Sister Jiang frowned when she heard this. Miss Lu is such a good person. Why are there so many broken things at home?

"Miss Lu, is this important?" Ginger mammy asked
Liu Xiaoning reluctantly smiled. "Never mind, I will handle it. Please ask Mammy to go in for a cup of tea …"
Yes, it may be inconvenient. She just asked Yulong Bank to put some pressure on Lujia. I didn’t expect them to play too hard and too tight.
"No, no, no, old slave, it’s time to go back. If miss has difficulties, she can take care of princess royal’s mouth." Sister Jiang said.
Lu Xiaoning off ginger mammy this just turned into the Liu Fu.
Du Ruo learned that the young lady had come back and rushed out to meet her, like pouring beans, talking about what happened at home these days
First, the king of Qin came and clamored for the second lady’s house. People in the second lady’s house dared not stop him. When she saw him, the two of them cried bitterly. Later, the king of Qin came and took the king of Qin away.
The old lady is not popular, but the master comforts the second young lady.
Later, the Jiang family also came to send a wedding invitation, saying that the second uncle of the Jiang family was going to get engaged and let the aunt go back to drink the engagement wine. In fact, she came to ask for money. As a result, I heard that my wife was crazy and the Jiang family thought it was the Lujia abuse lady. It was a long time to take people back, and it was not over yet. It is estimated that it will come again these two days.
Then there was Longyu Bank. They didn’t expect the money shopkeeper to be so tough. They either paid back the money or collected the house. Later, the evening mist went to Sun shopkeeper. When asked, it turned out that it was my third uncle and the young master came. At present, the young master who lives in Zhuang came to Jinling early to prepare for the exam.
There is also the fact that the old lady learned that the lady owed 302,000 yuan, and that the house was mortgaged by the lady, and she was very angry.
The old lady has long wanted to send someone to princess royal to invite her back, but she dare not. Anyway, Lujia is a mess now.
Lu Xiaoning said that it is no wonder that the money shopkeeper didn’t listen to her this time. It turned out that the third uncle’s resentment against Lujia was not as deep as usual and he had long wanted to start repairing it.
"All right, I know all about it. Come back with me to Hancui Pavilion to change clothes and then go and see the old lady." Lu Xiaoning said.
Neither of the first two is a big deal. Huangfu Shaolong must have sneaked into Lujia. Now that Wang Fu of Qin has taken people back, he will be optimistic that he won’t let him come to the Lins’ place again. Don’t make trouble again.
In the ginger family, it won’t be because of the pure friendship between brothers and sisters. It’s very polite for her Lu Xiaoning to come back and the ginger family not to ask them to spit it out before they leave Lujia for a copper coin.
The most troublesome thing now is that my uncle is not a good negotiator. I guess I know that my father is angry with her. It is not easy to persuade my uncle to change his mind.
"Oh, yes, there’s one more thing. Miss Chen Jiaer came to see you the day you entered the palace, saying that Miss Lin hit the column and failed to go on a hunger strike. There was no news and I didn’t know the situation these two days, such as" Rico suddenly thought of it again.
Lu Xiaoning’s beauty is slightly frowning. Is Lin Reyu throwing caution to the wind and not wanting to marry into the palace of Qin Dynasty?
Regardless of these Lu Xiaoning returned to Hancui Pavilion to change clothes and went straight to Grace Cathedral.
Aunt Sue is attending to illness in Grace Cathedral. Seeing Lu Xiaoning is like seeing a savior. Her eyes lit up.
"Thank goodness, Miss, you are back. If you don’t come back, I won’t stay up."
Lu Xiaoning comforted, "What about the old lady who has worked so hard?"
"I have a headache and ache all over. The doctor says it’s because I’m angry and depressed," said Aunt Sue.
Lu Xiaoning clearly means to give gas!
Lu Xiaoning entered the room, and the old lady was lying in bed groaning, singing that groan and singing with a sigh, which showed that she was really angry and resistant.
"Grandma" Lu Xiaoning walked quickly to the bed.
The old lady opened her eyes and looked at Xiao Ning with a wink. Her eyes were wet and she cried, "Xiao Ning, this family is going to be finished … Lou’s bitch is simply sent by God to kill me and my family!"
How can you pay the debt of 300 thousand and two thousand? Besides, if they are thrown out of this house, they can’t live on the streets. The old lady has a heart to kill now and has no strength to kill.
Lu Xiaoning Judo "Grandma, don’t worry. If you have a granddaughter in this family, you can’t finish it, and you can rest assured that other things will be solved by your granddaughter."
"The old lady and the old slave said that the big lady would find a way. Now that the big lady is back, you can relax and stop thinking about those bad things. Your health is important!" Liu Ma also advised.
The old lady couldn’t believe it. "Xiao Ning, do you know what’s going on at home?"
"Knowing that Du Ruo has told her granddaughter will think of some way to set up this house in my mother’s hand, and it won’t let people take it away." Lu Xiaoning said that when he saw it relaxed, he went to 【 Vertex Network O 】.
Chapter 377 Bad temper
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