Want to eat overlord meal?

No way!
"Have you forgotten?"
Looking at the wonderful face of the gods, Yuan Heng couldn’t help but feel funny.
The avatar runs Yuan Hengkou and spits out a quantity of metaphysical Taoist sounds. In an instant, the virtual room shines, and a poor and complicated word "Tao" flashes in vain.
This little word is full of Yuan Heng’s understanding of Heaven and Earth Avenue.
"Well …"
However, this mysterious and unpredictable word passed by, but Yuan Heng took back his magical power of preaching.
However, although there was only one moment, the gods were trembling in such a short moment. I didn’t expect that this great man had made so much progress when it was only so little.
The word "Dao" is a very special character in the three thousand immortals’ writings on Avenue.
This divine text is only the most basic framework after it has been inherited from the avenue, so this divine text is absolutely different for different people to understand.
At the same time, the understanding in Jin Xian series is completely different from that in Luo Jinxian.
To put it bluntly, the actual embodiment of this sacred text is your understanding of the Tao! to be continued
Chapter one hundred and ten Balance way
Therefore, the word "Tao" is actually a hard indicator for many pioneers to measure their understanding of Tao!
"Severe …"
Aurora was amazed that he was the strongest among the gods present, so he could distinguish more things from it!
"Ha ha you are really …"
At the end of the day, all the younger brothers can’t help but laugh, but it’s also a good thing that they are recognized by the gods. "Didn’t you notice the feeling just now?"
Neon cold blinked, closed his eyes like bright pearls in the vast night, and directly transferred the scene to be re-released and reappeared in my mind.
"What is this strange impulse …"
Soon many elite groups have grasped this kind of induction. At that time, they were involuntarily wrong. It should be that they did something consciously …
What did you realize from the just leader’s Tao …
A little bit of feeling emerges in my heart, and at the same time, I can also have a desire. This is the urgency of longing for the name’ Tao’ and hunger!
And you want more at this time?
It’s natural to preach, and it’s natural to tell you. Why else would I preach?
But at this time, shouldn’t you also share a little?
Of course, you don’t have to think for yourself. It’s natural for everything to happen in one energy …
"There are many interesting things in heaven and earth."
Yuanheng nodded slightly and burst into Shenhua "Town!"
The amount of repression will rise, as if this little word "town" will carry this billion-dollar avenue and rise like an insurmountable peak, facing it as if facing this mountain!
But to the surprise of the gods, it seems that they can easily understand the essence of it, which includes the glorious Lord’s poor understanding of "town" and it is easily absorbed by them …
However, at the same time, they also realized that things income themselves, and at the same time, they also involuntarily preached some of their own feelings-
Strangely, what I preach is actually equal to what I realize and feel, so how much I will pay if I feel it.
"Zi …"
A breath sounded.
"Feeling good?"
Yuan Heng stretched out his hand and smashed the solidified word "town" into pieces. Did you feel anything? "
"Is this the essence of respecting the town?"
A stereo from Yuan Heng looks at the past, but it turned out to be the first heavenly fiend to clean up.
This desire actually impressed Yuan Heng quite well, but the number of times he saw it over the years was not too much.
The main reason is the desire. After Yuan Heng preached the nirvana method of the temple wheel, I heard that this guy went straight back to the Dojo to stop penance and was bent on sublimation as soon as possible.
This guy seems to be quite persistent about the source.
"Very good, Qingliu."
I was very happy to see the clean stream sample Yuanheng at this time, even ignoring the clean stream answer. "I didn’t expect you to practice my nirvana method to Dacheng so quickly!"
Hearing the leader say so, there are several eyes directly locked in the clean body.
"Yes, this is the water avenue. The breath is very pure!"
A friend of Qingliu opened his eyes wide. "The peak of Daluo Tianxian is very pure!"
"I still remember that this clean stream was really a fog road!"
"The foundation is very strong, and this realm has actually reached the threshold of picking Jin Xian!"
With this series of eyes observing the uproar in the temple, no one thought that it was not a brilliant desire at the beginning and actually surpassed many middle-ranking celestial fiends in one fell swoop.
"It seems that …"