HuangFuShaoYe inclined his one eye, heart said I rare you take a reason?

"I’m done, too." Mr. Accountant wrote the last string of data and handed the bill to Zo In Sung.
Du Xiaoning lifted Ba Du Ruo knowingly and handed the bill to Zo In Sung.
Zo In Sung dialed the abacus for a while and burst out laughing. "I’m really rich this time."
"how about it? Calculated? " Ten winds stepped forward and asked eagerly.
Lu Xiaoning asked, "Is dinner ready?"
Gu Shifeng said, "The two sitting doctors and Yang Chen have already eaten the guys’ food in Zuixianlou, and you can go there when you are busy."
Zo In Sung reimbursement "Listen, listen, say it out, it scares people to death. A total of 500 bottles of facial mask hydrating and moisturizing are priced at 22% off and 16% off, and a total of 3,220 bottles of whitening and freckle removing are priced at 32% off and 24% off, and a total of 4,200 bottles are priced at 52% off and 42, and this one is only 12,200."
Huangfu Shaoye almost didn’t choke Lu Xiaoning’s mask when he took a sip of tea in his mouth, so he made money.
Gu Shifeng is also dumbfounded and incredible.
"There are sixteen parties to Jiren. This time, we sell four kinds of pills, namely Huoxiang Pills, 300 bottles of Xiaoshi Pills, 300 bottles of Anshen Pills, 200 bottles of Wufeng Pills, and 200 bottles of Wufeng Pills. This item totals 4,200, and ten boxes of nourishing gift boxes are sold out, totaling 19,220 scattered ginseng, pilose antler, cordyceps sinensis and bird’s nest, totaling 16,200, and 60 packages of soaking wine are sold out, totaling 6,200 …"
"Today’s total turnover is sixty-one hundred and sixty-two." Say this figure. Zo In Sung himself was surprised to sit in a chair and looked at Lu Xiaoning with a stupid circle.
"It’s great to have so many. Wouldn’t it be all in one day?" Du Ruo, a heartless woman, can’t surprise her. She is happy, and the more she earns, the happier she is.
"It’s more than just going back. All the sales rents are decorated into medicinal materials to buy boxes to buy porcelain bottles, and so on, which add up to less than fifty thousand." Zo In Sung’s excited hands are shaking.
It’s only been a day. I not only returned but also earned more than 10 thousand a day. Almost 50% of the high-grade medicinal materials in the two shops are still left. If it is like this every day, what will it be? It’s really a gold rush.
"It’s so abnormal. It’s so abnormal. I’ve never seen robbing medicinal materials so fierce. Do they buy so many and take them home for dinner?" Gu Shifeng is really jealous. As far as he knows, Derentang has three pharmacies in Jinling, and the total turnover of the three pharmacies in one month is only 60,000. It has to be near the next month to get this income. Who would have thought that Derentang would overtake Derentang’s three stores in one day?
Gu Shifeng would regret knowing that Zo In Sung quipped that he would take him ten percent.
Lu Xiaoning has a dry cough. "Today is indeed a bit exaggerated, but there are reasons. First of all, it is not that the imperial signboard has played a great role. Most people are holding a support mentality; Secondly, Jirentang announced that there are many ingenious measures, such as discount. Our medicinal materials are considered as cheap in Jinling drugstore, medium and slightly low, and the discount is really affordable and nourishing. It won’t be bad for a while and it won’t hurt to stay at home for a year and a half. Another example is the gift box, which is affordable and beautiful. "
"In front of the mask, there is a lot of reputation. Women love beauty, even if it is expensive, some people buy it. But today’s popularity is unrepeatable, and it’s only one day. A bottle of mask can be stored for nearly two months, and it can be digested when necessary. Now the first thing is to get the goods quickly, and it will be a joke to sell the drugs in the drugstore. The first batch of masks launched by Jiren Sifang is completely gone. I will make people pay close attention to it."
Lu Xiaoning himself didn’t expect the business to be so hot that he should have bought more goods if he had known.
After listening to Lu Xiaoning’s analysis, everyone can calm down and think about how it is really the case. How can it be so popular every day? But one day, it is a myth of Jinling business circle, and it can be copied. I believe that the emperor can never give any family a plaque of royal pen relatives.
Huangfu Shaoye got up and said, "Today is a good day. It’s time for the two owners to treat us. Can we go to dinner?"
He is distressed by Xiao Ning, even though he hasn’t rested from morning till night. He must be tired and hungry now.
"No problem, let’s go to the drunken fairy building for dinner." Lu Xiaoning laughed. Although he was very tired, he was very worried that he had achieved such results on the first shop. Can he be careless?
Zo In Sung said, "You go and eat, and I’ll go to the medicine dealer now."
Chapter 396 HuangFuShaoYe wedding gifts
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Zo In Sung can’t sit still at the thought of the warehouse. Where is the mind to eat? He has to hurry to replenish his stock.
Say go and leave.
Lu Xiaoning speaks Zo In Sung crazy, but thanks to Zo In Sung’s busy mind and efforts, finding a good partner is the first step to success.
Zo In Sung doesn’t eat others, but he still wants to eat. Let’s go to Zuixian Building together.
Huangfu Shaoye is not used to having dinner with so many people by himself, and even if he doesn’t care about others, he must be uncomfortable. After all, the identity of the emperor’s grandson is here.
Lu Xiaoning’s club must be going to accompany Yang Chen. They have had a busy day today, but they must thank him.
Lu Xiaoning spent more than half an hour thinking of Huangfu Shaoye alone. Besides, she can’t go home too late, so she left first and told the bartender to pay as much as she wanted for good wine and food.
Now, no matter which restaurant or shop in this street, who else will brush her face properly without buying it?
Huangfushaoye has been waiting for her in the carriage first.
"Are you tired?" Huangfushaoye earnestly asked
Lu Xiaoning shook his head and smiled "not tired and full of motivation"
This is her first career in this era. No matter how tired she is, she doesn’t feel tired.
Huangfu Shaoye laughed. "You can’t earn enough silver. Don’t be exhausted."
"I’m measured, and it’s not just that I lost my money." Lu Xiaoning or she can go back and show off to her third uncle, who asked her a few days ago if she wanted to find an experienced steward for fear that she wouldn’t do business.
Joke, I’m afraid that Zo In Sung is the best steward in Jinling City and the most responsible and hard-working owner.
"Your heart is good" Huangfu Shaoye’s eyes are full of spoil and natural expression.
With her, my heart becomes particularly soft.
"By the way, I saw you earlier and haven’t seen you since. You shouldn’t be at the drugstore all day, should you?" Lu Xiaoning asked.
"What am I doing in the drugstore? I can’t see a doctor and I don’t know how to take medicine. You are all so busy. I went to Zuixian Building with Huangfu Shaoxuan and had two drinks. Later, I went back to Dali Temple for something, and I didn’t come until it was worth it. "
"Are you drinking with Huangfu Shaoxuan?" Lu Xiaoning thought that the painting style was filled with smoke.
"Yeah, just talk" HuangFuShaoYe understated.
"Speaking of suspection.i less xuan, I think there are still so many gift lists that haven’t been counted yet, and the sweat hasn’t been sorted out yet." Liu Xiaoning sighed that the ceremony is to reciprocate.
"Or am I smart enough to know that you didn’t have time to read the gift I gave you earlier?" Said HuangFuShaoYe and took out a purse from his sleeve pocket to Lu Xiaoning.
Lu Xiaoning took it with heavy tentacles and asked curiously, "What is it?"
"You take it out and see" HuangFuShaoYe smilingly said.