"But if I do it myself, it will still be too long!"

Yuan Heng’s heart secretly regrets looking around the corner of his mouth. Isn’t there a lot of labor?
I can’t help but admire the great wisdom of Hongjun bodhi old zu. He didn’t have so many younger brothers who were not too far away from himself at that time to contribute.
"But before that …"
God’s eyes pierced the virtual barrier, and he saw the fate of the Ganges River. At this time, the fate of the Ganges River is still vast, and it makes people feel that everything in front of it will be directly crushed!
But unfortunately, at this time, the fate of the Ganges is filled with a gray fog, which can be described as mysterious and mysterious, and the smell it gives off is so disgusting to all spiritual life
This is the destructive karma caused by the amount of robbery, and it is also the self-destructive force caused by the expansion of heaven and earth.
Once the fog condenses into liquid and drops into the Ganges River of Destiny, it will quickly solidify and sink to the bottom of the river to become the famous Ganges sediment.
Don’t get me wrong, this is really not a good thing.
Especially for everyone who is interested in impacting the immortal world!
Ganges sediment sinks to the bottom of the river and blocks the Ganges river. As time goes by, more and more of these things will occupy the river and affect the operation of the Ganges.
And once the fate of the Ganges reaches the limit, there will be a result …
A lifetime of noise, the Ganges River is broken, destroyed, collapsed, and when the amount of robbery comes, heaven and earth will return to chaos
Therefore, the vast expanse of wasteland produced a high career position early-the glorious Lord is also a blessing and a great blessing!
If this glorious Lord is strong enough to withstand more and more self-attack with the operation of heaven and earth, then theoretically, the robbery of quantity may also be delayed!
"Please help me!"
Yuan Heng’s thoughts flowed in his heart. Looking at the temples, he couldn’t help laughing. This cosmic cycle deserves to be the era with the greatest potential in history. "Join forces to urge the temples to suppress the fate of the Ganges in one fell swoop!"
"You deserve it!"
The gods lang should way
Yuan Heng first made moves to bring the Eternal River from Zun to the top of his head and poured it straight into the base …
"Boom …"
It represents the seats in the temples, and it is also the symbol of the limit. At this time, the instantaneous light is flourishing and enters them with the eternal river. This huge column deduces the infinite meaning of eternity.
Even Winter, Liulan and Jiuge, who were far away from the battlefield, brought back their Taoist fruits to represent their avenue products-Winter Waterfall, Liufu Axe and Jiuxian Qin-into their seats one by one …
Booming …
This moment represents the extreme sharpness of the temples and makes the world shake! to be continued
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Gao Guanghui
At this moment, the temples finally bloomed with unprecedented brilliance, emitting momentum as if they were suppressing the sky and dominating the millions!
The temples got the three-layer Guanghua Tongtian pillar, which is completely current at this moment!
At this moment, the whole northern part of the universe seems to be directly imprisoned, and the general world turns out to be a meal!
"What is this?"
At this time, it is still in the war, and those masters who are half a step too b have shown horror. At this moment, they can barely detect the big change.
"This is the temple?"
Only the first fiends can understand what happened at this moment.
"What on earth do they want?"
Merging more than 300 immortals, Tianmao Avenue, Dayuan Avenue, and Shenyun Avenue, the sound goes through the earth.
The heaven and earth, which belong to domination, domination, great power, vastness and eternal glory, represent all the merits, fortunes, the will of the avenue and the common pillar of the avenue of the 330 first celestial fiends. At this moment, it seems as if the mountains are competing for glory!
The temples of Wei neng shocked them with their power. Where is this just the temples of the middle innate spiritual treasure level?