I heard Yagura personally admit that the people have not returned to the taste, and suddenly a whirlpool appeared. Yagura disappeared directly by disappearing.

At this time, Terumi Mei brush first realized that his leadership ability had been fully exerted and shouted, "All the people are patient and patient, follow me to pursue Yagura Qing, and you and the elders appease the people and arrange the villagers and the patients to the shelter!"
Terumi Mei gave orders like this. Elder crutches were not angry but satisfied. He nodded and ordered, "Acting according to Terumi Mei’s instructions and issuing orders from urgent Terumi Mei means old age."
The crutch elder marveled in his heart that despite the great things that have happened in Wuyin Village, it is necessary to have a genius like Terumi Mei. Wuyin Village will never fall down and be looked down upon.
Chiba and Shuiping went to pursue together with all the people in Wuyin Village.
Although nothing important happened to Terumi Mei in the original work, he changed the plot himself, which means that anything can happen in public or private. Chiba should take a trip.
With these foggy villages, we can’t catch Yagura, let alone the people behind it.
Make Shenwei take Yagura directly out of the office building in Shui Ying.
He is now able to deal with a village ninja, and he is notorious for controlling Wuyin Village in Yagura. Once the incident happens, no one will help him.
So the strong man with soil broke his wrist and fled instantly without nostalgia for Shui Ying’s position
Chapter one hundred and thirty-six Expose Yagura
"Terumi Mei told me what happened. On behalf of Wuyin Village, I would like to thank the international friends of Konoha." Elder Wuyin gave a slight gesture of thanks to Chiba.
Then he ordered all the people in Wuyin Village, "Terumi Mei and Qing, take all the dark parts and inform him that the elders will come with me to Shui Ying, the fourth generation."
Terumi Mei and Qing quickly nodded and agreed.
The elder trembled with his crutches leaning on his eyes and ruby and his mouth full of white fangs (the ninja in Wuyin Village likes to have fangs when he is free).
Terumi Mei hurried to help the elders with the wave to say no.
He walked slowly around Chiba and said with a smile, "Two kids of Konoha should join me as an old man. Let’s find out that Uchihiro is rebellious."
"Loquat Ten Zangs, come with the dark side. Others are listening to the defection of Loquat Ten Zangs."
Chiba’s eyes narrowed. This old sparrow is really not saving oil lamps.
On the surface, I cordially greet myself and get closer. Actually, I tied myself to a chariot. If four generations of Shui Ying are really controlled by Uchihiro’s rebellion, then I can get rid of it in one word. This is your Konoha department’s business. We can’t intervene in Wuyin Village and then pick ourselves up. We regard Chiba and Shuiping as hard labor to make success or not, and Wuyin Village will not suffer.
On the contrary, if the four generations of Shui Ying are not controlled, then they will certainly hand over themselves and water stop to the four generations of Shui Ying for an account so as not to hurt themselves.
An even worse step is to separate Chiba from Loquat Shizang in one sentence. If Loquat Shizang is in Wuyin Village, it will definitely part ways with Chiba. If you don’t move, but you have to secretly guard against it yourself, then you may make up your mind to return to Wuyin Village if you don’t believe it.
Chiba cold hum a few words the old fox pulled himself together and cut down the three-person alliance.
However, he may not be able to calculate success. If he is an ordinary enemy, he may have been turned into a ditch, but secretly carrying soil is not that simple.
I’m sure it will be enough for Wuyin Village to drink a pot then.
Chiba, however, clearly remembers that Wuyin Village Sanwei later became a wild state, that is to say, there must be some changes in it. It is estimated that it is not the same as exposing the identity of four generations of Shui Ying and Sanwei Pillar Yagura.
Chiba andao, if you are heartless, don’t blame me for being unjust, and I have no intention to send Buddha to the west.
Chiba surface ourtenant nodded at the water stop and nodded slightly to go out with the elders of Wuyin Village.
All the way, the road was vast and very striking, and everyone stuck their heads out to find out what was going on. When they found out that it was Wuyin Village elders with a group of dark places, the direction of Shui Ying office building in Wuyin Village was impressive, and they all exclaimed.
"What happened? Do you know? "
The vegetable seller is very curious.
"How do I know that this posture is like a coup, and most of the elders in Wuyin Village are gathered together, and there are many elites like Terumi Mei and Qing who endure it?"
Passing by, I opened my eyes wide, and my eyes were not enough to make me look hard.
"Yes and yes, what happened? And have you seen that there are actually seven people who defected from Loquat Ten Zang and endured the knife? Is it because of this? "
Buy wine who recognized loquat ten hidden guessed.
"Are you kidding? This little thing can disturb all the elders. Did you see the old man in front? That’s the second generation of Shui Ying’s adult elders except Shui Ying, bijuu and the world war. He can’t move his old man’s house. "
Aside from the old uncle, he sneered at the statement of forbearance and looked at people with his nose upturned.
"Is the fourth world war broke out? !”
Buying wine, holding the bottle, shaking hands constantly, excited and frightened, almost unable to hold the bottle, asked
"Look at the battle, if not, it’s almost the same."
The old uncle felt the goatee and guessed like a fortune teller.
"What nonsense? There are probably four generations of Shui Ying in front of you."
A Chinese man who is still a white man retorts that he is dismissive of all the nonsense.
When villagers in Wuyin Village saw the strange scene of Terumi Mei and others, they speculated that there were different opinions, but it was urgent, and Terumi Mei also took care to control public opinion and let them talk.
Whether this matter is true or not can’t be concealed, so it won’t be concealed. Moreover, Terumi Mei is dissatisfied with the policy of four generations of Shui Ying’s blockade of the country and blood fog
"What person? Stop it! No one can enter without Shui Ying’s order! "
Guard Shui Ying office building dark ninja saw Wu Yin Village, and most of the elders came along in a mighty way. The guard ninja wiped his cold sweat like a tiger mountain, but he still grabbed it with his neck.
How can they stop Terumi Mei and others from being knocked down in a coma or they don’t want to get up?
It seems that the Presbyterian Regiment has clashed with four generations of Shui Ying. The most uncomfortable thing among these little people is that immortals fight and mortals suffer.
Then several elders of Wuyin Village came to the door of Shui Ying’s office with most of the dark parts.
This place is full of die-hard hardliners who support Shui Ying. They are definitely not as easy to deal with as janitors.