Listen to the virtuous princess empress judo "male and female servants have nothing to worry about? The emperor will live a long life. "

Lord Gu came in at the right time. "Your decoction is ready."
After drinking the decoction, the emperor will continue to watch the discount. Lu Xiaoning refused. "It’s time for the emperor to have a rest. It is agreed that these days, the handling of politics should not exceed one hour."
It is the duty of a doctor to supervise patients to take medicine on time and cultivate themselves in peace. She is a conscientious doctor, of course.
The emperor wry smile way "you see there are so many fold it’s a big deal without delay"
"Again big things can be greater than the emperor your well-being? Princess royal, however, told my daughter to take good care of the emperor. If you don’t obey my daughter, tell princess royal to go. "Liu Xiaoning took the chicken feather as the direction.
Huang Nai said to Xianfei, "This girl is still eloquent when she is alone."
Xianfei Empress laughed, "Huang, you are a patient now. She is a doctor, so she should be in charge. Besides, people still have chicken feathers in their hands."
The emperor smiled happily. "What a big chicken feather!"
Lu Xiaoning or "it’s easy to care whether he is chicken feathers or duck feathers."
The emperor laughed and listened to good advice. "If you don’t look at it, don’t look at it, girl. You’ll fall asleep if you don’t look at it."
Lu Xiaoning said, "Why don’t I give the emperor a prescription and make sure that the emperor falls asleep?"
Let her read it. She won’t read it. It’s full of state secrets. If she accidentally sees it, shouldn’t she know that state secrets are not finished? She won’t jump in this pit.
Xianfei chimed in, "Let’s look at this method and make you recite the prescription for the emperor."
Emperor wry smile "forget it, forget it, you don’t give lonely back prescription lonely obedient"
Alas, the emperor has to be managed by a little girl. The problem is that he still feels quite happy and enjoys it. No one dares to talk to him like this for many years. In fact, the emperor sometimes longs to be treated as an ordinary person and live an ordinary life instead of looking at it from the top of the emperor.
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Chapter 366 Worry about which one?
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Huangfu Shaoye didn’t know that Lu Xiaoning was angry in princess royal House until today, but she didn’t take it for a few days to think about whether her injury had healed or not. She thought about whether she could eat well, sleep well and be in a good mood these days. Once this idea arose, it would grow like a weed. Unable to restrain Huangfu Shaoye’s decision to go to princess royal House to create an unpleasant encounter, it was revealed that it was not a pop-up window. @++www* C
I am familiar with princess royal Fu Shaoye. After all, I have lived here for several years without disturbing people and easily entered the living room of princess royal.
"Who are you?" Suddenly, a strange man broke into the room, startled Mammy Jiang, and wanted to call the guards.
"Mammy is my little Ye" Huangfu Shaoye hurriedly reported his name.
Sister Jiang pointed at Huangfu Shaoye’s face in amazement. "How did you become like this?"
Huangfu Shaoye explained that "secrets have to be changed."
"Oh, just like Xiao Ning." Sister Jiang remembered that Xiao Ning was also the maid Suyun around the virtuous princess.
"Xiao ning? What happened to Xiao Ning? " Huangfu Shaoye keenly grasped the key points in Jiang Mammy’s words.
"Why do I seem to hear someone coming?" Back room to princess royal for questioning.
Sister Jiang said, "Wait a moment."
Mammy Jiang went into the back room, and soon Mammy Jiang brought out two maids and gave Huangfu Shaoye a wink, which means you can go in.
Huangfu Shaoye smiled and Mammy was as cautious as ever, sending all the irrelevant people out.
Huangfu Shaoye lifted the bamboo curtain and went into the back room to accept the head, then worshipped "Ye Er paid his respects to Grandmother Huang."
Princess royal said, "Get up quickly. Are you coming back from Yangzhou?"
"Yes, my aunt Ye Er sneaked back and had something important to do. Ye Er had to come back in person to sit in order to rest assured." Huangfushaoye said.
Princess royal asked him to sit down and talk.
"When you say something important, you mean the emperor’s illness?"
"The emperor is ill? Ye Er doesn’t know. Ye Er just came back and thought about hiding in your most secure place, so he came over. How was Huang’s illness? Is it serious? " Huangfu Shaoye somehow couldn’t help it. It’s better not to let anyone know that he changed his face and hid in Jinling and didn’t go to Yangzhou
Princess royal nodded. "So that’s it. I also told you that you didn’t come back until you got the news."