Gu Han didn’t consider her elders in her heart, and she couldn’t swallow it!

Gu stopped and looked back at her slowly.
Eyes calm to indifferent mood without any fluctuation.
"Do you have any better suggestions? Chang Xi is willing to get engaged to me, and I will take it seriously or you can let him choose you. "
Gu Yi’s words have no other meaning, but they are literal, but listening to Gu Han’s ears almost made her angry.
She blushed and wanted to rush over to Gu Master and strike the table. "Gu Han, sit down for me!"
Master said that no one dared not listen to Gu Han’s red face, but he did not want to sit quietly.
Gu Yi looked calm there. Master Gu smiled kindly at her. "Go to rest."
She nodded and turned away.
Master’s eyes turned back and fell on Wang Haiyan. She couldn’t help shivering.
"It is said that your daughter teaches very well."
Master Gu Zhengyan immediately bowed his head in a low voice. "I will teach Haiyan well."
"Gu Yi means that I always hope that if I don’t have that thing, I won’t be qualified to be jealous of others. Family members are the most taboo. I don’t want to see it again!"
Master finished throwing tableware away from Gu Zhengyan’s face and glared coldly at Gu Han, making her feel cold all over.
"Don’t give me back to my room! Shame on people! "
Gu Han’s face is red and his eyes are bleeding, so he suddenly gets up and leaves angrily.
However, Gu Yigen doesn’t care about the building situation.
She went back to her room to search for all the news about Mohs enterprise, and her tight heart slowly loosened.
Gu Zhengting didn’t lie to her. He said he would try his best to help Mo Jun control public opinion at night. He was really doing it and didn’t perfunctory it.
In this case, the wind direction of Mo’s enterprise has changed, and it is no longer rushing to resist condemnation as before.
So Mo Jun can catch his breath at night and have a chance to find out the truth, right?
Gu Yi closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair. It was Mo Jun’s night coat hanging on the chair.
It was her selfishness that she didn’t give it to Aly to take back, but wanted to stay with her as a thought.
She can have these, too
Zhu Xiaoxiao found that Gu always seemed to change back.
It’s not changed back, it’s changed again. It’s no longer in one’s mind, but it seems to be even less energetic.
Dead and full of vitality
"Manager Gu, this is a document that needs your signature."
"Put it here."
Gu Yi motioned for her to let Zhu Xiaoxiao bend over, and it was a matter for Mohist enterprises to sweep the corner of her eyes to Gu Yi’s brain screen display.
"Mr. Gu, are you so worried about buying the stock of Mohs Enterprise?"
Gu Yi smiled and didn’t say yes or no.
Zhu Xiaoxiao guessed it himself and said soothingly, "Don’t worry, I don’t think it is necessarily true now. Have you seen the reports these days? Everyone said that President Mohs would not do such a thing. "
"Are you? Do you think so? "
Zhu Xiaoxiao found Gu Yi’s eyes shining, so he immediately made persistent efforts. "Yes, not only me, but also others feel that the stock you bought will definitely rise again."
"thank you"
Gu Yi smiled and nodded at her. Zhu Xiaoxiao just backed out.
Gu Zhengting fulfilled his promise and then took it.
Gu Yi’s desk words suddenly rang, and she answered, "Gu Zong, do I have the honor to have dinner with you?"
Chang Xi seems to have a magic power to influence others.
Gu Yi Yang Yang corners of the mouth "willing"
Western restaurant melodious sogeum plays beautiful music.
Gu Yi and Chang Xi sat opposite each other in front of a delicate meal.