The queen’s eyebrows suddenly twisted into a Sichuan word. The two princes went to the Zichen Temple every morning and evening these days to pay their respects, but they could kneel and kowtow outside the temple. The emperor just wouldn’t let them into the temple. The emperor summoned his grandson as soon as he came back. What does this mean? Is the emperor going to give the throne to the emperor’s grandson?

On second thought, it’s not right for the emperor’s grandson to go to Yangzhou to handle the theft of tributes. Maybe he came back to me. It’s a big deal that the emperor summoned him.
When the Empress is in the throat and falls back into her stomach, don’t scare her own eyes. The courtiers call out day by day, and the emperor ignores it and comes out of Zichen Temple. The news that the emperor’s illness has been greatly improved is sent in every day. When he is in the memorial hall, the annotation is really the emperor’s handwriting, saying that the news is true. If the emperor is dying, he should not be able to handle state affairs.
The emperor has been husband and wife for decades, and she has seen clearly what to say. The two princes are better than not dying. He has to think it over. In fact, the emperor is reluctant to let go or die, and he will sit in that dragon chair. He is almost waiting for the old man to grow old, but he still refuses to give way.
This is not the most irritating thing. The most irritating thing is that the emperor is seriously ill. He can stay with the emperor and wait on the people, not her, but the virtuous princess. That bitch virtuous princess hasn’t come out since she set foot in Zichen Temple.
A maid-in-waiting came in quickly and made a ceremony. She said a few words in Mammy Feng’s ear, and when Mammy Feng’s face changed, she waved her hand and told her to go.
"Empress, just now, someone from Qionghua Hall reported that Suyun had been seen there."
"What? Isn’t Suyun in Zichen Hall? " The queen was shocked. She remembered very clearly that the bitch Xianfei brought Suyun into Zichen Hall, and according to the news for many days, Xianfei and Suyun had never left Zichen Hall.
"Is the virtuous princess back to Qionghua Hall?" Asked the queen.
Mammy Feng shook her head. "There is no news that Suyun left Zichen Temple. Today, there are Xue Yu’s physician, Gu Da-ren and Huang Tai-sun."
"Empress, a Suyun is in Zichen Hall and a Suyun is in Qionghua Hall. There must be something wrong here," said Mammy Feng.
"This also said? The queen decided to go and see for herself what was going on. If that bitch Xianfei plays tricks with her secretly, she will make her look good.
Lu Xiaoning went back to Zhaoyang Temple as soon as she came out of Zichen Temple. She was changing her clothes when she heard the newspaper "The Empress is here …"
Empress Xianfei’s dressing hand gave a slight sneer at the bottom of her eyes. The queen came soon, and she came back with her front foot and followed her with her back foot.
"Empress Empress is afraid to make trouble." Suyun said, "Dressing a virtuous princess."
Xianfei Man said, "Why don’t you insist that you have been serving the emperor in Zichen Temple with the palace?"
I’m afraid it’s not so easy for the queen to find trouble with her. Lu Xiaoning has gone out of the palace now, and she has nothing to worry about anymore.
Xianfei adjusted her temples and walked out of the temple with a calm look.
Along with the Empress, Huangfu Yunlan Huangfu Yunlan heard a news today and hurried to Zhaoyang Temple to report to the Empress that she happened to meet the Empress and was going to Qionghua Temple all the way.
The queen’s face is gloomy, like the dark clouds at the moment, and it will rain heavily at any time.
She didn’t know that Lu Xiaoning had been to the palace on the day when the emperor was seriously ill, and then compared the two Suyun found today. She doubted that Suyun in Zichen Temple was Lu Xiaoning’s previous emperor’s hemoptysis. More than a few physicians made a diagnosis and treatment all night or were helpless. Later, it was inexplicably better. It was said that Gu’s adult medical skill cured the emperor.
I want to think about it. It must be that bitch Lu Xiaoning’s mischief. It’s not that Lu Xiaoning’s medical skill is higher than that of the royal hospital doctor. That’s impossible. But Lu Xiaoning is, after all, Mr. Fufeng’s brother, Mr. Fufeng’s medical skill is superb. Maybe there is some life-saving medicine, which will turn the emperor into a crisis.
The thought of great things is bad for Xianfei and Lu Xiaoning, and the queen can’t wait to tear them up.
"Male and female servants have seen Empress Jin An" Xian Fei Ying Ying’s gentle words said
The queen looked at the princess and went straight to the seat. She sat down with a dark face and said, "Somebody bring Suyun to the palace."
The accompanying eunuch will take Suyun before him.
Xianfei is also looking at the eunuch with a heavy eye color "Who dares?"
"It’s not your turn to be presumptuous in front of Xianfei Palace," the queen threatened.
The virtuous princess looked frightened and said, "When the Empress comes, she will punish the servants and concubines. Do people in the palace dare to ask the Empress Suyun if she committed a crime?"
"The palace suspects that Suyun is a fake, and someone will take it." Empress said strongly.
Xianfei laughed. "It’s not ridiculous to say that you want to add guilt. Suyun is Suyun. Is it true or not?" If the Empress is dissatisfied with the fact that the concubines have to serve the emperor when they are ill, can she tell the truth that she has to go through such a lot of trouble to take it out on the people around her? "
"Xian Fei, you don’t quibble. Someone saw Suyun in this Qionghua Temple during Zichen Temple. How do you explain this?" The queen asked.
Xianfei said, "isn’t this a discussion?" Who saw it? Ask her to come out and confront her. "
The queen’s sneer is really a coffin without tears.
"Mammy Feng brings people."
Mammy Feng gave her hand a wink, and a little maid-in-waiting was brought in and knelt on the ground trembling.
Xian Fei looks at this. Isn’t it her palace that is responsible for sweeping the maid-in-waiting Yuhe? Well, it turns out that Yuhe is the queen’s eyeliner. She has also cleaned up the Qionghua Temple. I didn’t expect there to be a fish escaping from the net.
"Yuhe, you said you met Suyun in time," asked Mammy Feng.
Yuhe timidly glanced at the fairy princess and said weakly, "The handmaiden saw Sister Suyun in this temple through the window when she was cleaning this afternoon. Look, it’s Sister Suyun. At that time, the handmaiden wondered if Sister Suyun was not in Zichen Temple. How can you be here? I haven’t seen Suyun’s sister come back. "Look relaxed and go to [vertex network O]
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Chapter 371 Against an army
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After listening to Yuhe’s remarks, Suyun sneered, "Yuhe, even if you were lazy and lazy a while ago, you shouldn’t make up such stupid lies because you hate me. I was in Zichen Temple this afternoon, but I can testify that I appeared in Qionghuadian Yuhe. Are you hysterical or have you seen a ghost?"
"Who else in this Qionghua Palace has seen me this afternoon?" Suyun went to ask others * Pop-ups? @++www* C
The ladies-in-waiting in Joan’s palace shook their heads and said that they had not seen it.
Xianfei empress cheerfully is the smile that makes people cold and leisurely. "Seeing a ghost is not necessarily a male and female servant. This Joan Hua Dian Gan Kun Lang Lang male and female servant hasn’t seen a ghost in more than ten years. * * * Where is the dream? Even if someone wants to play tricks?"
Empress’s face is blue and white, which is a wonderful princess. This is mocking her. The year before last, she was mentally ill because of nightmares for several months. She also fell ill. Master Ji Yun was invited to see her. Master Ji Yun said that it was the ghosts who made a mage to restore calm. Everyone in the palace knew that everyone was whispering behind her back that the former queen was both her fault and her fault.
Now the virtuous princess is talking about ghosts, good dreams and ghosts in front of her. Isn’t that just sarcasm?
"If someone is cheating on the Empress Xianfei, you won’t know who this cheating person is. This is your Qionghua Temple. If you don’t admit it, Yuhe, the silly girl, will say what she sees, right?" Huang fu yun LAN wan Dao
The queen laughed coldly "isn’t it? The palace believes that Yuhe won’t lie. There are two Suyun in the palace. One of them entered the Zichen Palace when the emperor was seriously ill. Now it is suspected that someone intends to take advantage of the emperor’s serious illness to plot evil plans. Someone will take this Qionghua Palace maid-in-waiting and interrogate the palace. I don’t believe it. "
Xianfei unhurriedly said, "Empress said that she was a male and female servant, and she also suspected that Yuhe was instructed to slander male and female servants, and it was time to interrogate people. Drag Yuhe out and play until she was willing to tell the truth."
Yuhe looked at the Empress in horror. It was a real fight, and the slave suffered. If I had known, she would not have told the Empress about it.
The queen was angry and glared at the princess. "Dear Princess, please remember that your identity palace is the queen palace."
Xianfei smiled. "Male and female servants have always kept in mind their identity. The emperor ordered male and female servants to preside over the affairs of the Sixth Palace. How dare they violate the emperor’s trust? These days, male and female servants are busy serving the emperor. It is indeed negligence to control some slaves in the Sixth Palace. Dare to frame the Empress? Don’t bother. Male and female servants will make a clear trial and give the Empress an explanation."
Xianfei is not afraid of the queen at all. You are the queen, but now she is in charge of the Sixth House, but she is not your queen.