Snow …
The doomsday natural disaster formed a natural disaster. The first seven days after the world was broken, the fairy directly spit out one mouthful blood.
"Qing Ming, although your practice is not a natural disaster, you are indeed a genius. It’s a pity that I will let you die a little faster in the past."
Looking at the front half-kneeling with indifference, Qing Ming, although their avatar was broken, was a lose-lose situation, but they shared the seven immortals and now they still have a fighting force.
However, a single person who bears the force of self-eating has no such treatment. At this time, even if he does not die, he is definitely hit hard and there is absolutely no resistance.
"Ahem … you start work!"
Looking at the opposite side calmly, Qing Ming thought of this ending as early as when he switched to another avenue.
It’s too late to die …
Stroking the sword in his hand, there was a glimmer of nostalgia in his eyes. Although he had a good talent, he didn’t fit the natural disaster road at all, so he couldn’t successfully advance to the fairy realm.
It was it that really brought himself into the temple of practice and made him see higher scenery and better scenery.
Although that also led to today’s ending, I don’t regret it!
"Yin Yin …"
Cangming Excalibur is an innate Excalibur. Although it can’t be compared with the innate spiritual treasure, it can’t be compared with those acquired instruments. At this time, I feel my master’s thoughts can’t help moaning.
If I had to choose again …
I will still choose this road!
Looking at the black storm approaching overhead, I sighed in my heart. It’s a pity that there is no chance to see another layer of scenery …
The celestial world is different from the nether world, which can be divided into the celestial world and the celestial world.
Among them, the celestial world is the first small world group of thirty-three days. These world groups are very special. The biggest difference between them and those ordinary small worlds is that they are not refined!
You should know that ordinary small worlds are just like Yuan Heng’s encounter with the secret small world, which has the world core and the world will. If you refine them, you can become the world master!
However, these world groups are different. Although they also have their own world core and will, they are not only the world cores that are faintly linked with each other, but 33 days ago, a super array of heavens was formed. This large array linked these world groups together to form a continent with almost a vast expanse of land.
Even the world will unite to form a strong will!
Because of this, although many fiends know that these world groups are good things, they can finally look at the amount of resources and do their best to hang around in front of them and have the heart.
Because no one can refine the core and the will of heaven.
Therefore, in the end, those natural world owners who are born with a small world can have an independent small world just like the "five gods" in heaven.
Yu Xing, which is much better, is made up of many original chaotic stars. The outermost part of the same huge horse is faintly connected with the chaos in the communication between the two worlds.
And many of the stars that make up the star, especially those with huge original chaotic stars, gave birth to the first celestial fiend, and these first celestial fiends can also be called star lords or star gods!
Its representative nature is the "Samsung God", the first of the three great stars in the star. These star gods are born with natural control over their stars.
In particular, the value of the three great stars is comparable to those of the most perfect and powerful top small worlds.
On this day, the celestial continent belongs to a mine valley where the mine veins converge in the Leiweibao flaming sky area.
Roaring thunderbolts kept ringing, and blue thunder kept falling from the sky. Blue Lei Guang was shot down and spread on the ground, and eventually most of it re-dispersed into the small and medium parts and infiltrated into the ground.
Booming …
At this time, the sky suddenly appeared until it smelled of thunder, and the purple thunder rolled with ripples and hit the depths of Leigu, which seemed to be attracted by something.
If someone who knows the goods is here, he can know that this blue Lei Guang is a blue thunder, and finally the purple Lei Guang is a purple thunder, both of which are one of the eleven kinds of congenital thunder in those days.
And the purple sky thunder is among the thunder heads of the heavens, which shows that this thunder valley is also extraordinary and can be called the treasure land of thunder practitioners
There was another sudden violent fluctuation in the virtual thunder. After the thunder collided with each other, a faint black hole suddenly appeared in the sky. This black hole is different from the ordinary natural black hole that devours the light energy of sand grass trees. This black hole appears suddenly, and the sky and the earth are dark, as if it were swallowed up.
A figure walking leisurely out of a black hole can’t see the mess at all.
The bearer was dressed in a dazzling golden robe, and his long black hair fluttered, and it seemed that his hair was as ancient as ever.
Holding the flag that exudes deep and remote blue God Mountain.
This person stands for half a sense, but in fact, there is almost no hidden breath. In an instant, the whole Lei Wei Bao flame day flashed a flash and a huge breath.
Almost instantly, all the strong people in Jin Xian in this small world looked up and looked at it, but soon they were confused and shook their heads. This breath was so fast that it was like an illusion.
"Hey? This is a friendly and vast atmosphere … "
At this time, there was a crisp voice in a mountain in this world, which was as soothing and moving as the fragrance of osmanthus fragrans on the lunar star.
At this time, the goddess, who is limited in youth and firm in reality, is staring at her eyes. Just that moment, the breath was too vast, as if it was high above the world and everything became their foil.
"But what seems to be the problem with this Taoist friend is that he can’t control his breath and it seems that he is in trouble."
At this time, the goddess frowned and looked at a worry in the distance.
They are born to pick the gods, and almost nothing will bloom their own breath.
After all, reaching their level of power, even a little breath leakage may cause great changes in the world.
However, some extreme attributes, such as extreme sun, thunder and fire, frost and so on, are likely to cause hundreds of millions of miles of dry land, polar ice, and so on, and the consequences can be described as a change of color.
Therefore, it is almost impossible to make this happen when you are in charge of heaven and earth to suppress the virtual universe.
"It seems that I must go and have a look …"
It is from the virtual adventure that people escape from Yuanheng.
"Damn it, I knew this imperfect method was still too dangerous!"
I can’t stop sweating when I think that I was almost crushed into meat by the virtual pressure, and I almost lost my way and circled in the virtual forever.
Yuan Hengxu stood in the middle of the school and coughed from time to time. He was far from being as handsome as he seemed. "Cough, where is this?"
Take a deep breath and take a breath with thunder and gas. Close your eyes and communicate with me directly.