Huangfu Shaoye is very depressed, that is, she is not angry with him first, but she is angry with him endlessly.

HuangFuShaoYe also arms to make angry eyes staring at her.
Lu Xiaoning stare back at two people so big eyes stare big eyes who also don’t talk.
Wow … It’s raining cats and dogs outside, and it’s like pouring beans on the roof street. Pedestrians are fleeing with their heads in their hands. A pedestrian runs past the carriage without looking at his eyes, catching the car and catching the moon. He almost didn’t hit it.
The carriage suddenly came to a sudden stop. Lu Xiaoning held her arms and leaned over the whole person to one side. Seeing that the door frame was about to crash, Huangfu Shaoye’s load grabbed her arm, jerked it to her side, hugged her shoulder and slammed it into the door frame.
"Are you all right?" Huangfu Shaoye’s first reaction was whether she hit it or not.
Lu Xiaoning shook his head in shock.
"That you can get up? You are so holding me up, I can’t get up "HuangFuShaoYe way.
Lu Xiaoning discovered that he was lying on his body without image. He couldn’t help but get up and sit back to his original position. Huangfu Shaoye grabbed her arm and said without a doubt, "You are sitting next to me, and the road conditions are so bad that there are accidents."
"It’s none of your business," Lu Xiaoning said in anger.
"How can I ignore you? Ok, don’t be angry. Is it my fault? " Huangfushaoye coaxed
"What do you mean you are wrong? It’s your fault, "Lu Xiaoning said angrily.
"Yes, yes, yes, I shouldn’t have left, but you should also think about how I feel. I’m by your side, but you have something to think about, but it’s not me. You make me feel at home?" Huangfushaoye injustice way
He wronged Liu Xiaoning more injustice "that kind of thing can I find you? You are the great grandson of the emperor. Don’t you know that your identity is very sensitive? "
But it involves the Qin Palace and the Lins’ Huangfu Shaoye. If it is involved, the problem will not be so simple, and the nature will change. If she doesn’t talk to him and won’t let him participate, he will also participate, just like Master Liang made a fool of himself in the Flower Garden. Although he didn’t admit it, she knew it was him.
Of course, she didn’t want Chen Yanyu’s help. The Prime Minister’s office is also very sensitive. One careless thing is that the party is fighting for her opinion.
As a result, he didn’t ask her a word, and he didn’t listen to her explanation, so he ran away in anger and dispatched the monthly stream away.
Did he ever think about how she felt?
Huangfu Shaoye regrets to death. It turns out that she didn’t tell him because she was thinking about him. And he is still stupid enough to eat Chen Yanyu’s vinegar. He thinks that Chen Yanyu is more important than him in her heart. No wonder he is jealous. Chen Yanyu is so excellent after all. Who is he in the younger generation? That is to say, if Chen Yanyu changed a person, he wouldn’t be so insecure and look relaxed and go to [vertex network O].
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Chapter three hundred and seventy-one I was wrong
"I was wrong. I was really wrong. I was a jerk. Calm down. Did you really not knock it just now?" Huangfu Shaoye made a sincere review.
"Are you a jerk? I think you are sick "Liu Xiaoning suppressed fire for several days is it a mistake can dispel?
"I’m sick, but it’s a good thing you’re a doctor and you can cure it." Huangfu Shaoye smiled and compensated carefully.
"Imperial doctors can’t cure brain damage," Lu Xiaoning said angrily.
"When doctors are the most kind, you should love brain-dead people." Huangfu Shaoye laughed.
Outside, I want to tell the temple a confession. As a result, I heard the temple think that it was stupid and scared. I quickly sat down and lamented that the temple really had no position in front of Miss Lu. Where is there any coldness, arrogance and domineering? No wonder Bu Jingyun was afraid of Miss Lu. Forget it. He might as well be deaf and concentrate on driving.
The grandson of the emperor inside doesn’t know that he is despised by his family, but even if he does, he won’t care to coax himself into liking a woman’s heart. It’s a pleasure, and you guys who know how to fight and kill won’t understand.
Lu Xiaoning still has a lot of anger. If he dares to say something wrong, she will be ready for the volcano to erupt. As a result, people grin and admit that they are brain-dead and shamelessly courting. Lu Xiaoning watched his handsome face with a face full of flattery and laughter, but he didn’t want to be so cheap. He simply turned his head and ignored him.
Huangfu Shaoye talks to herself, whether she listens or not.
"I’m telling you, this arrest is really too suspended. In Shengxingyuan, tight encirclement will be arrested in case it is lost. When the other party comes to hand over the stolen goods, Zo In Sung will be arrested. As a result, the old fox confessed a new situation. There is also a master of Yi Shu in Xirong. I was confused at that time. How do you know if the other party is coming or not?"
"Zo In Sung, I’d rather catch the wrong thing than let you go. I really don’t know how entangled I was at that time. Fur merchants have already entered Shengxingyuan. Everyone, wait for me to start arresting people."
"But if this fur dealer is caught by a fur dealer, it doesn’t matter much. He bit himself to death and coveted this baby. We couldn’t help it. We had to catch Xirong’s talent. At that time, I had an idea in my mind. If only you were here, you would definitely be able to see through each other at a glance. But you couldn’t get out of Zichen Temple at that time, and it was impossible to ask you to save the fire."
Lu Xiaoning didn’t want to hear it, but he couldn’t help but be attracted to it. I didn’t expect such twists and turns in the past. How did Huangfu Shaoye identify who was Xirong? I’m really curious
HuangFuShaoYe see Lu Xiaoning finally turned my head, eyes still reveal a curious look a exulting said more hard.