This raid on Bi Chungu not only plundered his furniture, but also rescued Han Yueer, and finally reunited Han’s family.

An important factor that Bi Chun can hold Han Yuer hostage is that he controlled Han Yuer’s blood and was rescued. Han Yuer was grateful and took the initiative to prove that Bi Chun was dead. These crimes proved to be nothing
"I said that your aunt hates me or not. After all, Bi Chun is also her job, which ruined my hand. If she hates me, I don’t blame her for human nature. Is it because she has her position and I have mine? There is no way to unify and force it?" Yang Chengzu raised a burden.
"If you are caught in a bad life, you can go back to that identity document. You can forget that I didn’t care too much about this. It’s true that your father helped a lot. Let’s even call it quits and don’t feel indebted to me."
"Boss, you don’t want me?" Hearing this, cicadas were not happy at all. On the contrary, their eyes were red as if tears were about to flow at any time.
"If I do something wrong, the shopkeeper can beat me and scold me. Please don’t drive me back. Look at these burdens. How many more can I carry?" She said that she was going to get Yang Chengzu’s body and things, and Yang Chengzu was flexible.
"That’s not what I mean. I’m afraid you’ll be caught in a bad life. If there is any contradiction between me and your family, the most painful person is you. I don’t want you to be difficult. Who said I don’t want you?"
"Without my aunt, I absolutely don’t blame the shopkeeper. You are a great benefactor of my family. You gave my father so many ginseng and helped my aunt get rid of that bastard. We thank you for coming, so I don’t hate you." She hurriedly explained.
"My aunt was also taken up by Bi Chunqiang at the beginning. She didn’t like Bi Chun from the heart. This time he won the Mongolian arrow. My aunt was very happy. Besides, the shopkeeper saved my little cousin. Thank you even more."
When she said that her face was red again, she couldn’t help but think of her aunt talking to herself after saving her cousin. "That’s a great benefactor and a great person in our family. I heard that you can say something before the governor. It’s not your aunt who can climb like this. I’m sorry, you have to be a man and have a conscience. We have nothing to repay people for having this body. You should have a son from the shopkeeper as soon as possible."
"But Bi Chun will support your aunt anyway. Now that he’s dead and his home has been copied, what should she do?"
"Well, my aunt also left some savings at the beginning, and now these savings can barely make a living in a small storefront. We are used to living a hard life, and how can we all come over and say … I can also make money to support my aunt."
"In that case, let your aunt come to work in our warehouse. You see, so many girls in the house also need a woman in charge. If your aunt doesn’t dislike it, come here. Although the monthly salary is not much, it is enough to feed her and your cousin."
Just then, Hao Qingqing came over there with a bag of cakes in his hand and stuffed a piece into his mouth. "The cloud cake here is the best in Xi’ an. Come and try it."
As she spoke, she broke off half of it and stuffed it into Yang Chengzu’s mouth. The remaining half was given to cicadas. "You see how good I am to you, and I will give you half of everything. Where can you find such a good lady like me?"
"Yes, madam is the best."
"Don’t praise her, she can’t find the north. I’m telling you, in the future, this warehouse side must entrust an honest person. After all, so many women here will come if they know their aunts. If something bad happens, I will be disgraced."
"Don’t worry, the guarantee committees are the most reliable and honest ones, okay? By the way, what do you say about being in charge? The governor is so kind to us and sent us so much money to buy things."
"This is not simple? I’m from another province, and I’m not involved in this matter, so the testimony is the most eloquent. He bought my testimony and elaborated on it. Of course, this is also because I handed in the warlords and became their own people to enjoy this treatment. Don’t you think the Qin Wangfu will help me find the bones of Uncle Li in Li Xiong, and I will help him get rid of the suspicion of Tong Ningfan? "
"If it weren’t for their hand, it wouldn’t be so easy to find the bones. If there were more generals killed, Rip would be able to find the bones. I’m afraid it’s the first time. We should consider going back to Xi’ an once. It’s not easy for you to buy whatever you want. Anyway, it won’t save money to have the governor write it off for us."
Chapter two hundred and twenty-one Planning
That night, I knew that I was leaving Xi ‘an Hao Qingqing and went to Xi ‘an’s largest drunken fairy building to ask for a good banquet, and then I picked a few jars of good wine to come back. Yang Chengzu had a good time, but when Yang Chengzu carried her back to her room to get ready for bed, she gave her a push.
"Wait a minute. I have a gift for you."
"A gift? Did you buy that little coat while I didn’t know? I told you that gauze-permeable blouse is very good. Change it quickly and let me have a good look. "
"bah! That thing is also worn by people? I won’t change if I kill you, but I have prepared a gift for you, that is, close your eyes first, or you will turn against me. "
Yang Chengzu closed his eyes and listened to three high-fives. When he opened his eyes again, he saw the cicada with a small coat. He came in timidly from outside the house. Because it was the first time to dress like this, she was ashamed to look up and show her skin was pink.
Hao Qingqing satisfiedly say with smile "how to take charge of this gift? Am I the virtuous woman you always say? It’s good enough to take the initiative to help her husband go to the beautiful concubine. Although I know that my big wife is fake, I will cancel my identity when you return to Henan, but even these days, I want you to know how good I am. "
Words didn’t say that finish her body was Yang Chengzu slapped "where did you learn this idea of taking a servant girl to invite pets? It’s just … I don’t even have a good word for you "and then I know the cicada." Don’t fool around with her and go back to sleep. You’re not afraid of freezing dressed like this. "
"Don’t go," Hao Qingqing stopped her and said to Yang Chengzu, "I don’t want to invite pets, and I don’t want to spoil them. I want you to know that Qinglong Mountain misses you, not one woman, but two women. No matter whether you can woo or not, you should come back to Qinglong Mountain early. This gift is that I have to send you if you want it or not. If you don’t want it anyway, I will be really angry."
She grabbed the cicada and pressed the bedside, then got up and went out with her clothes in her arms and hid in the outhouse. When she left, she pushed the door outside and shouted, "I’ll meet you someday."
Fang Yang Chengzu is quite resistant. He is not a sentimental person, and he is not a restless gentleman. There is no resistance to this kind of thing. Isn’t it natural that his servant girl should be taken over by his own master?
There’s nothing he can’t get rid of, but the problem is that knowing beauty can be regarded as a beauty in the past, but it’s not as good as red peony at home, and he can’t afford to think about it
It’s no big deal if she sleeps, but now she is Hao Qingqing’s handmaid. No matter what happens, they may be involved in the future. For example, in case of having a child, will she be an aunt or not? So he still doesn’t want to do it for a while
"cicada, what do you think about this? She’s just fooling around. Don’t think about it. I’m not a good person, but I won’t bully you. I can guarantee that."
"I know that the shopkeeper doesn’t like me because I am ugly." When the cicada raised his face, his face was full of tears. "I don’t know if you are a good man, but I know that you are my benefactor and my family can repay you. That’s all I have. I don’t want you. I don’t want you to remember that I dare not ask for any title. I will be satisfied if I can serve you later. I won’t have any fantasies, and I won’t take anything from the shopkeeper. Let me serve you once, and I will be satisfied in my life."
As she spoke, she was shy to untie her underpants and didn’t want Yang Chengzu to suddenly say "stop"
The cicada’s face became rather desperate. "The shopkeeper is sorry that the handmaiden is too shameless. I shouldn’t have this idea. I’ll go now." She said as she blocked her face with her hand and walked out.
"The cicada can live for a season, so the mother named me cicada. We poor girls don’t live long enough to live one day at a time." Think of the cold hands and stiff chest when they met, and then see her sad expression. Yang Chengzu finally decided that everything would be natural.
But just take a leg was Yang Chengzu a hug "I said I want you to leave? Leaving the handmaiden without the master’s approval will be punished. "
This hug will know that a little resentment will disappear. Her whole body is soft. The man muttered in his arms, "Handmaiden … Handmaiden is willing to be punished by the shopkeeper, but why doesn’t the shopkeeper let handmaiden take off your coat?"
"Because you’ve done enough yourself, the shopkeeper will do everything left. Just listen to my command." Yang Chengzu sighed that it would happen eventually, so just follow its track. Whether it will cause any future trouble in the future is desperate.
The next day, when Hao Qingqing knocked on the door and saw the cicada’s expression, he couldn’t say for himself that he had given half of his man to this servant girl. It would be pure deception to say that he was happy.
It was Ma ‘ang’s family who saw many women who showed contradictions from time to time. After the struggle, she also learned a truth. If you want to tie a man, you always have to do something less. This man is good to himself and deserves it. These means also match what he has done.
"When I go back, do as I say. I’ll list all these papers. When Hao Lao takes charge, he can read them at a glance." Lu Yang Chengzu returned home this time, and earned a lot of money in addition to buying a large number of urgently needed materials from the shanzhai.
In addition to the original escort hired an escort from Xi ‘an Prefecture, the escort team added a pro-soldier and a team of pacesetters from Guyuan Company Commander Yamen.
He is the object to be protected by several parties. After all, he is an important factor for the whole Shaanxi commissary incident to get rid of the investigation smoothly, and he has greatly broken the identity of Ning Fan’s hero. If he is really hacked to death, Shaanxi will get into trouble again. So how many outlaws in the escort array have scared Yang Chengzu away? Without any burden, he simply lies in the big car and puts his headrest Hao Qingqing’s strong legs to let the other party pay his ears.
It’s definitely a pleasure to let the beauty dig her ears at this time when the car is very stable and not too bumpy. It seems that the two of them have returned to Qinglong Mountain.
She shook her fan when she knew that she was doomed to have no result with this man, but she just looked at him quietly and looked at the man who changed herself from a girl to a woman, and her wish was enough.
"I have written all these papers about the cottage planning. You can’t understand them. If you don’t go back and show them to the old master, he will certainly understand them. Don’t forget that you are responsible for supervising your wife. If she doesn’t show you to the master, she will take them to the Qinglong Mountain Uneven Village. If you want to be able to be decent in the future, you must do it according to my plan."
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Temporary farewell
"It’s tiring to read a lot of these." Hao Qingqing looked reluctant with a bitter face. "We are all rough people. How can we understand these masters? Why don’t you tell us slowly? I can stay with you for a few more days even if you are tired of me?"
Bang! Yang Chengzu slapped her head gently, and it didn’t hurt at all. "It’s not a good habit not to drag others to water casually. I’ve also thought about mountains, but when I came out this time, it was too long and I didn’t know how much I would delay."
I miss those women in your family. Hao Qingqing secretly gnashes her teeth. What’s so good about them? They are whiter than me, smaller than my feet and more attractive to men than me. When she realized these three points, she lost her temper and strength, and then looked at the cicada and said, "Tell me if you had been a little whiter and watery, maybe you could really stay a few more days in charge."
The fan smashed her head again. "Don’t talk nonsense and read these things quickly. It’s not a joke. It’s good for you."
Hao Qingqing didn’t know many words these days, or Yang Chengzu took the time to teach her to read. Now she can barely read "Independent Teaching"? This can’t work. We are a white lotus Sect. If we establish our own Sect, it will be no different from apostasy. This may not be. "
"Maybe? Why can’t the White Lotus Sect be a big deal? Now people don’t know how many miscellaneous sects are. Although they are all branches of the White Lotus in name, they can come out at any time. What can they do if they are white lotus sects themselves? Murder? Well, maybe they can kill people, but after all, it’s the big white lotus sect that appears in groups, and the military guards will be the first to kill them. Besides, you Qinglong Mountain is not a man who kills weak chickens, so you can cut it back with a knife and be afraid of something. "
"But … but you this means is a little too intense, this method is two completely torn face even meet in the future is not good"
Yang Chengzu doesn’t know much about the operation rules of the White Lotus Sect, but at least he comes from later generations and knows some teaching methods. Now he writes the plan by referring to those shady teaching methods he knows and combining them with the actual situation at this time to develop a set of development methods.
The core idea is that the paper is a complete set of sheep-pulling strategies. Hao Yunlong is a senior white lotus believer and has prestige in Jingzi area. He can wash all the known white lotus organizations, grassroots believers, various helmsmen and altar masters and become his own members of this Sect.
In addition to walking with me to eat meat, his teachings have also made great efforts to describe Maitreya as a weak god, while Hao Yunlong believes in the most powerful god. For ordinary people, it is often so direct to fight Qin Qiong. Whoever wins is the truth.
Of course, this kind of play is equivalent to sucking the blood of white lotus and eating the meat of white lotus. It’s only a ghost that white lotus teaches to be happy, but Yang Chengzu also has his own logic.
"You have hundreds of believers who will be rebellious and never atone for their sins. If you have thousands or tens of thousands of believers, it will be a side door that can compete with Bailian. If there are hundreds of thousands of believers, it will be a great hero of Bailian. Maybe the leader of Bailian will also rush to kiss this day. Whoever has a big fist is the truth, who is well-endowed and who is just. You can’t be too kind, silly aunt."
"Well, I’m just a silly old aunt." Hao Qingqing knows that even if she and the white lotus saint long-standing friendship are going to beat each other, they will turn against each other, but they have already become relatives, and those friendships are not as important as their husbands after all.