However, the adventure team obviously won’t allow that to happen.

When the captain was hiding in Tibet,
Several protective spells were applied to him again.
The most effective spell for [Reaper] is [Light Curved Mirror] once before!
The spell developed for light attack can’t stop the laser of the Reaper, but even part of it can make the captain feel the pressure drop sharply!
Faced with this situation, a part of the laser cannon [Reaper] immediately adjusted its mode.
In turn, it releases the decomposition position of decomposable objects!
Trees, rocks, flesh …
If you want to be irradiated by it, it will become a basic state.
A pile of tiny particles!
In addition, the reaper’s limbs also move in other directions, trying to give priority to his relatively weak adventurers.
But it was seen as a destination, and then it was imprisoned by a large number of restrictive spells
The body seems to be dozens of times heavier.
The moving speed dropped significantly …
The hard ground is also enchanted, which is similar to super glue thick slurry …
As Olga said before, The Reaper is really just a little monster.
Although it has fierce firepower and strong defense, it is a specialized heavy unit, and it has various weaknesses in other aspects.
In short, the reaper is just an extraordinary creature with a little deviant level.
In some respects, it is higher than the average of most [potential demons], and in some respects it will be lower than the average.
It’s not that Olga’s technical method makes up for this.
These defects are only because he thinks that it will be more interesting to add resources when the [demon] level creation is not worth the wave.
Anyway, his identity as a dark-eyed fighter is also for fun
He naturally wants to have fun!
But this does not mean that they can be easily solved after seeing their shortcomings …
You know, Olga’s time-base standard for making these toys is that he can also make a little gesture when facing the same period.
Of course, the same order here does not mean that 【 Abyss Lord 】 deliberately suppressed the degradation of strength.
It simply refers to his strength when he was still at that stage.
Now even if he deliberately degraded to a low-order state, it is not comparable to the same stage in the past …
Vision, knowledge and skills …
Is the biggest gap given by growth!
Now if Olga faces the former self, even if the two sides have the same energy intensity, they can instantly meet each other.
The extraordinary construction creature [reaper] whose eye-doing ability is recognized by Olga will naturally have no problem when facing the land that becomes high-viscosity thick pulp.
Hot laser is a few rounds of shooting, so that they will either vaporize at high temperature! Or crystal!
While those spell that are bound by it are gradually approaching that limit when face with the anti-gravity engine with rising power, and are maintained by the continuous infusion of mana by various caster!
Looking at this situation, all the soldiers of the adventurer team dare not delay.
The reaper’s layer of defense is higher than the average line of the same level [virtual shield] is the first problem they have to face.
Some members have stimulated their special abilities, some members have strengthened their weapons by using various temporary enchantment props, and some members have brains or are hard-working …
It’s always a fairy crossing the sea to show her magical powers and want to tear it down completely when the reaper is inconvenient to move!
It is also this time.
Aware of the danger [reaper] runs its own power furnace for the first time!
The huge energy flow, the huge body, has released unprecedented brilliance …
In the end, all adventurers are more scared than others.
The maximum power is 360 degrees. The difference between the center of the red laser [Reaper] is crazy shooting!
Clouds, surrounding plants, soil and rocks …
Ultra-high speed shooting dozens of laser cannons cut everything that can be cut!
When the movement stops.
The area where the reaper is located has been forcibly cut down by hundreds of meters, and the few remaining land has become a magma lake divided into several small pieces!
Hot bubbles keep rolling in the middle …
Standing in the center of the magma lake, the Reaper still hasn’t reduced the power of the body energy furnace because there are still some survivors hiding in the shadow world in the vision of the group of adventurers.
It is suitable for frontal combat [deep red card] [reaper] and there is no direct attack.
At this moment, it can also stand by and wait for each other to come out.
Chapter 64 [Shadow Crocodile]
One day later
[Huge digger-Extraordinary creature-Medium demon (3,345 meters long, 155 meters thick and 62,524,545 tons in shape, similar to the characteristics of a mixture of snakes and worms, high-speed digging, powerful dissolution, metal making and mineral perception …)]
Several [giant diggers] that are more than 3,000 meters long are shuttling back and forth in a giant pothole.
They rob all valuable minerals as quickly as snakes in the game.
Their huge size, heavy mass and rapid moving speed enable them to turn the surrounding soil into crystals just by generating intense friction when moving.
Make Olga special tools to collect resources. After they eat the resources, the raw minerals will be sorted and refined quickly in a very short time by a melting furnace, thus becoming excellent quality metal for Olga [deep red card].
At this moment, the edge of Olga mine is commanding. It was a towering mine a few hours ago, but after several hours of unremitting efforts, it has been forcibly dug into a 10,000-meter giant pit mining area.
I’ve got more than half of the local resources in my heart, and I can’t squeeze any oil and water if I squeeze them again.
In the whole original forest
He has dug more than forty big and small pits like this.
Most of the rare plants and creatures were killed by him.
And teams of adventurers are coming one after another.
The more you drag it, the worse it is.
This is not to say that those guys can pose any threat to Olga.
The so-called disadvantage only means that it will bring him some trouble.
And the trouble is that he doesn’t want to participate yet.
It’s almost time for me to move to another region …’
Be aware of this
Olga does not miss the few resources that have not been harvested in the forest.
He raised his right hand when the potholes were almost dug.