Dust looked at Qingliu’s face and expressed his appreciation that Qingliu was the first successful Taoist friend of Sublimation Avenue in many temples.

Everyone knows that whether they need it or not, what it contains is worth studying.
In the end, everyone agreed that this secret method is really quite ingenious, and there is absolutely no problem in reversing Gankun’s sublimation source avenue, and there are countless benefits to practicing to Dacheng’s level, and the foundation can definitely be extremely solid!
But the problem is that it is not uncommon when it is needed. Everyone thinks that the first success must be those members who hold innate treasures or spiritual roots, but I didn’t expect that Qingliu was the first to pick peaches!
Is it a great perseverance to practice the nirvana of the wheel to cleanse the stream?
"Well, after that, you can get to know it slowly. You can ask Qingliu for some advice in the future."
Yuan Heng interrupted the gods’ discussion with a smile. "What’s the matter? Have any of you learned anything from it?"
Glanced at the desire and nodded his head. This guy is really savvy, and he actually realized a lot of the essence of his "town".
"This is communication!"
Yude said cheerfully that "interaction between the two sides is perfect"
After listening to this, most people nodded their heads. This is more reliable. You still need to be strong enough to listen to the almighty’s sermon. If you want to get more nature, you need to know more and pay more.
By now, they have understood the reason why Yuan Heng can realize so many avenues and his accomplishments are not low.
However, there is nothing wrong with this, and everyone is just surprised that there is such a strange avatar wondering if he will get it out someday.
After all, this avatar is really … too powerful!
This is a good avatar to quickly accumulate inside information!
Although it can’t directly increase its own avenue, it is also of great significance to learn more about others’ avenues.
Thought of here, many great gods itch in their hearts. There was no light before. It seems that it is not impossible to create one by yourself after seeing the avatar of the glorious Lord this time …
"This is balance!"
Suddenly a loud sound sounded in the crowd.
The gods were dazed and puzzled. They looked at the pronunciation.
"Everything in the world is in balance"
"Water flows into the sea, trees grow into each other, and the balance of yin and yang flows, and the stars embellish the three worlds. All this is balance!"
Nan Xupan sat in a seat and looked crazy. "If you want to get the inevitable, you need to pay."
"This is balance, this is the avenue of balance between heaven and earth, and this is the most essential truth of heaven and earth!"
A gold scale with a uniform weight of about one rod is in a trance, as if seeing its balance between heaven and earth.
One after another, everything in heaven and earth is sacred, and I immediately felt that what I saw at this time was very different from the previous one, as if I had seen a new world
The breath of the imaginary body in the south has been completely different. The will around the avenue has changed in an instant. It should not be said that it has changed!
At a glance, Yuan Heng affirmed that Nan Xu had made a breakthrough in his will, and had entered the realm of will-transforming God. But in the wild, it was considered to be a master-
Nowadays, most celestial fiends are still honestly staying in the realm of one thought at this time!
In a higher level of Vientiane realm?
Nowadays, there is no Vientiane realm in all the temples except him!
"What surprises are one after another!"
Yuan Heng looked at Nan Xu with some surprises. He didn’t expect that there were so many surprises in this operation. Is there a road induction and atmospheric transport in this operation?
"This is … the balance road?"
Others are not stupid, although they don’t know much about will at this time, but at this time, South Xusheng’s breath is still very white
This is Balance Avenue!
"I really didn’t expect that Qingliu had just succeeded, but another Taoist friend succeeded in sublimation and it was still a balanced way!"
Dust slightly feels that their temples have continued since their establishment and the details have finally erupted.
These two are just one of the outstanding members, and it is estimated that there will be another upsurge.
"Friends of the South Virtual Road are really a wise head makes a close mouth, and even sublimate directly into a balanced road!"
The gods looked at Nan Xu in surprise. I didn’t expect their temples to be really undiscovered talent.
The balanced road is not an ordinary road. This road can be firmly ranked in the top ten in the three thousand source roads, not in the causal road!
This road is the innate path of the first heavenly fiend, Zixiao. Zixiao is the innate path of balance between yin and yang, and it is with this road that a sublime road is created!
This shows that this balance road is really extraordinary.
Although south deficiency was sublimated successfully through its own associated innate spiritual treasure, it does not mean that south deficiency is weak