Purple-eyed man put his glass "No, the recorder’s old thing has been helping mankind."

"Help mankind to contain me"
"It may be the recorder’s idea to create a god."
"if that old thing came up with it, then this’ god’ is not just symbolic."
"But the kind that really has quality and strength."
"That’s interesting."
"Does the recorder want to help mankind create a new god?"
"The ultimate’ raw material’ is possible."
"But even if I create another’ God’, it will eventually become my’ big meal’!"
Speaking of which, he patted his lower abdomen "almost"
"After a while, I can completely digest Olgabe."
"You can hunt it then, guy."
"I’m really looking forward to it."
As soon as he drank all the wine in the glass
Tianyang left the church and went to the castellan mansion.
He visited the glorious church and cast three statues.
Now the statue is undergoing final processing and will be available soon.
According to the plan of the glorious church, these three statues
One will be placed in Glory Castle.
It’s two seats
Two large fortress with more residents will be place.
And Qingtianbao is famous on the list.
Have no opinion about the church’s arrangement of Tianyang.
In addition, the’ Eternal Illuminator’ shows his kindness.
He expressed his willingness to support Tianyang to become a god, and he also hoped that he would be able to help more in the fight against Sha Dijia.
Do Yu Hexin really think so?
Tianyang doesn’t know
And I’m not going to explore
He believes that the brake emperor Jia didn’t fall before and the sunrise or other gods.
It shouldn’t go against the water
The Lord’s mansion has arrived.
After Tianyang reported his name,
See the clothes off soon.
This woman has been haggard since Lin Jianbing’s body was occupied by Xingtian.
Although I put on a little light makeup today, I still look pale.
My eyes are not as good as before.
As if her heart were dead.
Seeing her, Tianyang sighed and said, "Miss Li Lin, the Lord of the city, won’t want to see you so sad."
"I believe Lord Lin wants you to live well."
"Live strong and optimistic"
Li Yi smiled bitterly. "If the person you love the most leaves you, can you still live with a smile every day?"
Tianyang’s eyes became dim.
Then he said, "My father left us before I was born for some reason."
"My mother and I lived together for 17 years"
"She died when I could give her a good life."
"what is"
"I couldn’t laugh for a long time."
"It’s like losing something here. I feel like swinging every day."