Or the most powerful aurora first recovered puzzled asked.

"Compared with you, we all know that the first amount of robbery has already started, right? “
Looking around Yuan Henglang’s mouth and watching the gods nod, he went on to say, "All kinds of avenue rules in heaven and earth became active after the great disaster in the wild, which is really a good thing for us."
"It can be said that every robbery is the best opportunity for us to realize the road, and the realm of cultivation can be more or less increased."
"But do you know what this is?"
"This is?"
The gods face one leng this problem they can never delve into.
Who will pay attention to how to raise pigs after eating pork in the pot?
"The catastrophe is a step-by-step crisis, which has both" danger "and" opportunity ".This theory is true for the brother of the universe or for the universe."
"In the great robbery, those who have a shallow foundation and have no fortune karma are naturally going to return to the universe directly."
"In this process, the fallen monk will not only absorb the spirit of the word heaven, earth and body, but also have some extra things to be accepted by heaven and earth."
Yuan Heng visually saw the fallen monks in the battlefield, but some things in their bodies merged into the imaginary road. "For example, after the fall, the monks’ fruit directly returned to the Avenue of Heaven and Earth to expand the source of heaven and earth!"
"Therefore, in the virtual world, the will of heaven and earth is very strong, which not only cleans up the body moths, but also gains a huge force."
"The emergence of this force has expanded the heavens and the earth, so that we can expand the heavens and the earth by ourselves, and all kinds of mysteries, true meanings and road rules of the heavens and the earth will naturally enable us to find out more things."
Yuan Heng’s tone changed. "The fate of heaven and earth is due to the fate of heaven and earth and the expansion and perfection of the world, which naturally produces its anti-bite!"
"And since my glorious Lord accepted this high position, he naturally has to perform his duties. In this period, he needs to share a good fight with heaven and earth to regulate the order of heaven and earth, and even guide its perfect development direction."
"My statue has been hit hard and is now recovering, so now the responsibility arising from this position must be resisted by my incarnation of Yuan Ling …"
"Fortunately, the first amount of robbing monks on this day is not too much, and the causal karmic entanglements are not too serious, so the anti-bite force is not too great."
"Zunzun was hit hard!"
Yuan Heng’s words ignited the powerful atmosphere in the whole temple.
It’s incredible. Is there anyone who can hit the glorious Lord hard nowadays?
"What the hell happened to father?"
Neon cold worries about watching her father. At the beginning, she traveled from her father to the wilderness. Even in Hongguang’s secret land, it was just a minor injury and failed to hurt Yuan Heng to the point of being hit hard.
She has been walking with her father since she was born, and her father’s bottomless strength is very white.
Now it’s been hit hard?
What kind of person or danger can force my father to this extent?
"Hehe, it’s not as outrageous as you think."
Looking at the gods’ amazing look, Yuan Heng shook his head. "This time, the statue found a secret place …"
"I really doubt that the monster was the one who once went to the God’s Hide and realized that one of the inheritors was sheltered by the God’s Hide and escaped the robbery!"
After these thoughts, Yuan Heng has realized that this behemoth has learned a little bit about the God’s hidden place according to Yuan Heng, which was banned by the Taoist ancestors, and some inheritors can enter it.
Otherwise, we must not only pass the test, but also resist the pressure of the world will. In the end, most people will accept it. It is no exaggeration to say that this difficulty may not be able to withstand even the mixed series.
And on this basis, there is actually a powerful beast even in the mixed series?
Daozu’s possession of the gods is reserved for fate, but it’s not really difficult!
Yuan Heng made no secret of his income this time, and finally shook his head with regret.
"What ancestral heritage!"
"Zihuang Avenue is hidden!"
At first glance, I heard such a shocking news, and the gods were shocked by it.
The legacy of super literary essence created by Daozu?
A mature avenue?
The top step may contain the immortal experience of this Taoist ancestor?
All this, everything out, is enough to cause a big shock!
At this moment, even if you are in a high mood, you can’t keep your emotions at this moment!
This thing is so … so important!
But this thing didn’t get it!
The gods heard that even if they were as strong as the glory, the Lord was in the world and the unknown monster was forced to withdraw from the small world hidden by the gods. The heartache in their hearts was simply painful! to be continued
Chapter one hundred and twelve temptation
If you can get this sacred treasure, it may increase your chances of winning by one or two levels for the gods, especially the glorious Lord, to attack the immortal realm in the future.
Yu Daozu?
Say you’re welcome, they haven’t worried about whether it is the glorious Lord or the aurora Lord, and the success rate is not low.
"But this can’t blame you. Who would have thought that there would be such a sinister environment to get the God’s possession?"
Although it hurts, the hearts of the gods are white. This is indeed no wonder that the glorious Lord is not strong enough.
It can be said that the other party is too abnormal!
It’s no stranger to the small world for the Godsworn, who owns the avenue. Some monks are born in the world!
However, the world will of this small world born with the first celestial fiend was replaced by this first celestial fiend.
And produced a small world of the world will, each of which can be regarded as a great power to enter the threshold of the main series of mixed gods!
And the top-level perfect small world like the one experienced by the glorious Lord can mobilize the energy of the whole small world, and the ordinary mixed energy can be suppressed directly in an instant!
"Dare to ask if the sacred place can be re-entered through the secret realm of the poison king?"
The lion from some unwilling asked
He’s not himself. He knows his own weight very well, that is to say, he will prove to be a mixed-up pick Jin Xian. Don’t say that the impact is immortal. I’m afraid the Taoist position is mysterious enough.
However, this thing is really too important for the glorious Lord and Aurora. If they can succeed, they will be immortal to some extent.
Yuan Heng certainly shook his head. He also thought about this question afterwards. "I don’t know how many cosmic cycles the will of that world has gone through. If it is not unexpected, even it will be difficult to truly defeat it!"
"At this level, the spirituality of the world is no small matter. It will definitely move the entrance of that small world to other places!"