Xiaobai proudly raised his eyebrows at the old fox and waved the sandbag. When he raised his hand, he remembered that his hand had been locked with the old fox.

"So … what about this thing?" Xiaobai was puzzled. When he locked it, he wanted to be immortal with the old fox for the rest of his life, so he sealed the keyhole. But now he has a soul mate, so this thing can’t work.
Lu Xiaoning stand hand "you ask me how I know you want to go"
He said to an old fox with a lovely face, "Old fox, either you give him back the things or I can’t help you."
The old fox turned over a dead fish eye and ignored Lu Xiaoning. In fact, his heart struggled badly.
To tell the truth, he was deeply suspicious of that thing, but it was after all that the master spent more than half his life looking for something, and he finally got it and returned it. It doesn’t make sense.
Lu Xiaoning is in no hurry at this time. "When you think about it, I may not be able to come to see you these days. Remember that I have some easy experiences and easy ways to give you leisure to pass the time."
Lu Xiaoning took out a small one and gave the old fox a surprised look. He hesitated and failed to resist the temptation to pick it up.
I haven’t been to the imperial hospital for several days. As soon as Lu Xiaoning entered the imperial hospital, I felt that the atmosphere in the imperial hospital was not quite right today. It was very depressing and dignified. Did it mean that the emperor was seriously ill?
Lu Xiaoning stepped up and walked to the training room.
There is no one in the training room.
"Miss Lu …" Someone called Lu Xiaoning behind him.
Lu Xiaoning looked back and turned out to be a little doctor in the Royal Hospital.
"Lu you ill? They are all practicing nine stitches in the backyard. In the afternoon, Gu’s adult and Xue’s physician are waiting on the emperor’s side. Let everyone practice nine stitches by himself this afternoon. "The little doctor said.
Lu Xiaoning smiled, "Thank you."
The mood is dignified. Gu’s adult and Xue’s physician went to serve the command. It can be seen that the emperor’s illness is not light and his life may be in danger. What should I do? She also wants to see the emperor, who is her big backer. The emperor can’t have anything to do.
Lu Xiaoning considered not going to the backyard but to Qionghua Hall.
When she arrived at Qionghua Temple, the eunuch went in and soon Suyun came out to meet her herself.
Suyun told her that Xianfei Empress stayed in Zichen Temple all night yesterday before returning to Qionghua Temple. She wanted to rest for a while and couldn’t sleep steadily. Several people came to see Xianfei Empress, and Xianfei Empress was sent back.
Lu Xiaoning is very honored, and Empress Xianfei is also very kind to her.
Entering the temple, the fairy princess empress is leaning on the bed and reposing her eyes. She looks very haggard and her eyes are black.
Lu Xiaoning paid his respects before.
Empress Xianfei opened her eyes and smiled slightly. "Get up, don’t bother. Suyun gave me a seat."
Suyun moved a splendid pier and put it in front of the bed.
Lu Xiaoning thanked him and sat down.
"I’m very uneasy about disturbing the empress to rest," Lu Xiaoning said in a passive way.
"Don’t worry, the palace can’t sleep at the moment. You’re here to talk with the palace." Xian Fei said gently.
Suyun told all the ladies-in-waiting to leave.
"I heard that you were ill, but you are better now?" Xianfei asked
"Let the empress worry about the minister’s illness. Today, I am going back to the imperial hospital and preparing to terminate my leave from Gu’s adult, but Gu’s adult is busy at the moment." Liu Xiaoning dare not ask the emperor’s illness directly. This is a taboo. The emperor’s illness belongs to the top secret. She is not qualified to know what she can beat about the bush.
Xianfei sighed and thought of the emperor’s illness. Her eyebrows were light and her eyes were worried.
"Your family affairs palace also heard and know that some people are too small-minded." Xianfei said.
Lu Xiaoning doesn’t know how to answer the words. She naturally knows who some people in Xianfei’s mouth refer to as Empress Bai.
"In the future, do you have any difficulty in coming to the palace? If you can help it, you will definitely help you." Xianfei looked at Lu Xiaoning with soft eyes. Now the emperor is ill and I don’t know if he can take a few more days off from the palace. At this time, she would rather take the narrow-minded opportunity to find Lu Xiaoning’s trouble, but Xiao Ning can’t always ask for leave. After all, it’s a long time before the Nine Needles Competition. Let Lu Xiaoning have something to think of looking for her. Whether it’s the emperor or the little Ye, she has to protect Lu Xiaoning
Lu Xiaoning hurriedly left his seat to salute and thanked the empress.
"Get up. The emperor attaches great importance to Xiao Ning. You can’t let the emperor down." Xianfei ordered the reason why she wanted to maintain Xiao Ning.
"I am a minister and a woman who will do her best to live up to the expectations of the emperor and empress." Lu Xiaoning solemnly said.
Xianfei was just about to ask Lu Xiaoning about Mr. Fufeng when Suyun came in in a panic.
Suyun whispered a few words in the fairy princess’s ear, saying, "Change clothes for the palace quickly" while she was in bed.
Lu Xiaoning’s heart sank and his condition changed?
"Xiao Ning, tell the truth about your master. How much have you learned?" Xianfei asked seriously.
Lu Xiaoning’s heart shook and she chuckled "seventy percent".
Xianfei gasped, and her frown became tighter and tighter. She wanted Lu Xiaoning to give her master a message, hoping that Mr. Fufeng could come to Jinling Emperor. Now the situation is even that Mr. Fufeng can save it. This is not what she took for granted, but … The hospital made regrets.
But after all, the distant water can’t put out the near fire. Can the emperor support it until Mr. Fufeng arrives? It is also said that if Lu Xiaoning really learns her master’s seven points, he can give it a try.
Yes … The risk is too great. Everything is easy to say. If it doesn’t work out, she can’t afford it, and Lu Xiaoning can’t afford it.
Lu Xiaoning looked at the fairy princess’s tangled expression and bit her heart. "My daughter can easily become Suyun’s sister. Please take my daughter to Zichen Temple and let my daughter have a look. If I am not sure about my daughter, I will not make moves. If I feel sure, please ask my daughter to let my daughter have a try."
Regardless of throwing caution to the wind, if the emperor can’t survive now, she will have a hard day, and even Huangfu Shaoye will not live. Look at the refreshing and go to [vertex network O]
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Chapter 361 What to see her but not me
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Former Lu Xiaoning said that 70% was true. Did she learn everything in just a few years? However, the evaluation of the master of silver needling is that shine on you is superior to Lan Yaohuang, and it is not a fatal disease. Lu Xiaoning dare not say that he can cure it well, but he can still do it when he delays. @++www* C
She wouldn’t take the risk if it wasn’t an emergency, but she would try it if there was a chance.
Xianfei took a few steps back and forth, and her heart was extremely entangled. It was like a life-and-death gamble. If she won, she would be dead if she lost. But if she did nothing, once the emperor died, both the Qin King and the Zhao King would have to respect the queen mother. At this time, the emperor’s grandson had no chance to win.
Gambling or not?
Xianfei stopped and stared at Lu Xiaoning. "Xiao Ning, do you know the consequences if you are brought into the Zichen Temple?"
Lu Xiaoning primly said, "I know, but my daughter is willing to ask the emperor for peace."
You can’t get a tiger if you don’t venture into the tiger’s den in wealth and danger.
Xianfei asked, "Is it feasible to prepare when the good palace gives you two cups of tea?"
Lu Xiaoning’s heart is pounding. "I’m ready for this."
Then it’s time to witness the magic makeup
Lu Xiaoning’s choice of Suyun is a factor. Yunyun’s face and figure are not much different from her, so it is easy to imitate.
Xian Fei does all her makeup in a row, and Lu Xiaoning doesn’t need help to paint and draw in front of the mirror.
A quarter of an hour later, Xianfei left Qionghua Hall with a fake Suyun and several close-fitting maids and went straight to Zichen Hall.
People knelt down outside Zichen Hall, led by the queen and the kings of Zhao and Qin.
The three top medical doctors in the Imperial Hospital have been in it for a day and a night. Everyone knows that the emperor is not good this time. They are impatient, but they are not anxious about the emperor’s life and death. They have been looking forward to this day for a long time. They are worried about who will succeed to the throne after the emperor’s death. At this time, everyone wants to enter the temple. Who can enter this door means who will win the final victory.
It’s a pity that Gao Gonggong ordered the emperor to rest, and now no one can enter, including the empress.
The king of Zhao and the king of Qin did not dare to rush in front of the three cabinet ministers, but also made a pair of filial worries.
When Xianfei came to the temple gate, she beat Gao Gonggong out and handed him a gift "The emperor invited the empress to enter."