This platform is erected with pillars of heaven inserted directly into the sky, which is spectacular and magnificent, and it is hard to imagine the shock at a distance!

The Taoist platform is faintly familiar with the truth that the avenue fluctuates but wonderfully evolves, and the heaven and earth are wonderful and the road is exhausted.
"Is this the tomb of Hongjun?"
Su Ying "gazed intently" at the platform, and suddenly his body was shocked to see a virtual shadow in the platform looking up at the sky. His eyes seemed to contain more vicissitudes than ancient times.
The charm of his head swelled into a huge ancient word.
He seems to mourn for something and pay homage to something.
"The emperor’s realm is the ancestor of the Yuan Dynasty!"
A statue of indomitable spirit appeared beside the Taoist platform, with purple hair dancing like a demon’s eyes sweeping away to the Taoist platform, Emperor Haotian.
His breath is more violent and overbearing, and he is full of domineering spirit. Just one look at Su Ying makes him feel his heart shake, and his heart is almost shaken by this figure.
Su Ying’s heart suddenly shook and freed from the realm of enlightenment. Several rhymes flew up and roared into his flesh and Yuan Shen, and then the eyebrows flashed and Yuan Shen entered the purple mansion.
"It’s strange that the Daotai seems to be an altar set up by the Emperor Heaven of Science. Is this statue of the Emperor to pay homage to the lost world? Who is the other person? "
Sue should frown slightly, and the figure beside the altar gives him a familiar feeling as if Sue should have a very strange induction.
He savored his heart pounding.
He has a strange feeling because they have taken the same road!
"Yuan ancestor magic! This person is definitely the first Mundus in the tomb of heaven, who is the ancestor of Daoyuan! "
Sue should take a long breath, her eyes flashing with smiles. "What place in this world is more suitable for practicing than the altar of the Great Heaven of Science? Besides, there is the figure of Yuan ancestor demon. "
He grew up and turned into a streamer and left in the direction of the altar of Emperor Haotian.
"Those two figures are all traces of their own avenue. I wonder if the Yuan ancestor demon found this altar later or was he there at that time?"
If Emperor Haotian comes to the altar to pay homage to the ancient world, the demon, the ancestor of the Yuan Dynasty, will definitely have an earth-shattering war. Su Ying is very excited to think about it.
When the two emperors were recognized as the strongest in the world through the ages, the war absolutely shook the heavens and the earth. I’m afraid that Mundus, the emperor of later generations, will only reach that level!
It is also a rare opportunity for Su Ying to see such a battle relic, which will not only broaden his horizons, but also give him a deeper understanding of the magical power of the Avenue!
It wasn’t long before Su Ying arrived at his destination. It was a magnificent platform. It opened up a unique time that people could see from a distance, but it was extremely difficult to fly into it. Without the strength of the God King, it would be impossible!
In addition to the brand of Haotian Emperor Avenue, there is also a figure left by the Yuan ancestor demon, which is also extremely tough. calcium dobesilate capsules ancestor demon is neck and neck
They have been here for tens of millions of years, but their breath and momentum have not diminished as if they had just left.
"It’s a pity that these two should not have arrived here at the same time and did not play."
Su Ying sighed, hoping to pull these two out of the grave and let them have a big fight to watch for themselves.
He noticed that there were many earthy smells outside the altar, but from a distance, there were more than ten fiends in the Tianxu market, and some of them were even more earthy and horrible than Su Ying himself.
But even such a fiend of the earth is watching from a distance and trying to figure out the atmosphere of two ancient avenues to understand the mood and avenue of their predecessors.
It’s not that they don’t want to go into the altar to watch and understand it closely, but that not everyone can go to watch and understand it. It’s impossible for the fiend in the Tianxu.
Because these fiends are born in the Shentian market, they are all deeply infected with magic. If they meet the Yuan ancestor’s magic, they will be purified and washed away, which will lead to the loss of repair!
Emperor Haotian is no small matter. The strongest emperor in all ages, his emperor, left the road brand, which is not something that the king of God can compete with!
For the celestial god king, it is also impossible to enter the altar, because the Yuan ancestor demon has been there to leave his figure.
If they go there, they will definitely be branded and assimilated by the ancestor of the Yuan Dynasty, Moliu Avenue, and they will be dispelled and shattered!
There are powerful people who are qualified to enter there, such as the Emperor and the Great Buddha of Tianxu. However, when entering, they will be crushed by two ancient shadows and breath, which is not worth the loss.
Sue should stop for a while, then her figure flashed and she went straight to the altar.
"Someone went to die again."
A statue of the head of a lion and the tail of a phoenix suddenly found Su Ying’s figure giggling. "This small strength is not weak, but it is a road to ruin. It will definitely die and fall into the abyss!"
"Most of them are born in two worlds. The fiend is bold and reckless. Don’t wake him up."
Another statue is tall and burly, with a mane shaped like a black wild boar, and laughs. "Let’s salvage the body when we die, and his body can be refined into one or two magic weapons!"
"Hey? This little boy is close to the altar. Why isn’t he dead yet? " A fiend surprised way
Su Ying is getting closer and closer to the altar. I feel that two completely different avenues are rolling towards him at the same time. Ten thousand scriptures immediately run, and the body vibrates. I see two roads of the earth, one pouring into his body and the other melting into his body. Suddenly, the avenue of heaven and earth roared and shook the sky for tens of millions of miles, and the road sounded everywhere!
He shines all over the body, and Wan Li is like a statue walking out of the ancient times. It is half god and half magic, and it gives people a sense of shock!
For a moment, Su Ying fell to the altar to face the two strongest people of all time.
Chapter 137 Turn over a new leaf
Su Ying’s altar in ancient times is a wonderful place for Emperor Haotian to worship heaven. It should be the center of the outer world, not only the center of the earth but also the center of the quadrupole.
The altar party is trying to see clearly what is in the abyss.
The altar is far from as calm as it looks outside. Su Ying just arrived here and felt that two different avenues were branded. The altar was constantly competing with each other.
Sue should be in the middle of two kinds of breath, but there is no sense of constraint at all. On the contrary, the two avenues are perfectly combined with each other
His physical ancestor, the demon body, proved that the road was corresponding to each other, and his Yuan God sensed that the road of Haotian Emperor was in perfect harmony for thirty-three days.
He is like a demigod and a demon, quietly in two beautiful places.
In the center of the virtual shadow altar of Emperor Haotian, looking up at the sky and looking up at the top of the head, the charm of a word "sacrifice" is inextricably linked, and a feeling of sadness and memory arises spontaneously.
The demon, the ancestor of the Yuan Dynasty, seems to be disdainful of going to the altar. His purple hair is flying and domineering, and his spirits are flying. Emperor Haotian has the opposite momentum.
"The word" sacrifice "by Emperor Heaven of Science is really wonderful."
Su Ying looked up at the road where the word "sacrifice" was composed of verve. The word "sacrifice" was not shaken by the mind. It seemed that the mystery of magical powers and magic weapons had been exhausted, and the more he studied, the more he gained, as if there were endless knowledge in it!
He didn’t look at it, but his eyes fell on the oldest fiend, but his whole body didn’t show any charm, and his body was as concise as a piece of iron plate.
Although there is no avenue to reveal, the Yuan ancestor demon gives people an inscrutable feeling that he is the avenue body with its own world to open up its own world.
"Avenue refining self-identity, self-identity, self-identity, self-creation, self-identity, ancestor magic, really awesome! Yi Zu Mo Jiao actually has a word! "
Su Ying suddenly saw that the magic foot of Yuan ancestor had a word "seal", but the handwriting was red, but it was written in his own blood, domineering and publicity, just like the magic foot of Yuan ancestor.
"What are the tricks of Emperor Haotian and the Yuan ancestor demon?"
Sue should walk around these two ancient virtual shadows endlessly, looking up from time to time and frowning slightly at the two ancient words of neutralization. He looked around at the sky and looked down at the abyss, and suddenly a shock suddenly made him know the meaning of these two words!
The word "heaven emperor of science" is not only a memorial to the ancient world, but also a sacrifice to two worlds! He left his own avenue brand such a doppelganger to sacrifice heaven and earth to sacrifice heaven and earth! "
His heart shook, and the handwriting of Emperor Heaven of Science was incredible. He planned to sacrifice the celestial tomb, which is wider than the majestic, to the thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth celestial bodies!
And the word "Yuan ancestor demon" is also meaningful, not only to seal itself, but also to seal the outer world and let the Great Heaven of Science sacrifice!
This can be said to be the first time that these two ancient contests are inseparable!
Sue should cross her legs and sit on the top of her head, making it carefully cultivated.
This place is more sinister for others, but it is an excellent practice and enlightenment for him. Not only can he understand the Avenue of the Great Heaven of Heaven, but he can also appreciate the elegant demeanor of the ancestors from the breath momentum of the ancestors of the Yuan Dynasty.
Whether it’s the Heaven Emperor of Science or the Yuan ancestor’s magic, it’s only through heaven that we can cultivate to the extreme of God. If we can get the realm of two emperors, the avenue is definitely a rare opportunity for Su Ying!
"That small how still not dead? I had planned to refine one or two magic weapons from his body after this little death, which seems to have fallen. "
The burly and magnificent head is like a black boar fiend stroking his face and mane and wondering, "The altar is more dangerous than how much it is difficult for even the God King to persist when he enters the altar, so he will be wiped out by the breath of Heaven and Zu Mo, and he will have to return. Why is this small but stay there for so long? Can it be said that Haotian and Zu Seraphim’s shadow have weakened … This is a big bargain, and the small one is not as cheap as me! "
He rose and roared to the altar, swallowing the bull.
However, when he flew more than half way, his breath suddenly became disordered, and the impact of Haotian and Zumo Avenue disturbed him. Emperor Haotian left his breath and began to clean his demons and purify him. He asked him to practice rapid diarrhea!
This fiend roared, and a black boar with indomitable spirit stood upright in the sky with his legs like fierce eyes, and his nose and mouth were full of smoke, and he could swallow the world. He wore an armor bracelet and the hammer head was a huge fiend’s skull and turned around and roared, "It’s not that easy to purify the old!"
Suddenly, in the middle of the class, the word "Sacrifice" shone brightly and flooded him like running water.