Although I feel hopeless, I still shake my head and sigh after hearing the negative.

"No, didn’t you refine and brand the first step?"
Aurora pondered and suddenly thought of this question, "Can’t you find the hidden treasure with this brand?"
It is for this reason that they should have a brand coordinate for such a series of great abilities, so it should be impossible to escape their search in the whole universe, right?
Yuan Heng heard this leng leng and remembered that he had been driven out of God’s hiding place, and the fate track, the cat’s luck and the time standard were all directly covered up.
Therefore, Yuan Heng can no longer feel the brand.
Now I can’t help but think about it when I listen to the aurora, close my eyes and feel it to see if I can get a clue.
Yuan Heng shook his head and sighed for a long time.
The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. The gods have a little hope when they see Yuan Heng’s eye closure induction, but their hearts are cold when they see such a sigh.
"There is no movement now."
Yuan Heng thought, "But this brand should still be there. If I wait for my achievement, there may be a possibility …"
Of course, the biggest possibility is that nothing can be banned by Daozu, which is not so easy to break through, even if it has left a brand …
The northern part of the wild has always been difficult for other forces to get involved in a piece of land, and many forces have tacitly restrained their own forces from entering it for development.
There are many reasons for this. Of course, the most important thing is that this is the temple site!
First, their information channels are absolutely wide, but for someone who deliberately covers up the secret, it is almost impossible to hide it from them.
Nowadays, they should know the situation in the northern part of the wilderness, and most of them know it.
Nowadays, although the northern part of the universe is nominally divided up by three fiends, it is not so simple to know that love is white.
On the one hand, the strength of the temples is too strong, and many members have almost snared 90% of the celestial fiends in the north, while Xuangui and Kunpeng are just a few dozen people.
On the other hand, Xuan Gui, Kun Peng and Yuan Heng, the three great deities, have very good personal relationships, and they almost have brothers (sisters) and jointly established the Northern Ring Holy Land, which is almost an alliance.
This shows that there are many great unity in the northern part of this vast wasteland.
And sometimes unity means strength!
It can be said that they should be glad that the situation in the north is not expanding outward, and what’s worse, they are being invaded.
It’s a pity that now it’s the end of the robbery, and all kinds of complicated situations have changed in all aspects
With the overall development of the wild, now the northern forces must give up a part of their own land that they don’t need very much in order to get the most profit from their resources.
This is the general trend of the universe!
Although no one said that, everyone understood it.
Moreover, the quality of everyone in the world is not those that ordinary people can compare with, and there is absolutely no doubt that they have a broad mind and love for the world.
Therefore, if one or two treasures can be added, it will be great for the development of the wild.
At this time, the scale alliance first tested the water!
It will be much easier to try it here in the scale alliance in the future.
Strive for a price that can satisfy the temples and be acceptable to ourselves.
Although the northern forces do have to give in, they can’t give up the benefits they deserve.
And these benefits come from it?
It’s not white when the layers bend and the bottom monks face each other.