Lu Xiaoning waved the purse he gave her in front of his eyes and smiled. "I got to my car. Thank you."

Then he got out of the carriage and returned to his carriage.
Huangfu Shaoye and Lu Xiaoning’s carriage left and ordered, "Let Qin Wangfu people pay attention to Huangfu Yunlan’s situation in the house."
He wants to find some trouble for HuangFuYunLan province HuangFuYunLan day and night to deal with Lu Xiaoning body.
"It’s even a little difficult to find out about the house news," Bu Jingyun replied
"No matter how difficult it is, we must find a way to solve it." Huangfu Shaoye ordered.
"Yes," Bu Jingyun promised. Anyway, he didn’t ask about it. It wasn’t him.
"Let’s go back to the office" ordered HuangFuShaoYe touching his arm.
It seems that after this reconciliation, Lu Xiaoning became more and more casual in front of him. Sometimes he would pinch him, and sometimes he would hit him with a small fist, but he held the strength. He thought it was the same as his feeling of touching her head!
Thinking about the lip angle can’t help but evoke a radian.
Lu Xiaoning went to Grace Cathedral as soon as he got home.
But it is rare to see my father. The word is rare because I haven’t seen my father in Grace Cathedral for a long time. My father seems to be getting busy and coming back late every day.
"Grandmother, father, I’m back." Lu Xiaoning curtseyed.
The old lady smiled kindly. "Have you been busy all day? Are you tired?"
"Fortunately, I’m not very tired," said Lu Xiaoning.
Lu Youren also had a faint smile on his face. "Xiao Ning heard that the emperor gave your drugstore a plaque?"
"Well, it’s still a royal pen pal." Lu Xiaoning truthfully said that it is estimated that Jinling knows it at the moment and doesn’t hide it.
"This is really a great honor. With the imperial pen kiss, your drugstore business is not booming." The old lady was very happy
Liu Youren’s heart says that’s right. He heard in does that the people who came to congratulate him today were three floors inside and three floors outside, which packed the whole street.
"Xiao Ning, you prepared fifteen bottles for your father that mask day," said Lu Youren.
Chapter 39 Back to the original point
Lu Xiaoning said, "My father’s mask has been sold out today, and my daughter will do it tonight at least until the day after tomorrow. Some medicinal materials need to be soaked for twelve hours and boiled for six hours to cool before they can be prepared and given to my father the day after tomorrow."
"Is there no goods at home?" Lu youren was a little unhappy. He promised his colleagues that he would give them the results the next day, but he couldn’t get them out. Isn’t it a loss of letter?
Lu Xiaoning shook his head. "My daughter didn’t expect the pin to be so good."
She put all her family together and just made up 500 bottles. When she finds out that the situation is wrong, she wants to control those people. After paying all the money, can you still give it to them when she picks up the goods? There are still many people who have paid the money but haven’t got the goods.
"Then the day after tomorrow early" Liu Youren melancholy way.
"It’s a good thing to hear you say that you are a partner in a pharmacy before selling it. Grandma also said that you are tinkering around the edges. I didn’t expect it to be such a sensation." The old lady was very happy
My granddaughter is really capable of everything. Is she half-blooded and talented in business? Xiao Ning said that she wanted to own a shop and a pen and ink shop. She decided to set up a pen and ink shop and left it to Xiao Ning.
"Yes, I knew I would be successful if I didn’t partner with others." Liu Youren regretted that, in his view, the sign given by Emperor Qin was really cheap for Lu Xiaoning’s favor. The small Anping Bofu was stained with Xiao Ningguang everywhere, and all the benefits were Xiao Ning.
Lu Xiaoning smiled and said, "No partnership is not a sign. It’s the Duke of Zhao who asks for all the trivial matters. It’s the Duke of Zhao who arranges his daughter to be busy. If I don’t know if I can get up in this shop?"
Many people like to kill others’ credit easily when they succeed in such a thing, thinking about the benefits. If one person monopolizes it, they like to blame each other. The partnership business usually ends in discord.
She would never think so. Wouldn’t it be better to join forces, benefit each other, share responsibility and benefit? Her status advantage, her prescription and Zo In Sung’s diligence are all difficult to succeed
"The signboard was asked by Zhao Gong?" Liu youren unexpected way
"Yes, my daughter didn’t dare to let the emperor give a signboard to a drugstore," said Lu Xiaoning.
Lu Youren stopped talking. So that’s it.
The old man said, "Since it’s a partnership, it’s not good to take things from the shop casually. Fifteen bottles of mask belong to Zhao Gong, and the proceeds should be given to Zhao Gong."
If you do business in partnership, you have to make clear the accounts, and your brothers have to pay the accounts. They are uncles and grandchildren, so you have to give them to Xiao Ning, which is hard to be a man.
Lu Xiaoning said that her grandmother was becoming more and more reasonable.
To tell the truth, fifteen bottles of facial mask are nothing to her, no matter how much, she can afford to send her father a mask. His colleagues must have asked him for it. He doesn’t know the price, and he doesn’t know how difficult it is to make a bottle of facial mask. How many processes are needed to recognize that this is a piece of cake, but he is afraid that his father should do this and that today, which is not easy to do. The shop should not ask for it.
"That’s not just deducted from my income," said Lu Xiaoning. Can she really want her father’s silver? It’s only a few hundred taels of silver
"A few bottles of mask just need how much silver? Besides, there is Xiao Ning who can do this mask, and there is no Xiao Ning who thinks that the Duke of Zhao won’t care so much. "Liu Youren still thinks that the Duke of Zhao is stained with Xiao Ningguang. What does it matter if he wants a few bottles of mask?
"Come on, it’s getting late, mother. You rest early." Liu Youren got up. "Xiao Ning, you come to the room with your father."
Lu Xiaoning also saluted and left with his father to the room.
Liu Youren waited for Zhu Wang’s tea retreat in the plush chair before saying, "There’s one thing my father told you first. The Qin Palace has promised to let your second sister in."
When Liu Youren said this, his eyes were relieved. Zhang Matchmaker had run twice before, but it was rejected by Princess Qin. But today, Zhang Matchmaker suddenly came to tell him that Qin Wangfu sent someone to call her to tell a young woman to enter the house. When Qin Wangfu agreed, it was half a month after the wedding.
Lu Xiaoning wondered, "Be a concubine?"
"After Qin Wangshi’s wedding, your second sister will enter the government, although she can be a concubine for a while, and then lift her side princess after giving birth to a son and a half. You also know that your second sister wants to marry Qin Wangshi wholeheartedly, and she is also affectionate to you, and her father can become them, but this matter needs to be kept secret at present." Liu Youren sighed.