"I heard that Zhao Wangshi also lent Lu Xiaoning Zo In Sung money, so Zo In Sung cried in front of the emperor," Huangfuyunlan said.

Mammy Feng mused, "Could the Empress be because of the princess royal government …"
The queen’s eyes are suddenly fiercely fixed because of this. Zhao Wangfu’s nose is really smart. Cao Jiahe’s Qin Wangfu just started to act and smelled it there. It’s quite clever to find Lu Xiaoning. I heard that Lu Xiaoning is the closest person to princess royal House. I don’t know if Lu Xiaoning knows it. Know how much? If Lu Xiaoning knew anything, wouldn’t it be robbed by Zhao Wangfu first?
The queen secretly hates Lu Xiaoning for everything. It’s really a ghost.
"Mammy Feng told the king of Qin to send someone to keep an eye on Zhao Wangfu," the queen ordered.
Huangfu Yunlan asked, "Is it very important for Empress?"
The queen stared at her for a while and sighed. It’s convenient to come to Yunlan to train with Lu Xiaoning every day. It’s a pity that Yunlan and Lu Xiaoning are on the same page.
The queen said, "No matter how important it is, you can’t help the palace to ask you if your brother is still making trouble these days?"
I heard that Shao Long was arrested and made a lot of noise. He said that he wouldn’t marry Lin Reyu if he didn’t let Liu Fanghua take the door. This world is also inappropriate. The princess who was angry with the king of Qin couldn’t help it.
HuangFuYunLan weak way "still make it now the elder brother go out father sent six guards to follow and they were afraid he rushed to lujia again"
"Then Liu Fanghua suffered because she had a stupid girl who came to see the palace. I really didn’t see that she was such a bad person." The queen shirked the responsibility and put it all on Lou’s body. She wouldn’t admit that she was also responsible for it, and it was the main responsibility. If Lou didn’t live up to her expectations and then she was afraid of losing her temper in front of the princess, things wouldn’t have come to this point.
Of course, the Lins are also melodramatic, and the most hateful thing is that the prince of Zhao seized a little handle and took the opportunity to attack the palace of Qin, which was criticized and she was also accused by the emperor
"Yes, the elder brother likes Liu Fanghua so much that everyone is very surprised. I haven’t seen the elder brother treat any woman like this. It’s not a way for the elder brother to make trouble like this. If you go out, can the Lins marry Miss Lin? Very not easy to quell the Lins’ anger, but don’t screw things up again, "said Huangfuyunlan worriedly.
The queen is idle. "If you want to talk to the palace, isn’t your brother asking for Liu Fanghua? That’s why he wants the Lujia to let Liu Fanghua be a concubine, and it doesn’t bother Miss Lin. What’s more, it bothers your father and mother every day?"
Huangfuyunlan chimed in, "The Empress said it was extremely true. My brother has never been so stubborn."
"You go back and tell your brother to stop that now. When he becomes a pro-palace boss with Miss Lin, let Liu Fanghua take the door to be his concubine." The queen did all the work again. Miss Lin took the door to see how the Lins could make trouble.
Sister Feng wanted to frown. Isn’t this lesson profound enough? The marriage with the Lins almost fell through. The Lins and Qin Wangfu finally negotiated to properly block the long crowd. One of the conditions of the Lins is that Liu Fanghua can’t enter the door. People mean that no matter whether it’s a side princess or a concubine, Qin Wangfu can’t have a person like Liu Fanghua. Isn’t this a bad decision for the two agreements? Even if the Lins’ daughter is married, she can’t regret it. Can University Lin do her best to help the king of Qin if she is angry?
But Mammy Feng also knows that the Empress is seldom willing to listen to other people’s opinions, and she always keeps her mouth shut.
Huangfuyunlan got up and gave a ceremony, "I thanked the Empress first for my brother."
She just wants Liu Fanghua to enter the palace of the Qin Dynasty. Lu Xiaoning can’t compete with Lu Xiaoning even if Liu Fanghua lacks the side princess of the Qin Dynasty, but her sister is a concubine to others. Lu Xiaoning’s face is also light.
Chapter 39 About half a year
Lu Xiaoning went to the old fox instead of going back to Liu Fu after school.
The theft of Chao Feng has come to an end, and it turns out that the old fox didn’t lie, and he also told important information at the most critical moment, hoping that Huangfu Shaoye would keep his promise and let him go, but now the matter has not been solved.
Xiao Bai saw Liu Xiaoning excited and almost ran eagerly. "Xiao Ning, you finally appeared. If you don’t come, I will go to Lujia to find you. Take it out quickly."
That posture can’t wait to pick Lu Xiaoning’s bag.
Lu Xiaoning in distress situation "I have come to the soul mate method can not give it to you? What’s the hurry? "
Lu Xiaoning took a glance at the eyes first, and then looked at the old fox with a small white hand and a small white hand wearing half a pair of shackles. I guess it took a lot of air to cut it off.
The old fox looked at Lu Xiaoning with a delicious face. "Do you really want to give me a trick?"
Lu Xiaoning said with a face of nai, "If you refuse to hand over something, you can solve it yourself."
Xiao Bai stuck his neck and said, "You and I are willing to spend money with you. Who will not give me back my things?"
Lu Xiaoning pretended to take out two pills from his purse, one brown and one black, and said, "It’s wrapped with soul mate eggs, which will take effect after three days of incubation and seven days."
"Give it to me," said Xiao Bai impatiently. He was counting on these two pills.
Lu Xiaoning picked up the brown pill and gave it to Xiaobai. "This is the female method. You take it."
Don’t put the water in your mouth and swallow it as soon as Xiaobai takes it.
Lu Xiaoning was dumbfounded. This is too urgent.
Xiao Bai swallowed the brown pill and took the black pill, so he would put it into the old fox’s mouth. "Now it’s your turn for the old fox to submit. We will never die in this life. You will be satisfied with a handsome young man like me accompanying you as an old man."
The old fox refused to open his mouth even after he died, and now he has been rooted at several acupoints, which makes him weak.
"Wait, wait …" The old fox shouted vaguely.
"What are you waiting for? Unless you hand it over, "Xiao Bai hates it.
Dead old fox, the person he hates most in his life is the old fox.
"Can’t I return it?" The old fox blurted out
Xiao Bai stopped and looked at the old fox in disbelief. "Are you serious?"
"I pay" the old fox was relieved. He also expected Lu Xiaoning to scare him. As a result, Lu Xiaoning really took out the method of soul mate. He was lucky enough to think that he would be tied up with this bastard Bai Zhantang for half his life and live as a small white bodyguard for a few more days. From then on, Xiaobai said that he dared not say one thing to the west Xiaobai, and he might as well die now.
Forget it. He’s seen it anyway. It’s all in his head. It’s okay to give it back to Xiaobai.
"I’ll pay, but I won’t give it to you. I’ll give it to her." The old fox pointed to Lu Xiaoning.
Lu Xiaoning asked him, "How and when?"
The old fox silently calculated and said, "I hid that thing in a secret place to get the way back and forth for at least half a year."
Xiao Bai jumped up. "Don’t play tricks for me for half a year. Why didn’t you say you wanted to get it tomorrow?"
He doesn’t believe it
The old fox said seriously, "You can ask Lu Xiaoning to give me poison. If I don’t come back for half a year, I will die of poison."
Xiao Bai looks at Lu Xiaoning, which means do you have such a powerful poison?
Lu Xiaoning was silent for a moment and said, "Old fox, swear."
The old fox looked very dignified and said slowly, "Although I am a habitual thief, Luo Shouzhi is good at various techniques, but I have always been uncompromising. Since I promised, I will keep my promise."
Lu Xiaoning and Bai Zhantang both looked at him quietly.
The old fox said urgently, "I even told you my name. Don’t you believe it?" No one else in this world knows my real name except Master. "
Bai Zhantang hesitated and said, "OK, I’ll believe you. Xiao Ning, you give him poison and I’ll go with him to get something."
"No, I can’t take anyone to that place." The old fox objected
That’s where his master is buried. He won’t let anyone know where his master is buried.
"I don’t trust you if I don’t follow you. What if you cheat me?" Bai Zhantang refused to give in.
"Then you kill me now. You can’t get anything in this life." The old fox also threw caution to the wind. Anyway, he won’t eat that soul mate method when he is killed. It’s disgusting that he wants to be with a soul mate.
"Don’t I dare not kill you. I have long wanted to kill you." Bai Zhantang also launched a malicious attack.
"Come on, do it." The old fox looked as if he were dead.
"Stop it!" Lu Xiaoning yelled.
You stare at me and I stare at the atmosphere in your nostrils.
"Old fox, I believe in your poison. Forget it. I want to make a bet on my eyes." Lu Xiaoning said.