they were already planning to let you get married and have children.
Xiaojie’s girlfriend and family knew that she had a boyfriend and urged her to put the marriage agenda together with Xiaojie as soon as she graduated, but there was no objection. After all, when they were together, they had known each other for almost four years, and it would be a good thing if they could really get together and get married as soon as they graduated.
After the parents of both sides met, Xiao Outstanding promised to marry the girl as soon as he graduated. The other parents knew that Xiaojie was still studying in the same place. Renye Fang was a place where they knew everything. At that time, there was no doubt, which was a promise.
But who knows that in a few days, the girl’s parents will go back on their word and say that they will not get married until Xiaojie graduates, but they must buy a house and a car first. If they can’t do this, they will make arrangements for their daughter and others will no longer accept Xiaojie as a son-in-law
Do you think Xiaojie, a college student who comes out of the countryside, is not well-off, and his parents have been in poor health, and there is still a junior high school brother who can’t afford a house or a car for the time being.
So the girl’s parents beat the Yuanyang girl to compromise, and then Xiaojie got hot-headed and wanted to go out of the way to build a garage. Who ever thought about it, but it was designed by a willing heart, and finally got stuck in the mud, so there was a big noise when usury chased her to school!
Of course, the matter of being benefited by a willing heart is something that Xiaojie discovered only now.
Jianghan didn’t ask Xiaojie why he didn’t ask them a few questions at the beginning.
If you really want him to talk, whether it’s Jianghan Chen Yanguan or Xiaoqiang RV, it’s a matter of words and they will definitely do it with the gang!
However, Jianghan knows better that Xiaojie seems docile, but he is stubborn and sensitive in his bones. He will think that if he wants to open his mouth himself, it will mean that he will lose his qualification to stand side by side with his brothers forever and will be inferior to them forever.
This is the inferiority complex and only a little self-esteem left in Xiaojie’s bones, and it is also a microcosm of the vast majority of people in today’s society who are silently listening to grassroots.
Shi Xiaojie is wrong, whether he thinks or acts on this matter, he is all wet!
It’s obvious that Xiaojie has lost his mind. Only when he saw Jianghan with his right hand broken half an hour ago will he smile at him and say something like that to Jianghan!
After listening to Xiaojie’s narration, Jianghan didn’t speak, but patted Xiaojie on the shoulder.
In fact, he already knows a lot of things through investigation during the day today, and he hopes to hear it from Xiaojie himself.
Before entering the operating room, Jiang Han said to Xiaojie, "Xiaojie, do you know that our late grandfather used to say a word to me when he was a child? Now I will give it to you. He said, smelly boy, you should always remember that a man is not afraid of falling if he wants to keep his knees bent and die!"
Hearing this, Xiaojie was pushed into the operating room by the doctor, and suddenly his eyes lit up. At this time, Jianghan had smiled and waved to him. "I can’t get rid of your hands and heal my wounds with peace of mind surgery. I have more important things to help you!"
Xiaojie silently burst into tears again!
Watching the operating room door closed and the red light lit up, Jianghan’s face smiled and gradually returned to dullness.
When people fall, no matter how hard they try to be brave, they always hope that someone can help them!
For Xiaojie, whether it is Jianghan, Chen Yanguan or Xiaoqiang, they will turn back and pull it!
For the city of Yanling, the fact that Xiaojie was lent his hand was too insignificant.
Such a thing as China happens every day in those dark corners that harbor evil people and practices evil practices. This big country is noisy and the city can’t afford a stir. Poor and hateful wretches are tortured and lose their lives, except for their insignificant nepotism and relatives’ interest.
This is the sadness and misfortune of little people.
However, we can’t deny this society and our country’s formulation. After all, no matter where the sun shines, there will be no darkness. After all, no matter how perfect the system is, it can’t defeat the dark people.
There is no sign of a pouring rain.
Neon flashing Yanling first heard a few dry and muffled thunder beans, and it was already slapping the windows of passing cars and the faces of passers-by. When it didn’t give shelter to pedestrians walking after dinner, the rain was already pouring!
Such heavy rain in November is rare in southern Hunan.
The neon sign of the hotel with blue water and blue sky flashing has become a bit ethereal and bleak due to a layer of fog in the heavy rain.
A sudden locomotive roar from far and near!
Click ~ ~!
The tire scraping the ground sounded suddenly in front of the hall with clear water and blue sky!
In the rain, led by a red herdsman, more than a dozen heavy locomotives with bright colors stopped in front of the clear water and blue sky!
More than forty Han wheezing came from the locomotive, all of them were white sweaters and white trousers, and this black vest was tightly tied inside the sweater.
They have a fine steel baseball bat in their hands, and they go straight into the clear water and blue sky!
The two men welcoming guests in front of the hotel lobby were so scared that they could not wait for these Han people to start work. They had staggered and took the initiative to make their debut.
A few little girls at the front desk of the hotel turned pale with fear and watched this group of Han people pass by directly, just didn’t dare to squeak.
It’s not easy to make a living these days. These people are obviously unlucky. Their boss didn’t pay them to work for the hotel!
"Little girl, don’t be afraid that my brother won’t hurt you!" More than forty Han people were followed by a big animal from herdsman. He was very handsome and smiled at the little girl at the front desk of the hotel. The little girls were able to frighten them directly with his opening!
This animal can’t help but grin. "Why are all women in this fucking society so tacky? Why can’t anyone see my gentle heart through my rough appearance and realize my kindness!"
Behind the animals, an old man with mottled hair and beard couldn’t help twitching at the corner of his mouth. He choked back a smile and said, "Young Master, it’s important to do business!"
Animals with the wave "! Qibo, I’m not boring myself. pick up hot chicks really doesn’t suit me. I’d better go and have a good meeting with that bastard who sells benevolence and righteousness! "
A place like this dares to put on this kind of war and look like a clown. Who else can we be but our little great grandfather?
That’s right. This animal arrived from Fujian Province last night after receiving a message from Chen Yan.
In the casino, Zhou Hong had just finished a few calls for help, and he was sitting on the sofa in the messy box and smoking a stuffy cigarette.
He has found out that Jianghan and Xiaojie are waiting for their helpers at Yanling Central Hospital, and they will go to the Central Hospital as soon as they arrive. Tonight, he is determined to put Jianghan and Xiaojie in sacks and sink into Xiangjiang River!
Of course, he didn’t start asking for help, and one of them was to go out and investigate the specific background of Chen Yanguan and Jianghan.
Get the situation as others told him before. Liao Tingjie is an out-and-out rural terrapin school, a good baby, a third-generation social fitness club, and it’s just helping a roommate take care of nothing.
In Jianghan, even Qin Mufeng couldn’t find anything at the beginning, let alone this Zhou Hong. Jianghu people want to hide their identity by their own unpredictable means.
Zhou Hong, the head of righteousness, didn’t mean much. If you can’t find out, you can’t find out. Is it difficult for a terrapin who comes out of the countryside to have any hand-eye friends?
Jianghan’s skill seems to be good, but Zhou Hong is not the average person who has ever seen a better player than Jianghan, and he has invited people to help him.
The only thing that made him pay more attention was Liao Tingjie’s roommate, a guy named Chen Yanguan. According to the data, this guy not only has a good family background, but also controls dozens of billion-dollar industrial chains. That fitness club managed by Liao Tingjie is his industry.
But on second thought, these days, he has repeatedly asked Liao Tingjie to force debts. This guy named Chen Yanguan has never seen anyone to help him out. So think about Zhou Hong. It seems that this Liao Tingjie is just a fellow who works for Chen Yanguan. What kind of friendship is it? Don’t fart. How much is it worth?