Mrs. Meng and Hua Lian Taoist Bai Yin and Lv Zhu can’t get into the body range of the Ghost King.

Yang Xiu also dare not be too other than others. The Ghost King is too fierce, otherwise he will be confessed here if he is not careful today.
Yang Xiu took advantage of the ghost king and the Buddha and the tiger to fight and command the fingers to wrap around the ghost king.
"ah!" The ghost king felt that his body was bound by something because he didn’t notice it beforehand.
Although the rest of the people didn’t see the soft fingers, they didn’t know that the ghost king paused
However, everyone is experienced in war. Even if the ghost king was trapped for a moment, he was seized by Master Miao and others, and all kinds of magic weapons hit the ghost king’s body one after another.
The ghost king kept wailing.
Yang Xiu’s mana was far less than that of the ghost king. It was a moment when Yang Xiu could not control his fingers and let the ghost king break free.
And immediately escaped from the magic weapon attack range.
But it was this moment of attack that made the ghost king suffer a big loss, and even the first corner of it was brilliantly commanded by the Buddha and the tiger to break and roar with pain.
This is completely angered the ghost king dead fish eyes out sen cold green hatred staring at the people.
See the original a quiet stay in the ghost king belly that pink doodle white fat cute baby jumped out.
In the middle school, the baby suddenly skyrocketed to the size of an adult.
Blue face, fangs, white eyes, long arms, straight knees, touching the instep, and perfect bones, not a trace of flesh and bones, but also a foot long, radiating a dense cold light, filar silk, horrible and strange breath flowing through it. Yang Xiu and others all know that such a horrible monster is even annoying.
Ghost king chattering strange laugh mouth vague sharp shouted
"Death, death"
Just as the ghost king said it, the baby’s ghost skeleton clicked and twisted, and his figure mysteriously disappeared into the virtual space.
The people immediately looked at it with knowledge, but it was traced.
Listen to Mrs Meng tree-lined way
"Master Miao, your god is powerful, but now it is in three places."
Wonderful Jackson face bitter and nervous way
Wonderful words haven’t been said yet. Two long bone arms suddenly appear from the void, and the dense bones and claws are caught by the wonderful Zen master alongside of.seem..
Miao Zen master wanted to avoid it, but he couldn’t come. He picked up his mord and stood in front of him.
Click! Click! When the mord was caught by a bone hand, it was crushed and broken by the claws of the bones, and several pieces were scattered in the swamp.
The other bone claws castrated unchanged or toward the wonderful alongside of.seem to grasp.
This mord is also a high-order instrument, and its power is extraordinary, but it can’t stop a round of bones and claws. Then he must be vulnerable to the cassock in front of claws.
Wonderful Zen master will not feel sad when his instrument is destroyed. Seeing another bone and claw is close at hand, he can’t help but drink violently.
Suddenly, the wonderful Zen master’s body was like a layer of gold, and it became the same as the surface of the glaring arhat.
At the same time, swing a golden fist in front of you and quickly retreat.
"ah!" The wonderful Zen master screamed and saw the bones and claws scratch his shield first, and then grabbed his arm. The golden arm was immediately caught like tofu in front of the bones and claws, and a piece of blood was sprinkled in the bloody rain.
Chapter 11 Ghost II
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But fortunately, with this moment, Lohan, who was sacrificed at the top of Miao Zen master’s head, stood in their way and glared at them, which seemed to be alive.
"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom" came out of the glowering Luo Hankou, making everyone deaf and shivering all around.
When it rushed at the baby, the ghost hissed even more loudly, and the piercing roar was full of limited fear.
But then the baby ghost disappeared in the water.
"Six words in the Buddha lie in the magic mantra! I didn’t expect him to have such a treasure! " Stoneman muttered to himself.
But all the people were very human, of course, they could hear clearly.
Yang Xiu and others are also secretly frightened. Buddhism tantric magic words, monsters and ghosts are the most unbearable.
However, it is not easy for anyone to come up with it. It is not that it is mainly to understand the Buddha’s meaning, but it is amazing that the "six-character magic mantra" will come out of the mouth of a Buddha statue now.
But now is not the time to be surprised. I have just seen the baby ghosts and ghosts, and the shadowy king is eyeing on one side, so everyone is careful to take out protective instruments and magic weapons.
I may still feel that it is not enough insurance, and everyone will no longer disperse to the wonderful Zen master and gather together to guard around.
Seeing the power of glaring arhat, I still feel that the wonderful Zen master is safe.
Just now, everything was born in the light of flint, and everyone came to help Miao Zen master. Only then did Mrs. Meng ask Miao Zen master
"Master Miao, are you okay? Is your arm okay?"
Just now, I saw Master Miao’s left arm being scratched and destroyed by baby ghosts.
"This arm is ruined, but it’s good for life!" Wonderful Jackson pale bean sweat dripping down the cheek look weak way
In fact, but the arm is destroyed, which hurts Buddhism and advocates silence. In terms of poverty, it’s nothing. The key is a ghost claw. Generally, it has a ghost, and ghosts can erode the evil spirit of Yuan God.
If Miao Zen master hadn’t dealt with it early, not only would the practice be greatly reduced, but even his mind would be greatly affected.
"But this ghost exactly is what position? Not only the claws are much better than the claws, but they can’t be detected when they come to the side. It’s simply a small-scale operation. "Tianshi people look worried."
"I think this should be a ghost!" Miao Zen master is a positive tone.
Although the same word, but all the people out of a different tone, a sound is because Tianshi people and Hua Lian Taoist know that the ghost is out of surprise.
Another sound, of course, is that Yang Xiu, Debye and Mrs. Meng are left wondering because they don’t know the ghost.