Sister is gone, Shen Han’s face is strong and nothing is going on, and his expression disappears instantly.

He believed it!
He believes that he did it himself. Mojun took revenge at night!
Those businessmen are inextricably linked with the Fu family. If it were him, it would be easy for them to stop cooperating with the Shen family!
Shen Han’s hand became a fist and he sneered slowly.
Sure enough, Fu Yunfei is a man of his word, and if he says he won’t let him go, he will really have no respect at all.
☆, Chapter 154 Can you forget everything?
A secret place, Mo Jun, looked at the people sitting behind the one-way glass at night.
Aly came out of the room and shook his head. "Master can’t make them talk."
"ask again"
Aly is slightly anxious. Sooner or later, he will be able to ask something. He is afraid that it will be too late before he finds out the truth.
Mo Jun’s face was cold at night, and the shareholders of Mo’s enterprise had threatened Mo’s shares to force him to apologize to the shareholders who staged the sit-in.
Section 331
We’re about to find out. When we need a little more,
Mo Jun’s expectation for the night will come true soon, even he thinks it is so incredible.
The news that Mohs enterprises are suspected of illegal transactions is in full swing these days.
All public opinion orientations are condemning Mohism for questioning and spurning Mohism’s president Mo Junye.
However, after only a few days, public opinion has changed.
First of all, the mainstream media reported on the anger of the cyber mob when it didn’t know the truth, calling on the people to wait for the truth rationally.
Later, the official statement said that the matter had not yet been finalized, and something was still being thoroughly investigated.
Then some government media also reported the contributions made by Mohs enterprises in recent years, especially in charity and public welfare.
Gradually, some followers came to their senses, and the sit-ins in the Moshi Enterprise Building were also forced to retreat by the government.
As soon as the situation becomes calm, it seems that everyone is waiting to see what conclusion will be drawn in the end.
Will it be reversed or will it be finalized?
"Boss, I’m still inciting here, but it’s really difficult to know what government forces are involved!"
Ink winds look anxious "and the boss ink jun night there has been to get people in the past the man shut up? Will it be said? "
"Don’t worry"
"I’m relieved to have the boss."
Although the words are so said, Mo Lian is still uneasy after hanging up.
If we follow the plan, Mojun Night should not stay up now! Even if he finds something, he will be expelled from Mohism.
It’s almost there. What’s going to change?
Where is the power to help him? What mo jun still hides such strength at night?
Ink winds gnashed her teeth and smashed the ashtray on the ground and splashed the porcelain.
Gu Yi and Chang Xi want to get engaged. Gu Zhengting found a time and said it directly when everyone was eating.
"After a while, I will go to visit his family with Greece. That’s settled."
Gu Zhengting speaks casually, but the people at the table look different.
At Gu Zhengting Yin Yueqin first laughed lightly chastising. "You see that children are shy, so how important things have to be officially said at a time?"
Gu Zhengting also smiled "that little engagement thing"
"Give it to me, and I will definitely do it pays photogenic. This is the first engaged daughter of our family. It must be vigorous."
Yin Yueqin seems very happy to have her measured immediately after the Italian meal. "Masters’ gifts should be customized in advance. Don’t worry, Aunt Qin will find the best designer to design them for you."
"Thank you, Aunt Qin"
"Congratulations to my sister for saying that my brother will become my brother-in-law? Great! I have a brother-in-law! "
Gu Yue followed congratulations. There was no other emotion in her eyes. She was also very happy to have a handsome brother-in-law herself.
However, compared with the family Fannie and Freddie, Gu Zhengyan, Wang Haiyan and Gu Han are more ugly than one.
Gu Zhengyan can still hold Wang Haiyan resentment in his heart. This time, the benefits were robbed by Yin Yueqin.
What a good son-in-law candidate Chang Xi is? She has already taken a fancy to it! But I was taken care of by such a person.
Wang Haiyan sneer at condescension in my heart, but Gu Han around me "snapped" chopsticks on the table.
"Sec. Uncle, are you sure you want an unmarried daughter-in-law who gave birth to a child? Aren’t you afraid of offending the Chang family? "
When she finished speaking, she quietly dropped her needle and heard Gu Zhengting’s face sink at once.
Gu Zhengyan glared at Gu Han. "What are you fooling around?"
"I’m telling the truth. Marriage with Chang’s family also wants two families to have a common good. What do you mean by sending such a person to our family now? It is estimated that we often look down on them. "
Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Gu Yi, but she was eating without looking back, as if nothing happened at the table.
Gu Yi ate quickly and then gently got up "You are slow"
After that, she actually wanted to leave
"Gu yi! Don’t you have anything to say? Are you trying to make enemies between our family and the Chang family? "