"Elder sister, I want to go back to the hospital tomorrow."

Lu Xiaoning put the bowl chopsticks and said, "It’s time for you to go back. When you’ve been delayed for a long time, you’re almost afraid of your homework."
"I watched it at home, but I won’t go there again, so I really can’t make it," said Liu Chengsi.
Lu Xiaoning knows that although Liu Chengsi’s qualification is not high, he is still very good at reading and writing in calligraphy, which is quite fatherly.
"Did you tell your father?"
Liu Chengsi shook his head. "My father is in a bad mood these days. I went to my father and said that he would not let me say more if he was busy."
Lu Xiaoning sighed silently from the bottom of my heart. Father, this is all about Liu Fanghua’s body and eyes. Liu Fanghua doesn’t even care about her son.
"It’s okay. I wish you had told your elder sister. When you are groggy this evening, you can kowtow to your grandmother."
Liu Chengsi nodded awkward.
Lu Xiaoning suddenly said, "Du Ruo went to get 220 silver and another 120 silver tickets."
Liu Chengsi looked embarrassed and weak. "Elder sister can’t do so much."
He also knows that the family is not what it used to be, and it is not good for him to ask for so much money, besides, he is reaching out to his elder sister.
Lu Xiaoning touched his head judo. "You write to your elder sister with it soon, and then someone will send it to you. You don’t worry about anything else or whether your family will get better, okay?"
"Thank you, Elder Sister" Liu Chengsi’s mood is very complicated. To tell the truth, he has always been unfamiliar with this elder sister. When he was very young, he often saw the second and third sisters teasing and laughing at her. He despised and looked down on her in his heart. I didn’t expect to give her a silver girl now. Everyone else knows his own heart, and no one cares. He thought that he would read.
He couldn’t say clearly what kind of mentality he should have to face the elder sister. His mother, second sister and third sister all hated the elder sister. Just yesterday, he went to see the second sister. She also said that when she got the scenery in the future, she must look at the elder sister. He also knew that her mother and second sister had bad luck one after another. It was supposed that he should hate the elder sister who was his closest relative, but Mr. Wang taught him to be a man and change from the bad one. He felt that even if the elder sister was wrong, it was her mother who was wrong first, and she couldn’t blame the elder sister.
"Thank you for being my brother Shanglu. You can talk to the kitchen later. Let the kitchen make some snacks early and let the fourth young master take the road to eat. In addition, tell the old manager to send the fourth young master back to the hospital one day." Lu Xiaoning ordered.
"By the way, heir, do you think about what is missing? I asked Shang Liuwu to go out and buy it. "
Lu Chengsi’s nose is sour and low. "Pen and ink are almost finished."
"Then you need to write everything when you go back to draw up a list. I’ll ask Shanglu to go to your place to get what you read later. Don’t worry about saying that elder sister should read or read. Don’t save money for elder sister." Lu Xiaoning can’t help but feel pity for Liu Chengsi when he looks at his small appearance. It’s really different from Lou’s and his two sisters. He still has a right and wrong view in his heart.
"Well, I’ll go back first." Liu Chengsi may cry if he leaves and stays.
When his former mother was fine, he was the darling of the family. His mother helped him clean up everything properly, and now his elder sister is willing to take care of him.
"Go" Lu Xiaoning smiled and watched Liu Chengsi leave.
Du Ruo sighed, "The fourth young master is still a good nameplate. Lan said that the fourth young master asked her what happened earlier. She told the truth, and she never said anything bad about you again. That is, the second young lady used to visit and speak ill of you. The fourth young master sometimes stopped a sentence or two."
Lu Xiaoning said, "If he knows right and wrong, I will take him as my brother."
After all, it was born of a father, and she followed the principle of having a debt and a debt.
After lunch, Lu Xiaoning asked Ji Jiu to prepare the carriage. She had to go to Zhuang quickly. Of course, Du Ruo also wanted to know that her cousin had come. Du Ruo had long been excited. Of course, Lu Xiaoning himself was very happy. When she was in Huai’ an, her cousin was one of the most spoiled people.
The carriage is not in a hurry, it is not slow, and it is swaying rhythmically. Lu Xiaoning is trapped in Zichen Temple. Those days, there is no day to have a good rest. I arrived in princess royal House all the time, and I was worried about whether Huangfu Shaoye could get it smoothly. I couldn’t sleep at all. I was busy dealing with all kinds of things as soon as I got back to Lujia today, and I had to be idle for a moment. I really couldn’t stay up at the moment.
See the eyes a face of small ripples Du Re Liu Xiaoning lazy way "I’ll sleep and wake me up soon"
With that, he leaned back on the soft pillow and fell asleep.
Du Ruo took a beauty fan to help miss fan the wind to see how tired she is. Miss can never fall asleep with a pillow, and miss has lost a circle. Du Ruo is distressed. Although princess royal people came to tell miss that she is in princess royal House, Du Ruo knows that it is definitely not miss. If she is in princess royal House, she will definitely ask her or cardamom to wait on her. After she comes back, she is not good to ask.
Hey! I don’t know if Miss Huang and Grandson have made up.
The carriage wobbled for almost half an hour and had seen Zhuang at a distance. Du Ruo woke up the young lady.
Lu Xiaoning rubbed his sleepy eyes and asked Du Ruo to pour some water from the skin to wet the handkerchief and wipe his face to look refreshed.
When the concierge of Zhuang saw Lu Xiaoning’s carriage, he ran in early and told Laojin to meet him in person.
"Miss how this time? The sun is so sunny, "Laojin Yi said.
"Are my third uncle and cousin inside?" Lu Xiaoning’s hand-built arbor is too bright.
"Now, the third master is watching in the visitor’s room. Someone has gone to leave." Laojindao
Lu Xiaoning ran into the village before Du Ruo took up his umbrella, but he didn’t go to the room yet. He saw Ji coming in a blue suit.
Lu Xiaoning raised his charming smiling face and called "cousin" happily.
Ji also laughed, revealing white and neat teeth, and quickened his steps to meet him while playing with an umbrella over Lu Xiaoning’s head.
"I don’t know if I can’t get married when I’m basking in the sun." Ji Xiao Chen said.
"People are anxious to see you!" Liu Xiaoning head high smiling face way