He doesn’t even know this man.

This is not reasonable!
When Liu Chunshi calmed down again, he looked at the boat restaurant again and finally knew where he had just felt disobedience.
Although this restaurant is written in Chinese, some casual decorations are different from what they used to see before
For example, these small things such as non-slip cards are styles they have never seen before.
All kinds of small factors overlap, and these elements form a similar Chinese decoration style with each other, but they are different from their habits in many subtle ways, which makes him feel that sense of disobedience.
Liu Chunshi didn’t know what was going on. He went to a researcher and tentatively discussed the Antarctic expedition with him with a calm smile.
However, the more we discuss his face, the more stiff his smile becomes.
Because the information from the other person’s mouth is right with what he knows?
For example, the other party said that there is an Ace Glacier Rift Valley in Antarctica to explore what to do there, what to prepare, what they have explored there …
Very professional
But the problem is
Liu Chunshi is very, very, and billions of points to determine that Antarctica is not the so-called Ace Rift Valley!
There is no exploration result derived from this, as the other party said.
Even if he is engaged in Antarctic research, he can’t even know about a rift valley in the South Pole.
This is an evil spirit!
This discovery made Liu Chunshi feel restless and run around like a horse pulling him.
Liu Chunshi decided to put it straight. "Who are you? What do you have? "
At the same time
Landing ship Zhang Tianyuan has taken Autes and his party off the ship.
As soon as a boat arrived, Autes was smuggled into the room and kept under strict supervision with others without waiting to catch his breath.
There are soldiers at the door of every room in the corridor outside.
Autes glanced at the "cellmate" who lived with him, just as he remembered that one of them was a little familiar with Chinese internship secrets.
A man of this status is not qualified to be a slave like him. He should be a bodyguard. This gentleman is a little delicate …
"Hey, look at what I just signed?" Autes threw two rescues from his pocket.
Delicate internship secretly took orders and began to try to translate.
"When parallel …"
Suddenly, his eyes were wide and full of doubts.
"Parallel mutual aid will grant emergency humanitarian relief? !”
Chapter 55 They come from parallel time!
"What does this mean? Did you translate it wrong? A little more translation … "Autes frowned.
Although the delicate and secret translated English words are complicated and uncommon, they are understandable to elites like Autes.
The key is the combination of these words, so he can’t understand it.
What parallel rescue meeting?
What is that?
Delicate secret also wondered if his translation was wrong. It was Autes who urged him to continue translating when he didn’t have time.
"The Inter-temporal Rescue Organization, Parallel Time Mutual Rescue Association, has always adhered to the principle of unity, mutual help and mutual assistance to provide equal assistance to all parallel times."
"Granting humanitarian relief only in emergencies does not mean that the parallel mutual aid society accepts or recognizes the signatory status, and the grant will be terminated after the humanitarian relief is over …"
Autes seems to have listened to it and didn’t seem to listen to it.