Lu Chengsi turned to Lu Xiaoning and said, "Sister, I’m leaving."

Lu Xiaoning nodded "Be careful"
Liu Chengsi politely gave the second sister a gift and got into the carriage.
With a wave of his whip, Lao Guan shouted that a carriage rolled up slowly.
Liu Fanghua looked at the carriage drifting away, and his face was blue and white. Just now, the fourth brother was so indifferent and slightly sarcastic. It really hurt her deeply. This is her favorite fourth brother’s blood and blood relationship with her mother. But now the fourth brother respects Lu Xiaoning far more than her second sister. What did Lu Xiaoning do? She took away her fourth brother’s heart, which in turn alienated her sister.
Lu Xiaoning turned to go Liu Fanghua stopped her.
"big sister"
Lu Xiaoning looked back. "What’s up?"
Liu Fanghua said coldly, "The heir is still young. Please don’t involve the heir."
Lu Xiaoning’s smile does not hide his disdain. "The benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom. It’s complicated to think about it. In fact, the heir is smarter than you, and you don’t have much if you have it."
Lu Xiaoning said, "Shi Shiran left Liu Fanghua gnashing her teeth in situ."
Chapter 36 Too many selfish people
After breakfast, Lu Xiaoning handed the 5,200 silver tickets to Angelica dahurica and asked her to hand them over to the office. They also gave Du Ruo a few heavy decorations. Today, at least 50 cans of masks were made to save them from being too idle, thinking that the seller would please the handsome guy.
And she went to the imperial hospital to ask for a few days off, and as a result, she was in a hurry. She asked for more than ten days and saw that it was time for the assessment. Of course, it is unclear whether the third assessment will be cancelled again.
"Boss" saw Lu Xiaoning and Liu Jizheng meet him excitedly.
"A few days ago, I heard from Dr. Xiao Yang that you had come back, and I was well enough to return to the team. As a result, you went to princess royal House again." Liu Qi was on the right path
"Oh, I just came to see you that day. I went back without seeing you." Lu Xiaoning said lightly.
"Are you? But the guards at the palace gate said that they didn’t see you out of the palace. "Huangfuyunlan got a way.
Just because of this, she was scolded by the Empress, saying that she would leave from time to time. Afterwards, the Empress sent someone to ask the guards who guarded the palace. But many days have passed, and the guards can’t remember whether Lu Xiaoning has been out of the palace. It became an empirical investigation. At this moment, Huangfuyunlan wants to bluff Lu Xiaoning to see if he can cheat out some news.
Liu Xiaoning sneered, "Miss Yunlan is so worried about me. I also specially asked the guards. Unfortunately, there are also guards who know who I am? Guess even if I walk back and forth in front of the guards, they may not remember me. "
It’s been several days. If Huangfu Yunlan could be sure that she didn’t leave the palace after entering the palace that day, the Queen would have sent someone to arrest her for questioning. Lu Xiaoning believed that Huangfu Yunlan was cheating her.
HuangFuYunLan cold hum a "who want to heart you"
Continue to bury your head in practice
Liu Jizheng stared at Huangfuyunlan with disdain. Don’t. He doesn’t know that Huangfuyunlan has been asking the boss everywhere these days. What bad thoughts must have been suppressed in the palace that day?
"It’s good that Xiao Ning came back. By the way, the assessment was also cancelled. Everyone discussed it. It happened that we all went to pay tribute to your drugstore." Yang Chen said
"No assessment?" Although Lu Xiaoning had such a guess before, he was still a little surprised to decide not to assess it. The emperor is afraid that she will fall behind in the examination results after being delayed for several days again this time.
"Yes, I didn’t assess Gu’s adult and Xue’s physician, who were busy treating the emperor in Zichen Temple all day, and they didn’t have the mind. Now Xue’s physician will give you an afternoon to practice the control and accuracy of acupuncture, and then go to the backyard to practice the nine-needle technique in the afternoon. Boss, I have made rapid progress according to your teaching method, and the needles have been successfully used twice. Liangyu is worse than me." Liu Qizheng said cheerfully.
There is a breakthrough in the nine-needle technique without examination. Liu Qizheng is thinking about it.
"It seems that you have made great progress, so I’m behind." Lu Xiaoning said with a bitter face.
Yang Chen’s lips float with a smile. Lu Xiaoning is a little guilty. This guy is the first one in the gang to suspect that she dresses up as a pig and eats tigers.
It’s a pity that the old master lives far away. I guess she has sent letters and tea at the moment. Master hasn’t received the letter yet. Even if she writes back to her immediately, it will be a month later, otherwise she will know the details of this guy Yang Chen.
"Eldest brother, that’s because you are willing to share your experience, unlike some people who practice nine stitches and have to carry the chicken at a distance for fear of being learned." Liu Jizheng sneered.
"Liu Qizheng, who are you talking about?" Huangfuyunlan was annoyed and angry.
Liu Qi sneered, "Whoever wants to sit in the right place will say so. Besides, everyone has eyes to see."
"Liu Jizheng I put up with you for a long time. How about you curry favor with your own surname Lu and nobody stops you from being a dog? Who are you? Have I taught you anything? Why should I teach you what I have earned after ten years of hard work? " Huangfuyunlan nu way
"And you when she is really so kind? Willing to teach you all your hard work? Dream less and be careful to be sold and help the number of people. "Huangfuyunlan pointed to Lu Xiaoning’s way.
"I don’t want to learn if you want to teach me. Keep your hard-earned money. I just don’t like you as a thief. Do you think everyone cares about you?" Liu Qizheng fought back rudely.
Zhao Xueli said weakly, "The Imperial Hospital called everyone to train together just to let everyone learn from each other and learn from each other!"
Huangfuyunlan turned to stare at Zhao Xueli, and Zhao Xueli quickly explained, "I don’t want to learn from your experience, just talk about things."
Bao Liangyu, who has always been quiet, couldn’t help saying, "No wonder there hasn’t been a magic needle in Da Zhou for many years because there are too many selfish people."
Everyone, including medical college, knows that there are too few people like Lu Xiaoning who are willing to share their experiences and experiences. Bao Liangyu can’t help but feel it.
How do you say "is the emperor? In medical skills, we should strive for perfection, in virtue, we should be strict with ourselves, and we should be bitter and kind-hearted. As some people regard medical skills as a means to pursue glory, they are selfish and sarcastic. Even if they get the title of God Needle, they will not be respected by others. Brother Yang, do you think I am right? " Liu Qi is badly asking Yang Chen to make a statement.
He is see HuangFuYunLan still care about Yang Chen’s opinion.
Yang Chen clenched his fist and covered his mouth with a dry cough. "It’s admirable that Lu Xiaoning doesn’t hide private things."
HuangFuYunLan gas tears glistened when Lu Xiaoning was away, Liu Qizheng often satirized her. Yang Chen would also advise a few words. Now that Lu Xiaoning is back, Yang Chen will help Lu Xiaoning speak. Is Lu Xiaoning that good? Everyone is on her side.
Others said that she would not be sad, sad and angry, but Yang Chen said that she was really sad and felt particularly wronged.
Lu Xiaoning doesn’t know if it’s so disharmonious to have sparks everywhere when she’s away.
"Actually, I didn’t do anything. Now I want you to help me. Please hand over all your notes. I have to catch up on my homework in the past few days or I will be at the bottom." Lu Xiaoning rolled his sleeves and made a big gesture.
"The handwriting abstract is gone. I haven’t had a theoretical class since the emperor fell ill. It’s a practical exercise. Otherwise, Brother Yang will definitely sort it out for you, and it’s not our turn." Liu Qizheng smiled and raised his eyebrows at Yang Chen.
There are only two women here. If Yang Xiong must choose one of them, Yang Xiong will definitely choose his boss, not the selfish and melodramatic Huangfuyunlan.
Chapter 37 Asking about a thing
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Yang Chen smiled drily.
Lu Xiaoning saw Huangfuyunlan’s face was black, and his heart said that Liu Jizheng was also a trouble-free guy.