It’s unheard of for a mother to separate from her son. It’s going out with an unfilial hat, and he can drown in saliva, let alone a future.

The old lady pointed at the child and scolded, "What do you have to do if you have no heart?"
Even if she can’t wake up, she has to force her son to bend, so she can’t continue to commit crimes.
Lu Youren sweated and kowtowed again and again. "Mothers calm down, mothers calm down and listen to their mothers."
The old lady’s face improved. "You’re not in front of me. You can do whatever you want. I can’t control you when I’m old."
Lu youren is afraid that "children dare not"
"It’s a foregone conclusion that Youhua is getting divorced. You should think clearly about what to do next. I warn you that if you protect Youhua again, I won’t recognize you." The old lady looked dignified and relaxed and went to [vertex network O]
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Chapter 35 Identify
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Liu Youren was lectured. What else could he do if he left Grace Cathedral to get married? Go to dispute with Qin Wangfu? Go to the emperor theory? Is he tired of living? Even if he throws caution to the wind, it won’t change anything. All @++www * c can do is knock out teeth and swallow blood and feel unlucky.
Yu’s mother accused him of being difficult. Lu Xiaoning and Lu Youren were not in their hearts. Why could he be difficult? Isn’t it normal for elder sister to keep younger sister? Shouldn’t it be? Lou’s madness means that without his mother, even marriage is no longer his concern. Is it wrong? Liu Youren really feels that Xiao Ning is not generous and sensible enough in this matter.
However, mother’s will cannot be disobeyed. Liu Youren is afraid to go to Didi Cuige again. He told Zhu Wang to go and tell Fanghua to let her be relieved. He will definitely find a suitable marriage with her again.
Lu Xiaoning was also tired, but she went to Liu Chengsi again.
Minglan was bringing out a cup of tea. Lu Xiaoning stopped her and asked, "What is the fourth young master doing?"
"I’m reading and writing an article. The handmaiden made tea for the fourth young master at noon. The fourth young master didn’t drink a bite. Now it’s cold. The handmaiden went to change a pot of heat for the fourth young master." Ming Lan replied.
"Did you know that the Queen came to serve the Fourth Young Master with an imperial decree?" Lu Xiaoning asked again
"The fourth young master knows that someone has visited, but the fourth young master doesn’t seem to care at all."
Lu Xiaoning nodded and let Ming Lan go.
Through that window, you can just see Lu Chengsi sitting at the desk writing, with a straight back and a focused pen.
Lu Xiaoning sighed in her heart that Lou Shi still gave birth to a good brother. If she is reasonable, then she will try her best to help him. Lou Shi is the heir of Lou Shi and has not harmed her. She will not deliberately target the heir.
Lu Xiaoning went to Grace Cathedral instead of entering the house.
I have to explain to my grandmother about the drugstore.
Huangfushaoye is listening to the report at this time.
"An imperial decree has arrived in Liu Fu, and both Lu Daren and Lu Xiaoning have returned to the office."
Huangfu Shaoye’s lip angle leads to a sneer. The reaction of Qin Wangfu is quite fast, but it can’t be done in one day, but Zhao Wangfu is aggressive. It doesn’t make much sense to ask the Lins not to pursue the suggestion and re-participate.
"What’s going on in Zhao Wangfu?"
"Zhao Wangfu’s officials seem to be very busy going in and out this afternoon."
Huangfu Shaoye’s forefinger circled along the edge of the tea lamp, frowning slightly and stretching for a moment, saying, "So Yao’s adult has hope."
A few days ago, Qin Wangfu caught the mistake of the left assistant minister in the official department. The left assistant minister is a supporter of the prince of Zhao. But the evidence is conclusive. It is a foregone conclusion that the prince of Zhao wants to protect the left assistant minister. In the past two days, Qin Wangfu has been in the radish pit of the left assistant minister and wants to arrange for one of his own to go in. This happened. The prince of Zhao took the opportunity to attack.
However, even if the king of Qin is unlucky again, the king of Zhao may not be able to get the radish pit as he wishes. The emperor has always been strong at one end and weak at the other. The most likely result is to pick one that doesn’t touch on both sides, and it must be Yao’s adult.
At first, he was thinking of venting his anger on Xiao Ning, but this matter is well planned and reasonable, so it is not one arrow and three sculptures.
A Liu Fanghua can’t be a side princess of Qin Wang, so she can’t pose a threat to Lu Xiaoning. Second, the king of Qin just had a tendency to rise and was suppressed again. Even if the king of Qin lifted the crisis, his prestige in the courtiers’ hearts would inevitably drop by several feet. Third, Lord Yao can get into the official department as he wishes.
He’s not like Chen Yanyu, who just talks and doesn’t practice analysis. He seems to be the only one who can see the most clearly in the world. In the end, he can’t do anything … Just do it, and now that he has done it, he must find a way to get the best results.
Huangfu Shaoye was satisfied with the result, took a sip of tea and asked, "Where is the envoy of Xirong?"
The hand replied, "I have arrived in Luzhou and will arrive in Jinling in three days at most."
"Pay close attention to the trend and report when there is news," ordered Huangfu Shaoye.
"Yes" hand promised.
HuangFuShaoYe gave a sign for him to retreat.
The real drama is about to break, and Huangfu Shaoye is inexplicably excited. It’s good to be so busy that you don’t always think about someone.
Early the next morning, Lu Xiaoning went to change the medicine for his father, but he was told that Dr. Hong had come to change the medicine for his father, and his father had gone to the department of rites.
"Miss, what does this mean?" Du Ruo angrily said
I’d rather call a doctor outside than have a young lady treat him. Do you really think the young lady did it when the second young lady got divorced? Angry with the young lady? That’s it. Miss Er wants to identify with Miss Er? It’s really good and bad