"If you don’t help me, I will ask Chen Yanyu to borrow money." Liu Xiaoning ate Yangmei vaguely and deliberately angered him.

HuangFuShaoYe indeed as expected face changed.
I took away Yangmei "I won’t give it to you"
Liu Xiaoning snatched it back. "Didn’t you say you picked it for me? Can you go back on your word if you say it? What about your credibility? "
What a childish man! She insists on eating if she doesn’t give it to her.
Lu Xiaoning enjoyed eating Yangmei and looked at his smelly face, feeling inexplicably refreshed.
"Don’t look for him"
"Why? I’m not you. What makes you say no to me? "Liu Xiaoning Shi Shiran said.
"Don’t you know who you are?"
"I don’t know" Lu Xiaoning word for word
Huangfu Shaoye is going to grab the basket again. "Then think about it and don’t eat it before you think about it."
Lu Xiaoning simply held the basket in her arms. "I can’t finish eating and I will give it back to Chen Yanyu."
"Lu Xiaoning, don’t irritate me," Huangfu Shaoye warned.
Lu Xiaoning picked her eyebrows and looked at him not to be outdone, chewing bayberry and spitting out a bayberry in her mouth.
I’ll provoke you. How dare you treat me arrogantly?
HuangFuShaoYe mercilessly stared at her and suddenly laughed. There was a crafty trick. After that, he was sly. "Yangmei is delicious, isn’t it? I’m not lying to you, am I? You and I really believe that you will go to Chen Yanyu? " Look refreshing and you will get to [vertex network O]
Chapter 391 Unexpected charming
Huangfu Shaoye knew that she was deliberately angry with him, so he pretended to be angry with her to make her export gas. Sure enough, she showed a look of revenge.
Ah, the sage said yes, it’s hard to raise a woman, but it’s not easy to grasp this degree, but it’s hard to grasp who makes him like her.
He hates it when women make sex feel pretentious. Anyone who dares to make sex in front of him will definitely give the other person a rude scolding. But now seeing her make sex, his brain thinks about how to make her happy. Even when she makes sex, she feels particularly cute. This is probably because people say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s all good to like it.
Lu Xiaoning realized that he had played him and agreed not to eat his food. We agreed to ignore him? Unconsciously, Yangmei ate and said so many words to him. Lu Xiaoning looked down at her arms and held Yangmei in her arms. It must be ridiculous for her to snatch food and protect food just now.
Lu Xiaoning was so ashamed that she acted without thinking. She quickly leaned forward and lifted the Yangmei basket high. A basket of Yangmei fell from his head.
Huangfu Shaoye was dumbfounded and didn’t respond. Yang Meiyu rolled down from the back of his nose, cheeks and ears, and several others rolled into his collar.
Lu Xiaoning saw a few bayberry ears stuck on his head and a bayberry collar stuffed with several bayberries. The image was really funny. Lu Xiaoning couldn’t help laughing and couldn’t help laughing.
Smiling, smiling, Lu Xiaoning couldn’t laugh. The smile froze in her face and she looked at her with a straight face because Huangfu Shaoye was still.
Lu Xiaoning realized that she had gone too far. After all, she was the emperor’s grandson. It was too much for her to argue with her.
"That … I’m sorry, I’ll help you tidy up." Liu Xiaoning quickly took off his head and ears, and Yang Mei was very upset this time.
Huangfu Shaoye was really angry at that time. He had never been smashed by someone like this. Forget it, but it was because he worked hard to go to the back of weizi to pick it. As soon as the negotiations were over, he went to weizi thinking that she liked fruit and how to please her. As a result, she smashed Yangmei at him.
But look at her in fear and trembling, and he can’t bear to get angry with her. This tone can be stuffy in his heart.
Lu Xiaoning cleaned up his head and went to pick up Yangmei from her collar, but Yangmei didn’t listen and she rolled into her clothes as soon as she touched it. Lu Xiaoning realized that she wanted to take Yangmei out and put her hand into his clothes.
Huangfu Shaoye’s heart thumped. Does this woman know what she is doing? Her hands are cool and soft, and her skin is as delicate as porcelain, so she reaches into his clothes and touches his skin … This is simply the temptation of red fruit.
Huangfushaoye couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and press the strange hand in his clothes.
Lu Xiaoning’s heart thumped because her hand just touched his chest and clung to his solid and elastic chest muscles. Although she took the opportunity to wipe his oil in weizi Palace, it was very different from this kind of direct touch through clothes. She could feel the back of her hand against a hard bump.
Lu Xiaoning’s face turned red, and he wanted to draw his hand out, but he pressed it tightly.
Her move HuangFuShaoYe felt a sensitive place being rubbed into an organic whole, and immediately rose several tiny streams and strung the lower abdomen around, which was even more painful and rising.
Although he has never been close to women, he has accidentally read some books in the palace, and he has also been to the flower museum to cough, of course, not to look for flowers.
I’ve never eaten pork and seen pigs run.
But none of that aroused his interest in women’s sex, and he himself was indifferent. He didn’t have any ideas in this regard. Who knows that she just touched him lightly, which made him uncontrollable, angry and burned himself.
When I was in the carriage, it seemed to be still, and the temperature was rising steadily. Two faces became more and more red.
Lu Xiaoning complained in his heart that he accidentally touched the minefield, so don’t wipe his gun off. No, you have to say something to change the atmosphere.
"That may roll into your belly." Lu Xiaoning racked his brains and thought of this sentence.
"Then you take it out." HuangFuShaoYe found himself hoarse.
"Ah?" Don’t you have to reach deeper when you take it out? Lu Xiaoning’s mind can’t help but see a piece of abdominal muscle mermaid line … I feel very thirsty and can’t help swallowing water. When I first met him, she saw it. At that time, he was covered in blood, and she was bent on saving people, so she didn’t give birth to these charming ideas. Now I really can’t help myself to extrapolate.
"Then don’t press me." Liu Xiaoning was afraid to look into his eyes. His dark eyes were stained with emotion and desire, and they were particularly deep and bright, like two whirlpools at the bottom, trying to suck people’s hearts and souls in.
"Oh …" HuangFuShaoYe slow response to let go.
Lu Xiaoning took the opportunity to take her hand out and breathed a sigh of relief. If she goes like this again, she might pounce on someone and eat him. It’s really tempting.
Huangfu Shaoye found himself cheated and his eyes became resentful. "Didn’t you say to help me clean up?"
"You’d better clean it up yourself." If she cleans it up again, it will be really out of control.
HuangFuShaoYe tried to suppress the agitation, and he didn’t want her to think he was an abrupt person. Anyway, there was plenty of time to take a deep breath and complain, "I’m not easy to clean up myself."
Don’t undress in front of her?
"That you endure a endure go back to pick up" Liu Xiaoning sorry I didn’t expect such an accident.
"Then you say that if you are not angry, I will endure it." Huangfu Shaoye bargained with her.
Lu Xiaoning gave her an angry look and said, "Who is angry with you?"
Huangfu Shaoye smiled. Well, it’s worth getting worse if she doesn’t get angry and gets smashed all over Yangmei. I also saw her blushing and shy, so Xiao Ning is more attractive and delicious than Yangmei. I really want to eat it in one bite.
Lu Xiaoning looked at the car full of Yangmei and said with distress, "It’s a pity that these Yangmei have no food."