"Big Brother is that man again, and he dares to come out and fight!"

At this time, there are several scales alliance gathering places, and the strong one has a face of resentment and pointed to the opposite hate and said.
Dragon Nine is the most outstanding offspring of the dragon ancestors, and each of them is a super genius born after the peak of the dragon fortune savings!
In this war, Dragon Nine came with three dragonflies, armadillos and yazi!
This shows that the scale alliance attaches great importance to this war.
These days, the name of the Lord is well known, but soon more than 30 strong men died in his sword Jin Xian series!
"Brother, do you want me to teach him a lesson?"
Next to the yazi mouth, a pair of eyes have ignited a raging fire.
"Well …"
Looking at your hands, it’s also a few hundred steps. The strong man of Taiyi thoughtfully said, "Well, you can stop him from exploring the bottom."
The Lord, who has seen him once far away, is really not easy to provoke. There are few brothers in the room who can match him.
"The Lord didn’t expect you to dare to come out. This time I will give you some color to see see!"
I am allowed to respond directly to the provocation to the other side.
"Hum! Then we’ll see! "
The Lord was unmoved. When he was discovered by the Eldar ancestors, he was given some benefits, and since then he has been instructed from time to time. This treatment is only available to several Eldar leaders.
I was directly thrown here by my ancestors to experience after I made a breakthrough the other day.
And experience in the battlefield naturally has a purpose …
"Then go … fight!"
Yazi’s body flickered and came directly to a place far away from the battlefield.
Although the strong half-step series B is not the strong series B, it is actually not much different. Their realm has reached, but they are not concise yet, which leads to their failure to completely cross this threshold.
And this has changed almost qualitatively in Jin Xian’s strong. If the number of people reaches the number in the battlefield, it will be much more, so the battlefield naturally cannot be chosen here.
The Lord is not afraid to escape from the past, and this distance is not a distance for their strong series.
Booming …
A sword horizontal!
As soon as the Lord said nothing in the past, he directly cut the past with a sword, and the light tunnel bloomed brilliantly!
Not to be outdone, Yazi is also a peerless genius opponent. This sword is not weak, but it is impossible to defeat him!
Killing all the year round cultivates a murderous look, which rises with the long sword …
A huge screen is displayed in the temples and halls, which is impressively the battlefield at the boundary between the East China Sea and the North Sea.
Yuan Heng, the leader of the temple seats, and many members are watching the first large-scale war, the prelude to the large-scale robbery war.
"It seems that the so-called Dragon Nine is really worthy of its name, and it can stop Xiaohe."
Yuan Heng was surprised to see that the yazi giant knife was able to fight against the Lord without falling in the wind.
The Lord gave full play to his talent after his own training, and this strength was even worse than that of the heavenly fiend before them at this stage, but that was no joke.
"Hehe, it’s called yazi Xiao, which is really good, but it’s still a little worse than the younger generation."
Aurora smiled and shook her head. A while ago, when she accidentally consulted the leader, she found that he was instructing the Eldar’s younger generation to practice. Suddenly, she found that she really deserves to be favored by the Lord. "That little guy just practiced for a long time. How long did the Lord practice?"
"This is the light monarch? It’ s amazing to be able to understand the essence to this extent! "
Dust also found the Lord’s strangeness.