"Yes, it’s good to say that we are all relatives, and everything is easy to discuss." Where does the third aunt dare to be arrogant and meet Lu Xiaoning, who is so strong and disagreeable, and will not reason with you?

No wonder I heard that Liang Wenyuan offended Lu Xiaoning and was repaired. Now he is as honest as a rabbit and afraid to go out.
This little girl is cruel
Aunt Lou Gusan now realizes that they can’t take advantage of Lu Xiaoning.
"Ok, do you want any silver for my mother?"
"Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t. We think your mother should stay in Lujia and treat her well. You will take good care of her." Third aunt quickly changed her mind.
"What does Big Uncle mean?" Lu Xiaoning looked at the pain and his face turned white. Big Uncle was still pressed by Angelica dahurica.
"Don’t pick up" big uncle bite a tooth angrily.
Who wants to take an extra mouth to eat without silver and spend money to treat her? Is he stupid? ask for/invite trouble
"It’s not the first time that you said that I don’t dare to believe that you Lou’s family reneged." Liu Xiaoning sneered.
"Then you have to believe it?" Aunt San is now thinking about getting out. She believes that if you want her to say something bad, you can’t get out of this Lujiamen today. She really regrets that she shouldn’t come forward to negotiate.
"Write a promise that you Lou’s family will never harass Lujia again, otherwise it won’t be your door. I’ll come to you." Lu Xiaoning’s eyes suddenly turned cold and forced people.
"This … this is not very good!" When it was written in black and white, they were really passive.
Lu Xiaoning heavy way "angelica dahurica also give him the other arm"
"Don’t don’t want me to write, I’ll write." Big Uncle Lou called to get up quickly.
He’s already sweating with pain, and he can’t hold on any longer. It’s too much for him to take off another arm.
Du Ruo took out the paper and pen that had been prepared long ago.
"How to write when my hand is broken?" Lou home big uncle way
"I can’t read." Aunt Lou Gusan turned away, which guaranteed that she would never write. After the province, eldest brother and mother all blamed her.
Lu Xiaoning said, "It’s easy for Angelica dahurica to connect his arm first and then remove it."
Angelica dahurica’s hand slightly makes the force pull and push the click joint in the right position.
Lou’s big uncle screamed and then magically felt that it didn’t hurt, but Angelica dahurica stared at him. Now Lou’s big uncle saw Angelica dahurica and his scalp was numb. No wonder Lu Xiaoning said that fighting was also accompanied by Lu Xiaoning. These girls are practitioners. Who can beat it?
Angelica dahurica handed the pen to Uncle Lou, and Uncle Lou took it honestly.
Lu Xiaoning said, "I say you write."
"I owe my sister LouHuiJuan LouDeShen three hundred and two thousand silver for many years …"
Uncle Lou protested, "I won’t write this."
Lu Xiaoning said, "Don’t worry, I want you to abide by the agreement of 302,000 silver. I think we Lujia won’t ask you for debts, but if you don’t abide by the agreement, even if you don’t have this written evidence, I can get all the money back. This is a royal agreement. If you don’t breach the contract, there will be no problem. I always keep my word."
"I believe you?" Lou home big uncle way
"You just write as I say," said Lu Xiaoning without doubt.
"I owe my sister Lou Huijuan three hundred and two thousand silver for many years, but it is really because I can’t get the silver. My sister’s family is really guilty and willing to make a promise. After that, all Lou family members won’t come to ask Lu family for help. It is against this oath that Lu family members can use this to demand three hundred and two thousand silver to establish Lou Deshen." Lu Xiaoning said slowly.
After listening to the article, Uncle Lou wanted him to write off the first 302,000 pieces of silver regardless of Lujia affairs, which is not bad. He has been worried that his brother-in-law will ask him for debts. Now that she is married to Lujia, she is a Lujia, dead or alive, and she has nothing to do with him. Anyway, her sister is crazy now and can’t give him any benefits anymore.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
So Lou’s uncle readily wrote a guarantee and pressed his handprint.
Lu Xiaoning also asked Aunt Lou Gusan to be a handprint witness.
Make sure that Liu Xiaoning checks it and confirms the mistake before smiling. "Big Uncle hopes you can keep your promise. If you don’t keep it, it’s evidence that you owe Lujia three hundred and two thousand silver."
Uncle Lou regretted pressing the handprint. Isn’t it in Lu Xiaoning’s hand? But now it’s too late to regret it