Lu Xiaoning doesn’t smile at the corner of his mouth. Liu Fanghua is playing the trick of taking a long road to sneak into Chen Cang. Go to Shuiyue Temple to see Fang Ai and find a chance to meet Huang Fu Shaolong.

"Let Ji Jiu be careful not to be discovered" ordered Lu Xiaoning.
"Is the handmaiden going to tell Ji Jiu whether to make any more arrangements?" Angelica dahurica asked
Lu Xiaoning said "No"
If anything happens again, Lin Reyu will have a hard time. Chen Siyao said that Lin Reyu has been much better these days.
If they want to have a tryst, why do they want to have a tryst? She just wants to get first-hand information by letting Ji Jiu follow.
The next morning, Liu Fanghua set out for Shuiyue Temple near weizi. When the carriage reached the foot of the mountain, Liu Fanghua got on the bus and didn’t let the old man follow him to take Siqin Mountain.
Go to the place where the old manager can’t see, Liu Fanghua turned a direction and went to weizi Palace. It didn’t take long for him to see a familiar figure. Liu Fanghua was so happy that he didn’t wait for the man to run first.
"Youhua can be counted as waiting for you, and I can’t get you out." Huangfu Shaolong took Liu Fanghua’s hand, and the two of them held hands and their eyes were full of lovesickness.
"Have you been waiting long for the driver at home to drive slowly?" Liu Fanghua asked.
"It’s not too long for half an hour, but it’s worthwhile to wait for you no matter how long you wait." Huangfu Shaolong’s opening his mouth is a love story
No woman has ever needed so much attention from him to get it. It may be that the harder it is to get it, the more cherished it is. Now Huangfu Shaolong has all his heart in Liu Fanghua.
Chapter four hundred and three Wearing a green hat
Hand in hand, the two men entered the palace together. Huangfu Shaolong had arranged to avoid the guards all the way.
"Finally, it’s just the two of us left to talk." Huangfu Shaolong took Liu Fanghua to sit down.
Liu Fanghua, so reserved, turned aside and kept his distance from him. Huangfu Shaolong pulled her into his arms and said emotionally, "I’ve been looking forward to meeting you alone for so long. You still want to stay away from me. I forbid it."
Liu Fanghua complained, "I didn’t expect it to be so difficult to be with you."
Huangfu Shaolong said apologetically, "It’s all my fault that I wronged you, and it’s my grandmother’s fault that my mother and princess are thoughtless. In the end, they hurt you. Don’t be sad. The injustice is temporary. You know I have you in my heart. When you enter the door, I will try to give you an identity as soon as possible."
Liu Fanghua shook his head weakly with tears in his eyes. "I beg to be with you. I don’t care if I have an identity. Besides, if Miss Lin doesn’t like me, you still don’t want me to hurt you."
"I have what mutual affection with her? I don’t like her kind of lofty woman. Her eyes are on her forehead, but it’s just a matter of imperial life. You are not afraid of her. If she dares to do anything to you, I will tidy up her. "Huangfu Shaolong to Lin Reyu is extremely disgusted."
How can that kind of woman compare with Youhua’s knowledge and discretion?
Liu Fanghua covered his lips with delicate fingers. "Don’t say that. I’m wronged. There’s nothing for you to treat me sincerely. I don’t care. Anyway, she’s your wife. If I hurt your husband and wife, it’s all my fault."
Huangfu Shaolong was very moved, and his eyes were even more tender. "Fanghua, you are so kind and considerate."
"I’m willing to do anything if it’s good for you. In fact, Sister Lin really doesn’t need to make such a noise, and I won’t say anything about that day." Liu Fanghua murmured aggrieved.
"That day? What is it? " Huangfu Shaolong is curious.
Liu Fanghua was surprised that she had made a slip of the tongue and denied that "nothing … nothing"
Huangfu Shaozhuo clasped her fingers and forced her to look up at him. Her eyes were moist and smart, three points were sad and seven points were fearful, like a frightened elk, which made people feel distressed. Huangfu Shaozhuo Judo "Youhua, you are really not good at lying, you know? Tell me what it is? "
What made Lin Re rain so disrespectful that her father and mother were humiliated?
Liu Fanghua nervously said, "You’d better not ask. If I made a slip of the tongue, you should just ignore it."
"But I have heard it. Tell me quickly." Now that Huangfu Shaolong’s curiosity has been hooked up, which one will stop there?
Liu Fanghua bite bite lips just don’t say.
"Don’t say I’m going to be angry" HuangFuShaoLong deliberately face fall.
"No, don’t be angry. I said yes, but you have to make sure you’re not angry or impulsive, okay?" Liu Fanghua cried softly.
"Quick say" HuangFuShaoLong press a way.
"It was a time when the empress entered the palace. I saw Sister Lin and the great-grandson of the emperor at the palace gate. Sister Lin cried so sadly at that time. She said that she liked the great-grandson of the emperor, but the great-grandson of the emperor seemed to despise her and scolded her. I wanted to hide at that time, but there was nowhere to hide at the palace gate. She saw it when she was in the imperial garden. Sister Lin also warned me that if I dared to say it, I would look good. In fact, she was so worried. How could I say it? I won’t say "Liu Fanghua injustice" when the Qin Wangfu dies.
I’m blue in the face with anger. Well, it’s no wonder that Lin Re-yu is so adamant. It turns out that he likes Huang Fu Shaoye and doesn’t want to marry him. This bitch hasn’t even entered the door yet. Give him a cuckold mother, Huang Fu Shaoye, who can’t look at anyone, but he wants to marry and be a princess. Isn’t it that he picked up Huang Fu Shaoye and didn’t want loose woman? His face was lost by this bitch.
This bitch doesn’t behave like a woman herself, but she still wants to break him up with Youhua. Youhua has lost her status as a side princess, and she has lost her concubine. So, he gave up this world identity and fought with her father and mother for several days to win it.
This bitch Huangfu Shaolong can’t wait to go back and cancel this marriage now.
Liu Fanghua’s heart is dark and bright when he sees the world’s face is blue and white. It depends on how you can put your wife down in front of me. If it weren’t for your Lins, I wouldn’t be reduced to being a concubine. You made me lose my status as a side princess. Then never think about being nice to you.
The face is worried and weak. "You promised not to be angry with you. I’m so afraid that I wouldn’t tell you if I had known."
HuangFuShaoLong choked back the evil spirit to comfort, "don’t be afraid of such a thing. How can you hide it from me and not hurt me? It’s a good thing you told me, otherwise I would still be in the dark. "
No man can stand his woman thinking about other men and being regarded as a political opponent, which is a great shame.
"Don’t make trouble. It’s hard to be calm. You should also think about the difficulties of your father and mother. I believe that Sister Lin will turn her mind to you after she gets married." Liu Fanghua gently advised.
Who cares if that bitch is heartless but youthful? It’s really bad for Qin Wangfu in recent months. It’s really inappropriate for Zhao Wangfu to make any more noise at this time. Besides, it’s the most humiliating thing for him to go out. He will become the biggest joke in Jinling City.
Just let that bitch in. He’ll just hang her for a generation and make her a living widow.
Huangfu Shaolong has rejected Lin Reyu from the bottom of his heart.
But this evil spirit can be held in my heart. It’s exactly that the diaphragm is uncomfortable and tight. Huangfu Shaolong looks down at the beauty in his arms. If the eyes are full of affection, the red lips are half-opened, which seems to be tempting to pick Huangfu Shaolong’s heart, and he wants to love her and have her. Huangfu Shaolong bowed his head and kissed her lips warmly and lingering.
At first, Liu Fanghua resisted her mother and taught her that women should be reserved and not easily available to men, but then she thought that she was a concubine and entered the mansion. Who knows what it would be like? The surface of Wangfu has to maintain the illusion of love with Lin Re-yu, and she has to have children with Lin Re-yu. Lin Re-yu is the future heir of Wangfu, but what if she can have children before the rain in Lin Ruo? Her children are the eldest daughter and eldest daughter of Wangfu. Maybe with children, she can achieve her wish and get the title of side princess faster.
So Liu Fanghua gave up resisting.
Soon there was a gasp in the room and the man breathed heavily in the spring.
Chapter 45 love rat
Lu Xiaoning later heard that Ji Jiu said that Erxiaojie and Qin Wangshi entered the weizi Palace and stayed there until the end of the day. Erxiaojie was very energetic when she was in the mountains, and she stumbled and had to rely on the Siqin to help her walk. Then Erxiaojie went to Shuiyue Temple and stayed there for less than two quarters of an hour before she went home.
The description of Miss Ji Jiu Yu Er’s mountains and mountains is really intriguing. Although Lu Xiaoning has never experienced that, Xiao Baiwen, the overbearing president of past lives, has seen several meaningful films.
I can’t help but marvel at Liu Fanghua’s style in those days.
Just in response to the dragon, the dragon, the phoenix, the mouse, and the hole, didn’t Lou climb his father’s bed upside down?
Lu Xiaoning didn’t know that it was Liu Fanghua’s trip, which not only gave Lin Reyu eye drops, but also severely blackened her in front of Huangfu Shaolong. It is said that her family industry is now occupied by her Lu Xiaoning, and her father is very headache and very resistant. Who made her Lu Xiaoning deeply loved by the emperor? Even her father has to look at Lu Xiaoning’s face. She is always oppressed by Lu Xiaoning in Lujia.
Just tasted Liu Fanghua’s bone erosion and ecstasy, Huangfu Shaolong immediately rushed to the crown and became angry. He promised to clean up Lu Xiaoning and make a real dowry. He promised to ask Liu Fanghua to enter the palace with dignity. Anyway, he recently made a lot of money by repairing the river bank.
Leaving Lu Fanghua’s tryst with Huangfu Shaolong aside, he came to the drugstore the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival to find Lu Xiaoning and said that his temple would go back to Jinling to arrange for him tonight.