Lu Xiaoning looked at the flat road ahead with a black line. Is this road not easy to walk? Do I have to lay a carpet for you? He also said that he was serious and had a thick skin.

"I’m not a three-year-old child. I can walk as fast as a fly when I’m picking herbs on a rugged mountain road." Lu Xiaoning protested.
This is really bad.
"dubious advantage" huangfu shaoye shiran way
At that time, they didn’t know each other, so she could walk alone on the rugged mountain road. Now, with him, even on a smooth road, he wants to hold her hand and walk all the way.
Lu Xiaoning’s reasons for telling him are always so tough and cruel.
"Shaoye, this royal cemetery does not allow outsiders to enter. Will it be bad for you to take me in?" Lu Xiaoning walked in Shinto’s heart and was somewhat uneasy after all.
"You’re not an outsider," Huangfu Shaoye said slightly.
Uh … Not an outsider. Who is that? People? She didn’t marry him, and he didn’t even confess, Lu Xiaoning thought bitterly.
About a hundred meters ahead, I finally let go of Huangfu Shaoye in front of the main door. Lu Xiaoning quietly wiped her hands in her clothes, and her hands were all sweaty.
Into the main entrance Lu Xiaoning consciously took two steps back and followed Huangfu Shaoye all the way through the big bell tower and grace the door into the tomb.
Is it the royal style of the royal cemetery, solemn and majestic?
After entering the tomb, I felt that the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped by N degrees, and Liu Xiaoning couldn’t help shuddering.
"Cold?" HuangFuShaoYe like eyes behind turned to ask a way
Lu Xiaoning shook his head and took a step back and said firmly, "It’s not cold, this temperature is very cool."
Does he have to hug her if she wants to say something unkind?
HuangFuShaoYe heart she is so guard against him.
Finally, I came to Taihe Toffee’s tomb and saw two gold nanmu coffins side by side in the tomb.
Huangfushaoye gave a call to guide the eunuch to retreat.
When the eunuch came out of the tomb, Huangfu Shaoye asked, "Are you afraid?"
For him, it’s his parents lying inside. Naturally, he won’t be afraid and still feel kind, but Xiao Ning is different.
Lu Xiaoning said, "How? Don’t forget that I am a doctor. "
She had to dissect the body when she was studying in medical school in her previous life. Besides, there was a body lying in it, but everyone in the Zhou Dynasty admired Taidian and Taifei. She had respect in her heart and was not afraid.
Huangfu Shaoye smiled and added a spoonful of sesame oil to the oil lamp, so he handed the spoon to Lu Xiaoning, "You can also add some sesame oil."
Is it appropriate for Lu Xiaoning to be dumbfounded?
HuangFuShaoYe raised her eyebrows Lu Xiaoning took the spoon and added a spoonful of sesame oil.
Huangfushaoye took Bu Jingyun’s incense, lit it and threw it out to worship the coffin three times.
I silently said that my father, mother and princess came to see you today. Her name is Lu Xiaoning, and she is a doctor. She is not an ordinary doctor. She has saved her life and helped her a lot. She is a man with little chivalry in return. She has other people who don’t have that kind of tacit understanding. She always likes her. She is the only woman in her heart. She is really good. If her father and mother are still alive, I believe you will like her. Please ask her father and mother to bless her in heaven to achieve this wish.
Huangfushaoye put the incense in the incense burner after silent prayer and knelt down three steps back.
Lu Xiaoning saw Bu Jingyun and Liu Yue kneeling, and she quickly knelt down to follow Huangfu Shaoye to bow down.
In my heart, I also prayed silently that Empress Taidian and Taifei, the female minister named Lu Xiaoning, was a friend of Shaoye, and now she should be regarded as a friend! Shao Ye is very talented and ambitious. Now he has made great achievements. Shao Qing of Dali Temple broke the name of theft in South Yunnan … I believe that your legacy Shao Ye will help you achieve your ambition. Please also ask Taidian and Taifei Empress to bless Shao Ye safely and smoothly.
Huangfu Shaoye got up after three worships and turned to see Lu Xiaoning. She saw her hands folded and looked solemn. I don’t know what she was thinking. Huangfu Shaoye couldn’t help but say that she was praying with her father, king and princess. Look refreshing and you will get to [vertex network O]
Chapter four hundred and eleven Set
It’s getting late from Huangfu Shaoye, the royal cemetery. Xiao Ning Yin is still rushing back to Lujia to worship his ancestors. He also has to rush into the palace. There is no regret. If you come sometimes, you can go for a walk by a nearby stream, where the environment is quiet and the scenery is pleasant.
That’s all. There’s still plenty of time.
They got into the carriage and drove back.
In the car, Huangfu Shaoye asked, "What did you say before my father, king and mother?"
Lu Xiaoning squinted at him. "What did you say in front of my mother’s grave?"
There’s no way to trick her