Listen to Luo Xiaoyu, her master is interested in his master who sent her to help his own people. Wu Tian wants to know what kind of person he is.

Out of curiosity, Wu finally asked, "What’s your master’s name? What kind of person is it? "
Los light rain a listen to his hands folded head cocked his hands on his face, eyes shining with little stars and a face of anthomaniac said.
"The master is the most perfect person in the world. His name is Leo. If it weren’t for your surname Wu, I wouldn’t come if I might have a relationship with my master?"
When Luo Xiaoyu said the second half of the sentence, she was a little proud, but her speech embarrassed Wu Tian because his father was also called Leo.
Wu Tianyi felt bad when he thought of his father. The old man was Wu Tiange. His father nicknamed him Wu Tiange. His generation didn’t do any serious work, but Wu Tiangu never lacked money. Besides fooling around every day, Wu Tiange played tricks on Wu Tianle and exercised his will. In the end, Wu Tiange really made a lot of nerves.
"My father’s name is Leo," Wu Tian said awkwardly, and then went on to say, "But he is definitely not your master. He is just a bad old man who loves to play tricks on people."
"I’m not sure if the master and you are the father. If so, don’t let me find out who gave birth to you. I must teach that woman who dares to secretly have a baby with the master before the baby is born." Luo Xiaoyu said excitedly
Wu Tianwen left the pie mouth and muttered, "It’s a pity that you are too young to have a baby."
Chapter ninety-two The time has come for the hero to save the United States
"Hum, don’t you dare say that I’m waiting for the old lady to give you a hard time!" Luo Xiaoyu proudly hummed and said that with the hourglass, he disappeared again before Wu Tian.
At this time, as the motorcade was close to the Lvjia motorcade, Wu day was already dominant in seeing the Lvjia motorcade. About a dozen carriages and maids added up to a hundred people and seventy weapons, but the spirit was still full. The guards were more than 240 people, most of them walked, a small number of them rode in carriages, and a few of them rode horses.
Now we are resting, and the guards are all eating dry food and drinking water, and there are very few guards around.
Not far from our team, there is a group of people on the left, about 300 people. All of them are riding horses. These people and our team are running side by side. Wu Tian didn’t feel anything wrong.
But now it is found that something is wrong with these people. After the Lugu team stopped, they actually sneaked into the Lugu team with weapons.
Although their clothes are messy and their weapons are colorful, their actions give people a sense of training.
It is said that Lu Wen, that is, Lv Su’s father, Lv Gong, offended a single father, the county commandant, who left the county commandant’s face at a party. Although the county commandant didn’t do anything bad to Lv Jia, his family gradually cut off contact with Lv Jia.
We also have to leave the single father county and the road is just the best time for the county commandant to solve the problem of the Lv family unnoticed. Will it be counted as the head of the county commandant if it is out of breath?
Qin dynasty county commandant can not only be the chief constable, but also the county commandant. These people should be the local army.
Not surprisingly, they let Lv Jia disappear from this world.
In a short time, more than 300 people touched the vicinity of the Lugu motorcade, but those gluttonous guards in Lugu didn’t notice the problem at all.
"Kill!" A brave-looking man shouted first, then took the lead and rushed to the front, and then three hundred people flew out of the hiding place one by one.
More than two hundred people outflanked Lv Jia, and another one hundred people picked bows and arrows from their shoulders and bowed to Lv Jia’s motorcade.
"Excuse me, hero, stop me waiting for the way." The guard head said to the big fellow who is the leader and brave.
"Because of the remnants of the Six Kingdoms, the court kept aggravating the corvee, and all the brothers couldn’t live to borrow some money from you," said Yingwu Dahan, jokingly looking at the guard head.
Wu day can also hear the words of the heroic man, which is even more certain that the heroic man is sergeant Qin Jun. If it is a real mountain thief, it will inevitably insult many dissenters and daqin court.
"I don’t know how much you want to borrow, brother. If it’s not much, I can give it to you. If it’s more, you can consult with your host family to discuss more," said the guard head hesitantly
The implication is that if you want less, you can give more words directly, and you can discuss it. If you can’t discuss it, you can call more words and stop talking.
"If we want 10,000 yuan, we can retreat. If we can’t, we can talk to the guys in our brothers’ hands," said the brave man menacingly.
Say that finish, he burst out laughing, and at the same time, all the people around the Lugu team laughed.
Guard targeting top expression is very rich, it is impossible to give ten thousand money to these bandits, you know, even if Lv Jia hired guards, it was only two thousand money.
Some of the 2,000 yuan is due to mountain thieves. If the host family is required to pay 10,000 yuan for the road, it is better not to hire an escort.
The head of the guard said coldly, "Brother, in this case, it seems that we can also have a fight. Brothers, prepare for the war."
However, when the guard head did not say his word, the opposite arrow flew over. When the guard head reacted, although it was shot through the calf, it was life-threatening.
But others are not so lucky. Seventy guards have lost a third of their lives in a moment, and some maids have also been ruined.
These county commandants sent sergeants to kill them, and the heroic man deliberately made things difficult for him to ask for a lot of money, so that the head of the Lv Family Guard refused, which gave him an excuse.
Wait a minute and let a few single-parent county people go according to the plan. In a few days, we will know that Lv Gong was slaughtered because he was unwilling to compromise with the mountain thief and hand over the money to buy the road.
Tinkling weapons collision kept ringing, and one person picked up weapons and joined the fray for a while.
However, in the fierce fighting between the two sides, the Lu family guards and those who picked up weapons did not stay in the wind for a while, which does not mean that this situation can always be maintained.
The 100 archers with bows and arrows also fired arrows in the chaos, and then fired arrows and took up arms and joined the battle.
Three hundred well-trained soldiers besieged the Lu family guard and those who were driven away from the duck rack, and the wind gradually fell, showing signs of decline
After a while
"Brothers, run" When the guards saw that there were less than 30 guards fighting, they shouted and ran away.
Because these guards come to take money to do things, life is more important than money. When the boss shouts, he responds one by one and runs away.
Even many Lu family members ran with them. After all, these people ran a step slower than the guards, and some of them were hacked to death disguised as mountain thieves.
Some of them ran out, and some of them were brave enough to run back to the carriage and take out some gold and silver from the carriage and escape.
The so-called day-to-day and night-to-night protection against house thieves is a true portrayal of this matter. These people know better than mountain thieves where gold, silver and jewels are kept.
Yingwu man watched some soldiers preparing to chase the escaped guards and secretly signaled not to chase them.