For the four-ethnic Coalition forces, their ethnic land has been violated, their resources have been occupied, their life has been compressed and their racial spirit has been offended, so they will never back down!

The road to racial expansion in the scale alliance must also be opened
And both sides have suffered a lot in the past few years. At this time, it is really the envy of enemies when they meet.
The strong of Jin Xian, a four-clan coalition, is only 30,000 meters away from the other side, with a gap of 100,000.
However, after receiving nearly 10,000 Jin Xian series elite geniuses supported by the Northern Ring Holy Land, they were not afraid at all.
Both sides have sent millions of armies, each holding its own, each fighting relentlessly together, and several lives are dying every moment.
Millions of troops seem to be few, but these are practitioners, each of whom has been practicing for several years, and many of them are ethnic groups in the form of beasts, each of which is as big as a giant mountain range
However, at this moment, every statue is very precious at ordinary times, and the strong people in the fairy land fall into the sea one by one, but more often their bodies are directly smashed into pieces.
But even so, Omihara’s blue and clean ocean was directly dyed with blood, which can be described as corpses everywhere.
Both sides suffered great losses, but neither of them planned to stop, but continued to fight.
one day
one month
A year has passed in a blink of an eye.
The two sides are still fighting for a year, which seems a long time for a war, but it also depends on who is fighting.
For both sides of the war are practitioners in the fairy land, the pulse is extremely long. A year is no different from an hour. It is just a blink of an eye.
The two sides fought fiercely, and the number of strong people fell in this fight, and the loss of immortals was countless. From the point of view, the sea area was obviously reduced by one third.
Even Jin Xian series strong both sides also lost a total of nearly five thousand!
It is very difficult for the strong in the Golden Fairy Series to be beheaded, even if they live and die on the spot, they will go through thousands of dollars and their strength will also return.
Therefore, it is a very incredible number to be able to die nearly 5 thousand at this time!
However, when the war hits here, the top experts on both sides can’t sit still. It’s going to hurt their bones if they fight.
Even the backbone of Jin Xian can return in the future, but after all, it is not when it is needed.
At this time, at one end of the battlefield, a group of nearly a hundred and a half step Taiyi series masters are there to observe the battlefield situation. At this time, their faces are very serious and … a little imperceptible and distressed.
At this time, the universe has not yet reached the period of population explosion and expansion, and the number of creatures is actually not much.
What’s more, being born in this age of abundant resources and strong innate spiritual power can be said that both qualifications and blood are better than purity, and almost all of them have great potential. No one wants to see these people sacrificed like cannon fodder.
"I think we should also do it!"
Finally, it was the head of the Spinibarbus clan who swam first.
He will look inquiringly at the representatives of the holy land of other three clan chiefs, especially a young man in a golden robe.
"Well, then do it!"
The people also don’t have any different opinions, and it is impossible to press the scale alliance army.
Now this situation also has their hand.
"Then let me rub their spirit first!"
Speech is this holy land. Young people with golden robes come from this holy land. Naturally, people from this holy land want to sharpen it on the battlefield. How can they sharpen it if they don’t make moves?
What’s more, he was thrown out because of this war, so it’s natural to be positive at this time.
"Well, it’s good to have friends from the Lord to make us feel at ease!" to be continued
Chapter one hundred and thirteen The escalation of war
All the people see the golden youth well-documented eyes a bright nod in succession.
They all know that this background is quite deep, but the younger generation, who is favored by a certain ancestor, specially brought him to the battlefield to sharpen.
After communicating with each other and participating in a small war these days, I have been undefeated in the face of the siege of ten experts of the same level and will slay two brilliant records!
For his strength level, I have a rough idea. He is absolutely quite powerful among the masters of the Half Step Too B series. Even among them, I am afraid there are only a few digits that can match him.
"Can anyone dare to fight me?"
The Lord saw all the people nodding their heads to fight and directly sent the sound to the opposite command post.