Lu Xiaoning immediately raised his smiling face and said, "My uncle is the most reasonable and loves me the most."

Ji Sanye wry smile way: "Don’t give your uncle a hat. Let me tell you something. If your dad is still so confused, he will be punished."
"Is it true that when the time comes, my uncle won’t do it? Xiao Ning asks my uncle to do it. Who will help me if my uncle doesn’t help me?" Liu Xiaoning please.
When Ji San-ye meets this guy, he cries and jokes, laughs and opens his mouth to kiss his ass. Raising his hand is a top hat. There is nothing he can do. If he doesn’t promise her, he will dare to cry in front of his grandmother.
It’s too fast to stay in the villa, and it’s time to go back soon.
Lu Xiaoning reluctantly said goodbye, thinking that my uncle would stay in Jinling until her nine-needle contest, and my cousin could stay until the year is even longer. This is better for Lu Xiaoning. When I went back, I brought a pack of cousin’s own picking and drying chrysanthemum tea.
When Lu Xiaoning got home, it was already dinner time. The porter said that the master had asked her to go to the room.
Lu Xiaoning went straight to the outer room.
"Father and daughter are back." Lu Xiaoning saluted first when he entered the door.
Liu Youren looks up at her and frowns. "Why did you just go home and go out? Come back so late? Where did it go? "
It’s a reproachful tone
Lu Xiaoning’s heart was suddenly blocked with anger and indifference. "Is there anything for my father to find his daughter?"
Chapter 34 Borrowing money
Lu Youren raised his voice and said, "I asked where you were?"
As soon as he came back, he heard from Fanghua that the steward of Longyu Bank had been here and brought a bunch of thugs, Xiao Ning, to send people away in a few words. How strange is that when the money steward came to ask for debts? Don’t you have to say a lot of words before you are willing to leave? Why does Xiao Ning send people away in a few words? Unless the child doesn’t know the depth and promises something at random! Lu youren is very anxious these days. He is worried about raising money. His mouth is full of bubbles.
Lu Xiaoning quietly watched her father’s heart grow cold inch by inch. When she went out, she told her grandmother that she had borrowed money. She hasn’t visited her grandmother since her father came back. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have asked where she went. Isn’t her father the most filial? Go home without visiting your sick mother first?
"Let me ask you something." Liu Youren’s attitude is getting worse. Xiao Ning’s expression is very similar to that of his old age.
"Borrow money" Lu Xiaoning coldly spit out two words.
Liu Youren zheng.
"Father, don’t you know? There is almost no money left in the accounting office, and there are only three hundred and twenty pieces of silver left. More than half of the people in the house have not signed the death deed and paid no monthly interest. However, they have to leave. My grandmother is ill, and it costs money to see a doctor and take medicine. My mother is crazy, and she has to be cured. My father has to eat and have money. My father is busy with business all day, and I have to worry about whether my second sister can go to Qin Wangfu to be a concubine or not. Don’t you want to watch the family go hungry? " Lu Xiaoning said coldly
Lu Xiaoning said that Liu Youren’s guilty conscience is more than one point. The sarcasm in Xiao Ning’s words is too obvious to make him shameful. Is Xiao Ning blaming him for being a father?
Ashamed mixed with ashamed Liu Youren fidgety way "Lou family came again today, isn’t it? Why not just let them take your mother away? "
Lu Xiaoning sneered at the bottom of his heart, "It’s conditional for father Lou’s family to take mother away for medical life. If their mother is in their hands, let them take whatever they want. We won’t let them let their crazy mother go to our Lujia for a crazy time every now and then. Does father think this looks good?"
Liu Youren was speechless. It is better to worry at home than to let Lou family take Lou away.
This topic is so boring that Lu Youren turned to a topic, "How did you spend the money today?"
"I didn’t say that asking for money didn’t kill me. If I want to take over my house, I will burn it down first," Lu Xiaoning said.
Lu Youren was speechless again. Is it that simple? This kind of lai moves also tube?
"What did the money manager say?"
"He said he would give us another time, but he didn’t say how long."
Liu Youren is a little relieved, and it’s good to be able to give it a few days.
"Can you borrow money when you go out for one afternoon?" Lu Youren asked this question again. His face burned with panic. He also wanted to borrow money, but he couldn’t say it every time he talked about it. He was really scared. When he was a child, his mother took him everywhere to borrow money. After marrying Ji’s fame, he swore that he would never borrow money again. As a result, a good family was tossed by Lou’s family to the point where he had to borrow money to live.
"Borrowed by all my best friends, I pieced together five thousand provinces to spend enough for several months." Lu Xiaoning said that she had to post the money herself.
It’s hard for Liu Youren to think of Xiao Ning running around to borrow money. His attitude was still very bad just now. Guilt finally took over and eased his tone. "It’s hard for you. My father will find a way to pay back the money as soon as possible."
"If my father had anything else to do, my daughter would have gone to dinner first. She was hungry after running all afternoon." Lu Xiaoning said lukewarm.
Liu Youren opened his mouth to discuss something with Xiao Ning before he wants to. Let’s wait until it’s settled. "You go first."
Coming out of the room in the evening, the wind was still blowing with hot air, and it was stuffy and hot. But Lu Xiaoning’s heart was cold. Before her father trusted her, she relied on her. However, her father changed after Liu Fanghua changed her strategy to please her father.
In fact, before she entered the room, she wanted to persuade her father not to go to the Qin Palace. Now she doesn’t want to say a word. Liu Fanghua is willing to marry her. What is her father going to bring disgrace to oneself? What is her thankless job?
"Sir, it’s really gone too far. Just now, that attitude and tone seemed as if you had done something bad, Miss." Du Ruo looked at Miss with a dim expression and felt aggrieved for her.
Is your lordship blind? First, I found a so unbearable Lou’s family, and now I know that it is not only blind but also blind to spoil that shameless second lady and neglect such a good young lady.
"Whatever he thinks," said Lu Xiaoning indifferently. She made her care about living, having a place to live, being hungry, having food, being cold, having clothes, being sick and having a doctor. Anyway, she has never really enjoyed the habit of fatherly love since she was born.
Lu Xiaoning went to Grace Cathedral and Liu Chengsi was also at the table. The food hasn’t moved yet, and grandma hasn’t eaten and is waiting for her.
Lu Xiaoning’s heart cooled and he picked up a few degrees. He barely smiled. "Let’s eat quickly. I’m starving."
Liu Ma busy said to the girl, "do you hear? Set the meal quickly. "
Lu Xiaoning went into the restaurant to see her grandmother while she was cooking.