Chapter 362 Nine turn silver needle surgery

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There are many cases of massive hemoptysis, no matter which one is very difficult. Lu Xiaoning asked "When did the emperor first have hemoptysis?"
Gu’s adult was dazed. Look at Xianfei Niangniang. Xianfei Niangniang nodded and looked at Gao Gonggong’s frown. It’s time to feel the pulse. What’s hard to say?
Gu’s adult said, "The first time was the spring * pop-up window three years ago? @++www* C”
Lu Xiaoning asked again, "Does the emperor often cough? How often does hemoptysis usually happen? "
"In spring and autumn, you will cough badly, and some hemoptysis will also occur in these two seasons, but none of them will be as bad as this one." Gu’s adult can control it before, but he can’t control it this time.
Lu Xiaoning asked some questions one after another and listened to them on the emperor’s chest. He already had a dispute in his heart. Most of them had bronchial adenoma, which led to atelectasis and lung abscess. It was really difficult to add high blood pressure and excessive diabetes.
Other diseases can be treated by acupuncture and drugs, but if there is a tumor in this body, it can be removed by surgery, but it is impossible to operate under the current medical conditions
"Gu’s adult borrowed a silver needle" Lu Xiaoning said.
Now, if we can find a way to suppress hemoptysis first, then the emperor will really die soon.
Lord Gu was surprised. "Are you sure?"
It’s a big deal to stick a needle in the emperor’s body, but even the hospital can’t do it. He and Xue’s physician barely tried, but they all failed
Lu Xiaoning calmly replied "sixty percent"
Gu’s adult is startled. What is Suyun’s position? I cann’t believe I’m 60% sure, but he cann’t even say 30%
"Gu’s adult, what are you hesitating about?" Xianfei empress low scold a way
There is a 10% chance that she will try, let alone 60%.
"The accident happened to the palace, which was borne by one person." Xianfei Empress decisively said.
Gao Gonggong looked at the dying emperor and made up his mind. "Gu’s adult, hurry up and don’t hesitate."
If the emperor can’t be saved, it’s a big deal to die together. He also thinks that the emperor has gone, and he will follow him to serve.
Lord Gu is good at punching the medicine box and taking out the needles.
"Empress, please remove the clothes for the emperor and move as lightly as possible." Lu Xiaoning said.
High father-in-law hurriedly to help with xian princess for the emperor in addition to the clothes.
Lu Xiaoning twisted a silver needle and groped for a moment before the emperor’s chest.
Gu’s adult nervously looked at Lu Xiaoning’s silver needle and saw that this female needle technique was unusually skillful and strange, especially the one-three-twist and nine-quiver hand technique. Gu’s adult suddenly popped out a few words in his mind … Nine-turn silver needle technique.
Gu’s adult was frightened by these words and stared at the little maid-in-waiting who was needling.
He should be right. This is the nine-turn silver needle technique, but the nine-turn silver needle technique is Mr. Fufeng’s Juexue. How can Suyun? If you say yes, it should be Lu Xiaoning.
Both he and Fang Yuan’s envoy thought of asking Lu Xiaoning to ask her if she could turn nine needles into silver needles, but on second thought, the difficulty of turning nine needles into silver needles is extremely profound. I’m afraid it’s still in nine needles. Even if Lu Xiaoning can estimate it, it’s a semi-suspension, so he dismissed the idea. If Xiao Ning is called and it can’t be cured, wouldn’t one more person take the blame?
How can Gu Huaishan not be surprised to see the nine-turn silver needle technique in a little maid-in-waiting? At this moment, his heart is simply causing waves.
The scene that Gao Gonggong quietly retired can’t be seen by the fourth person, so he has to go out and watch it.
Lu Xiaoning’s heart is focused on the needle, and Princess Xian and Gu Huaishan breathe very slowly for fear that their breathing will disturb the person who is giving the needle.
After less than half an hour, Lu Xiaoning closed the needle. As soon as the last silver needle was evacuated from the emperor, he opened his eyes and coughed violently. Lu Xiaoning was busy helping him to lift his face and pat the emperor’s back.
The emperor coughed out of breath, accompanied by a continuous overflow of blood.
The fairy princess was terrified. "How can it be?"
Gu’s adult was also scared. When he saw the nine-turn silver needle technique, his emperor was saved. As a result, when he woke up, his cough was worse and his hemoptysis was worse.
Lu Xiaoning calmly said, "You don’t have to worry. Now it’s the residual blood in your body. If you don’t clear it, it may cause respiratory obstruction."
The emperor coughed up the blood for a while and finally stopped coughing. He lay there pale and weak, but his eyes were much clearer than before.
Lu Xiaoning took out a pill from his carry-on purse and gave it to Gu’s adult. "Please warm this pill."
Lord Gu said cautiously, "Is this medicine?"
The emperor can’t eat the medicine of origin, but the medicine of emperor should keep the sample.
Lu Xiaoning said, "Now I can tell you that this is a miracle medicine for saving lives."
The emperor is temporarily out of danger, but not completely out of danger. In two hours, she must give the emperor another injection, and then the situation will be all right. Before that, she didn’t want to involve Master.
This pill is called Dahuandan, which is not the kind of Dahuandan written in martial arts, but the effect is really magical. It is a miracle medicine that can save lives. When Master spent years, he got ten pills. Because the raw materials were too rare, this time she went back to Jinling and gave her five pills. This is the first time to take them out to save the emperor’s life, which is worth it anyway.
"Gu Aiqing listen to her" Huang weak way
Others don’t know, but the patient’s own feelings are very clear. He feels much smoother now and people are awake, so he believes this little girl’s words.
Gu adults should take pills to melt.